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@Reetlol wtf crazy
@ChapixFN im destined to win this fncs @_packo o yeah u just turned fking 16 thats pretty normal then actualy @_packo thats baddd @trappo_h im very seriousfncs 5 days no trio 🤡 @crr u have a brother? @FNATIC_MOTOR same ngl i think u just put more oil or butter @Jur3ky haha wtf looks lit i dont like sauce tho maybe just pasta with sugar i can try @AngryFNBR mmm idk if i wanna live of premade food i always like the food less already when u warm it up from the fridge @Jur3ky mate sugar is for cookies and candies u mfs put it on pasta? @Kiraah_FNBR how have u never tried to throw an egg in the pan @7rokki @G2LeTsHe pancakes are imposible to cook @G2LeTsHe its kinda hard ngl most of the time i burn it @Jur3ky @QueasyFN 😱😱😱 @lxtures @Mongraal bro that shit isnt even cooking ngl u just put in oven and timer @QueasyFN @Jur3ky this kid eats tomata sauce 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Mongraal sounds simple but prob a high chance of messing it up @VoxidyFN 🤢 @Mxrk_999 nice @lxtures nahh bruh eggs are weird just think about it @Jur3ky bro the sauce is bad anyway i always eat pasta clean no sauce no nothing mate @JxlesFN yea i kinda know all that stuff were u boil the water and put it in but idk for how long @2_latam oh yeah what can the other 18 year cookim 18 and the only thing i can like make is an egg in the pan is that bad? and the egg is weird aswell i dont even like it @Keeebbs 🦔19 kill win omg i just shit on whole lobby 143 p top50 atleast clutched it a lil bit that was crazy @kikoofn bro becuz he dont care if he die he is happy so he can end his cc @KefflyF i was following his rotate brothere i go again cap cap cap 2 launchpads im so fcking madddd 😡 cap cap cap dead just like that @Wolfiez ey @FortniteGame damnnnnnnnn code 'milan' #ad maybe this acc fire @Kylix hbd bro big age
@Endretta @PlaywellEsport haha @snapfn @elisavaIentine dit is heel gek @FNATIC_MOTOR hahaha that would be baddd @snapfn neee niet op een muismat bruh @m1nkFN might just take it cuz that quality is insane @barsukaz this looks crazyyy @m1nkFN oehhh idk why everyone always sends kungfu panda thoneed god pic for mousepadits actually 6 days till fncs and i dont have a trio this is kinda bad @hentvv joo @noahreyli respectable try always 8 hour tho @noahreyli why do you not get enough sleep its most important
@zqFTN hbdd bro ly @FaZeSway sway 🥶 @MeroFN ❤️❤️❤️ @hentvv haha letsgo boys @TTfue ur wild matemusic best thing in life what a beauty @milaniwnl nicee haha ik liep daar stage @mitr0 @Mongraal bro....
@HypeManMitr0 yea u gotta oil it up @AshAce_ im just asking a question bro and im actually serious like why always think its not serious @meslix aaah ig this fridge has some setting bruh do u know why it would do it? @Badchieff_ yes bro i always grab something from the fridge and its nice but in the night when i grab the same things its always colderdoes the fridge go colder at night? @Mongraal because then the fps will go too high😑 @QueasyFN 47 alive first zone based up ur down bad @Khanada 😂😂 @Michaelfnr_ wow @Finnex 😦 @UmplifyFN shittt get well bro @PlaywellEsport @Styrsix @MrSavage @nyhrox @WillyGFN @IDropfn @mustazico @xkumu @intelQv @Endretta @Sjokoladen @Krizzii1 lit @WorstAkira @valwop no just white invisasble color @Sjokoladen is it bad what is it? @kieranfnr i dont do bait tweets @valwop mm idk not rly this @Mahadforlife i have low of alotu guys ever have like a glitch in ur eye and theres just like a flashing dot in ur eye sight and if u try to focus on it it moves? @X8Creator wtf thats litteraly you @zayt @Mongraal 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 @Mongraal 🤨🤨🤨🤨
@MerijnFN @Wolfiez . @QueasyFN thats funlooking for trio boys playing so much better now dm me @_packo aaaah😂 @_packo it is? @hennesheijmans im not ready yet @xsterioz yea but im talking like what if u like driving ur scooter to fast and then stop u and like yo how much we… @hennesheijmans then what @taysonFN first time ever tayson has to watch instead of play @taysonFN im so smart haha and people dont realise its so amazing @infamousbtw im talking small bro and i dont think its illegal then @OliverChesses nothing do u ever think i would have the balls to run from the police @hennesheijmans im really smart maybe sometimes it doesnt look like it but that just puts me in a better spot @DEMON_Darkz @FaZeSway ofc not when u did something serious only if u did something small @FaZeSway it isnt illegal tho in some situations they allow u to try @G2LeTsHe @G2LeTsHe yes and we actually growing our brain in a couple years it will be amazing @div2506 @haniyrg ofc just tryna learn out here u know @YasuniFN werken @casqade7 what if its not an arrest tho @MongraalHypeman can u explain me how the sky is blue @haniyrg i heard it its illegal its just if u do some illegal its illegal but then when the cops want to get u and… @HypeManMitr0 ye ig makes sense