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strategy @Polygon + dungeon master @OverrealmedCast + audio / visual artist + Filipino + he/him

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New Leaf is still good #ACNL! If you recall a while back, I said I would be back on streaming art! And after I got t…
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@WordsAreWasted @NI_News Yeah, I can probably wait around, but I just want to have someone saved that could theoret… @WordsAreWasted @NI_News actually, looks like the 3400G is sold out everywhere. Would the 3200 be a good choice the… @WordsAreWasted @NI_News thank you! @WordsAreWasted Yup, probably just going to pick up one of @NI_News's audio interfaces because I love their hardwar… @WordsAreWasted Ah okay, looked around and yeah, looks like you are correct and MAX mobos don't need the BIOS updat… @nonane09 Got it! And yeah, the first PC I built... ages ago was also an AMD and I loved it. Worked well for just a… @pixelsbyprince Hm, yeah, I wasn't sure where to exactly go there. I mean for the sake of cost cutting, does 2x4GB… @WordsAreWasted Huh! Interesting. If I can confirm that it doesn't need the BIOS update, this would be pretty rad too!WOW THIS IS SO DANG CUTE. Thank you! @nonane09 is going intel smarter then? (also thank you for answering my questions! I appreciate it!) @nonane09 wait hold on a sec, do you think there's another mobo that would be better that wouldn't require a BIOS update? @nonane09 Awesome, thanks. And yeah, updated it with the other processor. And yeah, a single 8GB stick for now is j… @nonane09 Got it. Yeah, when I was first testing this out, I got a warning about the BIOS update and that's not som… @Bigchilicity Right, forgot to mention that I have an external hard drive where most of my plugins, VSTs, etc. are… the end, I want my music production workstation to be something that's a bit better than running off a laptop an… be clear, my current setup is a 1st gen Surface Book (since I still have one and love that the Surface Dock is o… here know anything about PC building? I made a parts list for a budget music production workstation / 2nd PC… @CipherGem @kaylico_ Thank you!Hey! If you recall a while back, I said I would be back on streaming art! And after I got t…'ve been working on my #DND podcast @OverrealmedCast for almost two years now and it makes me so happy that more p…
Retweeted by Jeff Ramos @joli_feels I will kick someone's whole ass if they mess with my friends. @TrippyJing I would love to have real detectives infiltrate my game.A lot of people talking about murder mysteries today. Now I want to write one / host a live murder mystery event.I've had people afraid to come up to me at events. But I'm just a baby. @Doodlesandgifs @tomfummo @OverrealmedCast @monstershungry @kaylico_ @propercriminals ❤️❤️❤️ @joystikNik @Polygon @OverrealmedCast oh thank you! I appreciate it! if you check out the podcast, let me know what you think about it! :D @ModestyAran thank you!! @ModestyAran Did you see the Inteleon I did too? @CatBaronAle YESSSSSSSSSSSSI'm Jeff! A strategist & audio / visual artist! ~ @polygon strategy ~ @OverrealmedCast dungeon master ~ portfolio… @BenKuchera How are you holding them? The things to know is that you had to hold them near the ends, not front. And…
@AntGJean Professional work, any soundcard should do you well. I'm personally think I'm more of a hobbyist and I kn… @Aluhnim dang these colors are fantasticMy main question is if you know of a smaller case that would be better for this build, I'm all ears. Also going wi…'ve been kicking around the idea of building a straightforward PC for my music workstation specifically instead of… @kaylico_ @saikocat where does the apple sauce go?Jet Set Radio x production by Madhouse x Hideki Naganuma on the soundtrack've been working on my #DND podcast @OverrealmedCast for almost two years now and it makes me so happy that more p… @kaylico_ HELLO HOW YOU TODAYHello. How you today? @propercriminals This is so cute!I didn't get around to drawing the new Animal Crossing characters today, but did start a sketch of Daisy Mae in bed… wouldn't be too far off to imagine a character from Overrealmed appearing in another well... realm. 😉
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@Sarah2ill @MickBenjamins Dang, thanks for this run through. Looks wild. Literally the sort of thing I was looking… @strikeitup @monstershungry yeah, any sub-$200 record player will be more than enough for you. but you just gotta r… @Doodlesandgifs what do you meanBig throwback to the time I made some #pixelart pals from Pokemon do I need to talk to so Nintendo will put me in the new Animal Crossing? I am a frog. else is restarting their Animal Crossing: New Leaf towns today to prep for next month? Raise your hands. @Kiey @karenyhan @doomquasar Villager x VillagerREMINDER: this pri-i-imo gamer shirt is only being sold until MONDAY (the 24th)! AND you can still enter the GIVEA…
Retweeted by Jeff Ramos @NoahtheLesbian @wshcldgtsrnm Ah, the arm wrestling toilet @Pizza_Suplex We live in a shitciety @NI_News gotta say @chipzel!Animal Crossing: Battle Royale
Retweeted by Jeff RamosMost stories I hear from Uber drivers are always wild, but this one is one of the wildest I've heard. The main thi… you were to describe iconography that is quintessentially Animal Crossing, what would that be? Different fruits…
Retweeted by Jeff Ramos @BackandMac Yeah, bless the folks who put these together. I have a bunch saved to just throw on when I can't think of stuff to listen to. case y'all need to have a chill as heck Animal Crossing work day, I got you covered @SamitSarkar passionate women are basically human Rorschach tests: your reaction to them tells you a lot more about you th…
Retweeted by Jeff Ramos @dz Who knew he liked being stepped on @nickstatt Bloomberg Onion @loudmouthjulia It's proof that he has a heart BAYBEEEEEE @loudmouthjulia @loudmouthjulia At least Tony Stark had a character arc @loudmouthjulia @loudmouthjulia Sorry Tony Stark. Fuck you. @beakfriends Max @kaylico_ You can have little a brand refresh, as a treat @CatBaronAle @monstershungry Hmmm. I'll have to look into it. Thank you! @CatBaronAle @monstershungry HE'LL YEAH @monstershungry @CatBaronAle WHAT RECIPE @NicKnack10210
@CatFootwear @paperbeatstweet Oh! That's good to know! @jinxville he'll yeah @paperbeatstweet @CatFootwear keep us up to date and bless you on your rad shoe journey. @paperbeatstweet @CatFootwear I need to know how these work out long term because I wanted the hot yellow ones but… this outtakes, @monstershungry wants to get verified on @Twitter. Maybe if he increases his Klout score?
Retweeted by Jeff Ramos @NerdGerhl I don't know much about wearing latex body suits, but I certainly can imagine it would be a bit of a pai… @speakonitace I'm just speaking for me, but I would absolutely not accept, "oh I’m not gonna remember that." Two sy… @kaylico_ what's a true fan? what's the metric and who defines it? either way, if someone is asking you a question,… @Polygon @SamitSarkar show them the fuckjerry campaign he's doing @monstershungry your favorite band!I'm posting from my 3DS and playing Pokemon Art Academy and it rules #PokemonArtAcademy #3DS
Retweeted by Jeff Ramos @jennegatron Oh, do you get a different dummy classmate if you pick another gender? Mine is a girl! @jennegatron I love her art so muchI'm posting from my 3DS and playing Pokemon Art Academy and it rules #PokemonArtAcademy #3DS GIULTY GEAR
Retweeted by Jeff Ramos @BillyKumo @BillyKumo Oh, I'm TOTALLY casual. Just playing to have fun and mess around. I don't take it seriously at all. If y… ended up getting Crypto with my points then bought some coins to get Watson. Crypto is so much fun with you have…
@CatBaronAle Good! Keep resting! @ArizonaLorenski ☝️