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high tech low life ~ Dev Rel ✨ she / her | sometimes I make ok art tech stuff

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@CosmicJonathan Tik tok has a whole conspiracy about how her bf is fake and is her handler rnreal quick: could someone shoot me in the face please
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why did they say mads and not hannibal
Retweeted by rachel @lechefIan It’s delicious."I made a mask just for people who wear glasses. The ramen looks piping-hot as your glasses fog up. "Difficulty le…
Retweeted by rachelI will miss all of you, but y'all will not be seeing me outside this house for a VERY long time
Retweeted by rachelI just don’t want to be tired all the time & be able to sleep when I need to :( @jennschiffer did you see the round bird tik tokSea urchins really do like to wear hats, they often carry rocks around. So it's not just a sea urchin with a hat th…
Retweeted by rachelMade some custom zen garden textures in Animal Crossing! #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Retweeted by rachelscreens are now being placed over the inmates windows to keep them from holding up signs
Retweeted by rachelThe Fire Emblem series is full of vivid, relatable characters.
Retweeted by rachel @EdibleToaster lol california raisins?A Baltimore police sergeant was unhappy with the renovation job a tradesman did on his patio, so he and three other…
Retweeted by rachel @samojoh @Isfet @SonyaMeesh There are some models that can go 60mph tho!!My top surgery fundraise is half way through the goal! Only £2500 away from my dream 🏳️‍🌈 #BlackTransLivesMatter R…
Retweeted by rachelThis is mind blowing. With GPT-3, I built a layout generator where you just describe any layout you want, and it g…
Retweeted by rachelNYC!!! One of my friends is looking for a room! Plz boost / lmk if you have any leads deathbed repentance by a conspiracy theorist
Retweeted by rachelHowever of course I’m too tired to focus on anything I need to do!!!!!Got a little tired and tried to sleep and of course couldn’t lmaooooo @DavidLublin Also uhhhh so much weird shit in that blog post???? Why the fuck does it matter that someone dated you… is Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. They do not have body cams.
Retweeted by rachelOk I guess I’m just awake for Monday nowMy mom got a pulse oximeter. She asked me to put a mask on and check to see how my blood oxygen lowers. I put a m…
Retweeted by rachelAka 75% of the timeLove when I take my sleep meds and lay in bed for hours not sleeping @wwwdotyoutube Noi like big butts and i cannot lie. my brother also likes big butts and cannot tell the truth. how will you escape our dungeon
Retweeted by rachel @BMOK33 @sithland @emilybell @brianstelter Uhhh we don’t have herd immunity the majority of nyc have barely left th… @penelope_zoneMe proving to my friends that I'm not cake even though they never asked me to
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Retweeted by rachel @_______Francois Stray trash boy @gothfemme that one is my favorite, i wish they had more v fruity options @datacats @justacoverband me 2 he moved to be on my purse @nonstandardmcd Omg I remember thisshhhh the baby is sleeping @corneilius @hao_li12 It says it’s closedexclusionists log off
Retweeted by rachel @SeanDack i kept on thinking i stepped in poop the other day and then i was like oh no that's just the air @alex_abads who tf is this @carlycarbonate @neurosity you can't use it without the device :/I’m writing a new talk about using the notion from @neurosity & an app I’m building to monitor brain waves to tell… @JoshlikeGermany HBD!!!!!!!If you visited Skok in autumn 2013 you'd have met this fluff-ball. Storm Petrel 32 from the wall outside the Obs Ki…
Retweeted by rachelI don’t know who needs to hear this but liking A24 as a personality trait is just as annoying as Tarantino guysi going crazy lol
Retweeted by rachelI want to swim!!!!!!!! @Papapishu I'll have to revisit @a_mighty_wizard no @Papapishu what the hell are you subjecting yourself to @phrawzty i will accept this @a_mighty_wizard we need to be the next wave of emo @a_mighty_wizard this man looks like a bag of beans @a_mighty_wizard plz tell me you'e joking @phrawzty i see. i am still extremely confused @phrawzty what's sp&m @squineluft i still appreciate you though @phrawzty can you explain this to me @haley big dog is fucking up for real @a_mighty_wizard miss u and other chicago friends @haley A CRIME. @gothfemme same it hurts @squineluft this is a himbo free zone sirMods asleep, post baby toucans
Retweeted by rachel @N_Overstreet @ProfSimonton @kyebarker don't besmirch the lazytown dude @emilyst what if my areola looked like nicolas cageYou know Angelina made the least on jersey shore cause her house looks like this i'm drunk on prosecco let me cook for you plz @emilyst do you want my face or my tittiesi also worked an italian bakery and can make sfogliatelle, cannoli, and neapolitan cookiei can COOK though, babyyyyyy. i worked at an italian bakery toohalf my family is italian and half my family is polish (i'm adopted and just generally irish as fuck) and yelling a… the guy who was harassing me from a blocked number with a google voice number from his own area in hopes th… @spindlypete like i wanna travel in time just to kick his dumb ass @spindlypete i wanna punch that dude so muchold italian dudes just yelling marroneeeeei fucking love @VINNYGUADAGNINO's uncle nino so much. he reminds me of my grandpa :( @spindlypete holy shit @_thp i hate andy ssamberg but i love palm springs so i will give ti a shot @ProfSimonton @kyebarker annoying ass coachella steampunk dude looking for a thirdalso jk i'm hot i just need another titty reduction @weedhitler dm me if you have any q's!!! i've had mine for like almost 4 years?i'd never heard of this debate before either. check out this amazing snippet of it from the wikipedia…
Retweeted by rachel @ProfSimonton @kyebarker lothrop looking like a crooked ass face b movie villain @weedhitler @weedhitler oh hell yeah dude. and they just recently released LED implants. I want them sooooo bad. It's also not… @RottenTunaGames i have some bamboo 4' sticks i might tape to the edges and connect netting trellis to @weedhitler i'm making good use @morganastra i'm not that skilled @RottenTunaGames there's a plant on either side of the trellis though @weedhitler doneidk what to do about my cucumber trellis bc they're too long already!!!!sprayed the cucumber down with neem oil today, gonna do the cucumber with calcium spray to stop blossom end rot. my… grew both these plants from seed and I’m so proud of them 😭My beautiful plants and their fruits. The tomatos are SO close to being ripe. to spray my plants with neem oil and then have a big rainstorm!!!!!!!! @oriolesfan71 u are an angel