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Comic Book Artist on THE BLACK MAGE, DREAM DADDY & Aggretsuko. 1/2 of @TheMagicalBoys. Repped by @JessicaMileo (He/They)

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@Martin_Wolf So sorry! She’s so cute!!!! @SammNeiland I’m not on right now but you should definitely come through this weekend! I’ll be on tomorrow/Saturday for sure. @Martin_Wolf Omg what a cute cat boy!!! 😍 @SammNeiland Come over and hang out with my squad of Roegadyn, Hrothgar and one tiny Lalafell! @Martin_Wolf Yes! I love that there we less restrictions on gear that would normally be gendered. I want the bunny… haven’t felt this connected to an MMO in over a decade and I’m glad I took the time to really embrace what FFXIV…兵庫県 手塚治虫記念館にて「CAPCOM vs. 手塚治虫CHARACTERS」2021年2月23日(火)まで開催中でございます、よろしくお願いいたします!
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryI absolutely adore how much I get to express myself through my big beautiful character in FFXIV. I spent real money… @miskiart Oh yes. This is absolutely a factor as well. The rampant amount of voter suppression that’s happening acr… really hope these metrics are real. Even still y’all, regardless of what the polls say PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, VOTE.I’m really excited about how galvanized first time voters are this time around but we also have to acknowledge that… me yelling “GET OUT!” At the exact moment the door dash guy arrived with our dinner when I died in Among Us!!! @oheysteenz I FUCKED UP. BUT LIKE, YOU LOOKED SUS AF AT ADMIN THHAT ROUND AND I WAS SCARED. I accept my fate next time we play together… y’all so much for coming to the stream! I’ll put together some highlights over the weekend.AOC + 3
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryMy first round where I got killed first. Come watch me shade the whole squad. round done. We’re about to hop into another one! y'all. We gonna get MESSY with an Among Us stream complete with Adult Beverages. Stream is up. Games starting… so @candymelissa_ made several points with the watermelon Red Bull.
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryDan, your content is directly targeted at me and I love it.All of the things I love are literally in one tweet and I just...🥵🤤’m so proud of you, Trung!!!! can spinning bird kick my [redacted]. 👀’m feeling so good today. I got a lot of great feedback about a little something I’m working on. Is this what havi… must stop and watch this amazing crossover between D&D and Schitt’s Creek.
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory @PrinceZexu @DannyPlaysGamez I made! #conceptart #characterdesign
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Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryBloodline, Fake Smile and In My Head. always, Biden isn't the best but he's running against someone who is literally torturing immigrants and forcing…
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryRetweet this if you've ever purchased a game after watching a streamer play it. Trying to see something 🤔
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory @nicterhorst Thank youuuuuu! 😩😩😩Being told by an editor that my writing is solid honestly made me feel so much better about myself. I know that so…’m still holding onto some baggage from art school that has definitely held me back from doing certain thing… Frack-Ack-Kah-BOOM
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryYou are worth more than you could imagine
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory"No one has done what I’ve done for the Black community."
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory @realeloguent This video is literally us. @heybiji The way he said Black SENT. ME.WOMEN, BLACK, ASIAN, PERSON, PEOPLE, THINGS. @DoctorJonPaul When I heard it. I said out loud “Oop. NOT THAT!”The fracking?! Not again! and release is also how Trump handled his COVID. #Debates2020
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryMan. There are political differences and then there is the grotesquerie that is Donald Trump. He is racist, ableist…
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theorybiden never called Black people superpredators. that's been fact checked to hell and back. #Debates2020
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryJoe Biden loves saying period and I’m here for it. is more liberal than Bernie?! @awesomeyoder No. It’s the Affordable Care ActFirst mute. FINALLYWhere’s the mute button?I didn’t know you could prepay on taxes like a cricket phone. I learned something new today.Buddy said the Covid Vaccine is already done and set to move out in a few weeks Like a Playstaion 5
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory @Sean_Zula I’m already over it.Dude is already lying. 🎃
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryMy stomach is already in knots over this Debate and it just started. @lianakangas It has to be some kind of joke!!!!
Classic Ganon drawn in Procreate.
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory🦇 October Patreon Postcard + Sticker club has new spots available!⠀ Yesterday was my bday so for this month I made…
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryHer mind.’re SO CLOSE to their goal!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 honestly don’t think I’ll ever be full-time freelance again because the instability of having work and how long i…, it’s not like Adobe can compete with the true queen of creating art. You can’t compare where you don’t comp… @wingsoftabris It’s almost like, people would be willing to use it if it were... *spirit fingers* ✨💫✨AFFORDABLE?! ✨💫✨IDK I’m probably giving “old man yells at cloud” vibes but making comics takes a lot of time and hard work. It’s mo… Adobe doing this and being like “You can create professional comics in just a few clicks!” Only furthers this id… you’re some big time mainstream comics creator, the rest of us are mostly paid what feels like next to nothi… is GRASPING to find a way to keep artist from jumping ship to Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, Medibang Paint an… @b0yskylark GOOFY. @sethsmithart Just search it and see for yourself!I saw that Adobe comic blast thing and I just...’ve worked full-time jobs in addition to my comics work. During the bulk of making Black Mage, I was a part-time e… remember, it costs you nothing to credit the artists when you tweet/post. It could mean a lot to them! Y'never know.
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryPepper is 💗💞💓@javi_draws #drawthisinyourstyle
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryA dear friend of mine is trying to move away from an abusive situation she’s been enduring for the past few years.…
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryA vampire for #blacktober today! Meet Siradiou! He does not disclose his second name.
Retweeted by Big Bayang TheoryThis thread is giving me everything I need., Day 9: Slice of Life. Oh just a peaceful day at Dr. Light's lab. ^_^
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theoryvery hyped for ANIMEniacs
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory @roobots this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory @kohquette I’m going to start doing this too. I’ve HAD IT.Shiva stomping her shoe really did sound like a tongue pop! 🤣🙃 a walk in the sunlight with Siradiou for #blacktober today ✨
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Clip Studio Paint 🌱Grass & Foliage Brushset🌿 -90 dynamic brushes -Covers grass, wildflowers, trees, & plants -Demo…
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory @HauxRod @Danny8bit It’s okay! Just wanted to provide an alternative to supporting huge corporations! ✌🏾I mean....You could nominate me if you’d like. 😬👉🏾👈🏾 @HauxRod @Danny8bit Thanks for the support! If you don’t want to shop on Amazon, you can buy it directly from my pu… @SourceDuMal Now wait a damn minute. @SamFilstrup @Danny8bit Right?! Like..Bill Clinton is literally in the opening theme song?This is completely unsurprisingly. Quibi made it impossible to share content across social media. Hell, you couldn’… @Danny8bit This person clearly never watched the original show. This is so painful. @mczub 👀👀👀👀The EX games are my favorite 3D Street Fighter games. Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise - Super Smash Bros. Brawl (MOTHER 3)
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory:) :) :) :)
Retweeted by Big Bayang Theory @Loudwindow I’m looking disrespectfully.