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🚨 PARTY CRASHERS 🚨 @CarlosCrits and @MahRudeBoi are crashing Spooky Slumber Party tonight to play some…
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Dryad has anime cat girls, my work is complete. 💅🏽
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Bow to the queen, baby.
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Today would be a great day to donate to @GamesHotline, don’t you think?
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹And no more fishing for lists of Black creators so you look woke. Quietly do your own research and donate cash, not clout.
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Alfie is legit one of the most gorgeous and heartfelt comics out there and @InCaseArt really does deserve recogniti… @RisaPetrone They’re technically in issue 4 too but in some wide shots so they’re real little so I had to make sure they were ✨canon✨Naked variant covers by @fionastaples and @MrRiktus that you can peep in Dryad Vol 1. 2 is trending, did Blizzard say fuck human rights again? @KamoseMills Lol this comes up in issue 9 🤫Dryad has anime cat girls, my work is complete. 💅🏽
Workin on #dnd art is like my whole jam. 👏👏👏 #dndartists
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Stardew Valley > Irithyll Boreal ValleyDark souls 3 😒#dndartists yeah I draw fantasy quite a bit and rpg too much.
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Hey comics & graphic novel influencers! If you have a specific Oni Press title you'd like to request to feature on…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Perhaps some of you ttrpg/comics people want to get your hands on Dryad?? 😈 hey #dndartists is a thing now! I only got through 2020 by filling every free moment with playing D&D. Or drawin…
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You, an idiot: "Art can be a great way to spread awareness of your books! Just don't go commissioning memes." Me, a…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Dryad Vol 1 is officially out!👏 A cyber fantasy comic about family, trust, trying to grow from your past, and all s…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Workin on #dnd art is like my whole jam. 👏👏👏 #dndartists *clenches fist*
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Hadn’t really gotten emotional today until I saw this bust of Cesar Chávez in the Oval Office. From last guy callin…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹andrew jackson has been replaced with ben franklin
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹 @parenzip I fucking love those skin tones.
@OhHeyDJ @juststeffiart @OniPress @FrancescoSegala @spookymeaghan @CampbellLetters @JasAmiri DJ!!! 😭😭😭Support my very talented friend Justin’s work! 💖💖💖
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Risa gettin that signed copy 👀👀👀 yourself a favor and dig into this!
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Support your favorite artists during this pandemic, shop their online stores, and support free healthcare!
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Day 2 working in artist alley, with the convention center air conditioning on full blast
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹 @JefferyWard5 @OniPress @FrancescoSegala @spookymeaghan @CampbellLetters @JasAmiri Thanks for the support!! 😍 @mrk_bennett Hope you enjoy it!! 🖤🖤🖤 @BonezyBeats Ahhh thank you for the support!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @JarrettWilliams Couldn’t have done it without you. 🖤 @ohnoJustinO You did it Joe! 💪🏿#Dryad #NewComics
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹I got my Dryad vol. 1 ! Go @ohnoJustinO @spookymeaghan @FrancescoSegala @CampbellLetters @JasAmiri & Kurt…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Collect the first volume of Kurtis Wiebe, @ohnoJustinO, @spookymeaghan and @FrancescoSegala's sweeping ongoing fan…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Just in case you needed another reason to pick up Dryad. 🖤✊🏽 vol.1 TPB out now! If you want to keep up with the cyberfantasy story we’ve been working on, this is the plac…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Dryad Vol 1 is officially out!👏 A cyber fantasy comic about family, trust, trying to grow from your past, and all s… @amelia_m93 Yea it definitely feels like they really leaned into the Bloodborne enemies with you still being stuck in Dark Souls.
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"Cheat(er) Code will subvert your expectations. Yes, it’s horny [...] But it’s also an emotional, relevant, realist…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Needed some fun. Had to sketch my boy, Miles.
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹 @CharlieChu The obvious answer is Biff.Silver Bay.✨ghosts✨
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Really enjoyed @OniPress' Dryad and the story Osterling co-created and illustrated. You should get this book:…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹 @RisaPetrone Oh my god can you and Randy please go do this???With Dryad Vol 1 dropping it feels really exciting and empowering as a POC to have a creator owned project where I… #8 / @OniPress / @KurtisWiebe @ohnoJustinO @FrancescoSegala Finally got around to reading #8 ( last in this…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹 @nevernotcyd Ahhhhh I’m in love!!!! 😍😍😍just spent a couple hours doing this! i fucking love the ipad.
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹 @thatqueergeek Lol yessss I love drawing, Lou😭💖
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Two days until fantasy becomes your CYBER FANTASY when Dryad Vol 1 drops.
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Spoiler alert: my opinions of dark souls 3 have not changed.
@Megzilla87 This is excactly how I feel when I listen to Disasterpeace!Going to work on an illustration for The Three Musketeers by @scottfgray in a few minutes, pop by to say hi!…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Dryad Vol. 1 by Kurtis Wiebe and @ohnoJustinO releases this week! Mark your place in the Glass family's adventures…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹So you admit you had extra security because you thought Black folks was in there stealing???
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Hello you should go like and share this drawing because it’s so goooooood 😍😍😍 days until fantasy becomes your CYBER FANTASY when Dryad Vol 1 drops. @Floyd_jpg Ahhhhhhh I’m in love!!! 😍😍😍Super cool design and I finally got some time to draw. Definitely wanted to do this DTIYS 😁
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Three days until the fiber fiends hack into the @OniPress mainframe and let the people know the truth about Dryad. talk, I think the cut content for Bloodborne went into DS3. Cause a lot of these enemies and locations lookin real fuckin suspicious. @mrk_bennett What do you like about it, btw?? I’m asking endearingly, like I really wanna know why it clicks for you.For context we’re in the catacombs with the skeletons and I’m playing about as blind as I can be. I’ll update my th… worst the game uses “it’s meant to be hard” as a shield for what is very poor design. From enemy attack pattern… game philosophy and what the game are close but rarely intersect as often as they should. It’s Tough But Fair… @mrk_bennett I definitely see where people can love this game! Like I love Bloodborne but that game is also like not good. 😂1. No one is allowed to complain about grinding blood vials in Bloodborne when you have to grind souls to buy keys… @AshsStash Lol at least I know I’m in good company. 😂
Sea shanties are popping off right now because the Ren Faire nerds are going feral. If the quarantine goes on much…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹I feel like the more I play it the more I dislike Dark Souls 3. @whoisrico Are we not going to talk about the amazing hair day you're having??I’ve been thinking about why the LOTR trilogy towers above most other filmed fantasy. I think a big reason is that…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Four days until the secrets of the Glass Family come for them. #Dryad
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Hearing video game crunch is 13 hours a day and then knowing that’s almost every day for pretty much everyone in th… don't know for sure if CD Projekt published the Cyberpunk roadmap and apology video on Wednesday afternoon to try…
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹Four days until the secrets of the Glass Family come for them. #Dryad you this was like 2-3 days before the game launched so I still held out a lot of hope! In a way I still do, I’… of the parts that stuck out in my mind is one trailer with a tall show host giving someone new robo arms my par… didn’t take long for my partner to notice that the overall quality of the videos were all over the place, some b… a few days before the game came out I finally started letting myself get hyped, so my partner and I finally watc… just want to draw smuuuuuuuuttttttttKB Toys days until Dryad Vol 1 is set loose.
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@ArtofNickRobles video has big “Draw the rest of the owl” energy
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹someone probably already made this one already but i haven't seen it yet so
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹5 days until Dryad Vol 1 is set loose.'t finished this study of Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark yet, but the announcement of a new #IndianaJones
Retweeted by Justino Barcelo✊🏽👹 @jamesjhaeck So stoked for what you do next!!! All the success to you! 🖤✊🏽 @scoutsvertigo I use the built in screen tones in Clip Studio! You just make a selection press the circles button!… video has big “Draw the rest of the owl” energy @ArtofNickRobles DAMN NICK. You popped off on that one huh??THE DREAMING: WAKING HOURS #9. In which our story becomes, ahem, horny on main. From @GWillowWilson
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