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Our new album 'No One Else Can Wear Your Crown' is out now 👑

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Australia! We had such a good time visiting you last month that we are coming back! Sign up now to get access to to…! I have 50 stroopwafels in my bag and I'm so happy that my eyes have disappeared 🥞😆
LITERALLY MY NEW FAVOURITE THING you go on live tv and not only learn how to say your own name, but also that you have a Dutch brother... 😂
Which one are you when you listen to our new album? 1) deep in the feels 2) absolutely buzzing 3) loved up 4) a mix…
Thank you to each and every one of you for coming to our intimate tour to celebrate the release of "No One Else Can… was dreamy. We celebrated a Top 10 album, a #1 album on the Official Record Store Chart, and our 8th Vale…'ve just spent the last week being back on stage and are here are the facts: 1) OW fans are the best 2) this new…
@heartofviolence @Arianagngv Sick!! @1975TEF Thank you!We’ve got a new postcard on our website, send us one and we might reply 💌 buzzing to be playing at @RockWerchter in July 🙌 Get your tickets now and we'll see you there!… Valentine's Day 🌹 Nothing says I love you like a live acoustic version of us playing "I Wish I Never Met You"…
You are the reason we get to do this ✨ thank you for the endless support and a SPECIAL thanks to anyone that's pick… see you tonight legends <33
Retweeted by Oh WonderJakarta, we'll see you this summer at @WeTheFest! We can't wait 💃🕺
@LoveIsland 😘 @LoveIsland Unreal... Thanks for having us @LoveIsland 👑NO ONE ELSE CAN WEAR YOUR CROWN 👑 ARE AT #4 IN THE UK ALBUM CHARTS!! Please keep streaming 🙏 and if you're thinking of buying a copy, we've got th… @TeaAndMonsters Thank you for coming! ❤️❤️❤️
❤🌴 "In And Out Of Love" soundtracking the aftermath of a double dumping on @LoveIsland 😭 that was so much fun! Hearing you sing along to these new songs is EVERYTHING 💕
@BMWavesBlog Thanks so much for coming!! Saw you in the crowd both nights 🙌 and yes crazy how shows can vary. Live… presents: How to make a half decent coffee ☕ a strong weekend of sales, @OhWonderMusic could score their first Top 5 album this Friday - details:…
Retweeted by Oh WonderHad a great time at @vinilorecstore drinking coffee and hanging out 💕 Excited for our show in Southampton at… TRACK BY TRACK for @billboard ✌️
Fun fact: We actually met in Brighton for the first time like 10 years ago 🤯 Thanks for taking us on a trip down me… into album release week like 💨 Shot for @euphoriazine by the mega amazing @Tommyophoto. Make up by Madelein… @TeaAndMonsters Heya!! It's first come first served so all good 🙌
Our UK Intimate Tour and Coffee Tour kicked off yesterday and it was INSANE 🚀 We can't wait to see you in Brighton,… @goodcliches We actually have one for tour!!!Mirror, mirror on the wall... Keep your amazing photos coming in and tag #OW3 so we can see them all 👀💅
When you take 18 months off from touring, you forget what it's like to be on stage. RIDICULOUS. You guys make us fe… INTERVIEW :: @OhWonderMusic Dive into Their Intimate Third Album, ‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown’
Retweeted by Oh WonderJumping onto Instagram live now to say hi and chat through our new album! Come join us ✌️ is important... and you can thank me later. @OhWonderMusic’s new album #NoOneElseCanWearYourCrown has just bee…
Retweeted by Oh WonderListening to the new @OhWonderMusic album was an exercise in joy, acceptance, and love. Incredible from the first track to the last.
Retweeted by Oh Wonderstream No One Else Can Wear Your Crown by @OhWonderMusic 👑💙 ft. @TrixieCosmetics marshmallow + pentagram
Retweeted by Oh Wonder @unhhhhwonder @TrixieCosmetics This is amaaaazing 👑💕"If It wasn't for you, I'd always be in and out of love" 💕 With Valentine's Day just around the corner,…
Retweeted by Oh Wonder @Vevo 💙NO ONE ELSE CAN WEAR YOUR CROWN 👑💕🙌🥳 #OW3 IS HERE!! We poured so much of ourselves into this album, and we are so e… third studio album ‘Now One Else Can Wear Your Crown’ hears @OhWonderMusic diving into a bolder pop sonic tha…
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In and Out of Love surprises me more and more with every replay. It makes me feel things like I haven’t felt in a l…
Retweeted by Oh WonderInfluences: @OhWonderMusic reveal how Joni Mitchell and James Blake's work inform their enchanting new album...…
Retweeted by Oh Wonder.@OhWonderMusic’s 3rd album has finally arrived in the Philippines 🇵🇭💙👑 @Spotify_PH #NewMusicFriday
Retweeted by Oh WonderIf it wasn't for you, I'd always be in and out of love... This one is so special to us, celebrating the 7 years we… @OhWonderMusic @YouTube I am crying at the bus stop on the way to work. In and out of love can literally have my fi…
Retweeted by Oh WonderWe had such a fun time playing a special album launch show in Sydney last week. We cannot WAIT to see come back to…
Tour starts tomorrow. All shows guaranteed to feature cry pits, drum solos and guitar poses 🤘 @101andyhibberd @islandrecordsuk @RSDUK Thanks for the support <3 @laurxnxdavixs Oooosh that is not good! Did you get any accompanying email?! @HlGHONHUMANS @overgrownmillie This is the best thread everIn And Out Of Love 👉❤️👉 This is the first song we've ever written about each other. Join us TOMORROW at 10.30am GMT…
@overgrownmillie It's the best one 🤷🏻‍♀️ @sftmlauren The mirrors are here!! 💕 week my phone got stolen out of my hand on this street. And now there's a mirror here celebrating our new albu… come to Nottingham on Wednesday 12 February with @RoughTrade to celebrate the release of their new…
Retweeted by Oh Wonder @GLonghurst1 Looking great!!! 😍When you have to take an alternative route home, but that’s ok because it means you pass the @OhWonderMusic
Retweeted by Oh WonderTHE FORK UNBOXING 🍴💿
BIG WEEK! Our album is out on Friday. Our intimate UK shows and coffee tour start on Thursday. And we are gonna be… @FM802_PR @Humbreaders 💙Part 02 of the Wear Your Crown Tour is here! Keep your eyes peeled for more dates and info in the coming weeks 👑…
🖐 days until our new album comes out! 'Nebraska' is the final song on the record. We wrote it about how insane it i…
Thanks to the lovely @jowhiley for having us in for a live session on @BBCRadio2! We performed acoustic versions of…
🚨 ONE WEEK UNTIL #OW3 🚨're sending out our final behind-the-scenes album teasers from OW3 soon 👑 Sign up and expect some exclusive treat… Google team are the best. My phone was stolen last night and now I have a beautiful new orange Pixel 4 in my ha…
We are doing a live session on @BBCR2 for @jowhiley tonight at 7.30pm! Tune in!!’re launching an OW postcard pin board! 📌 Lots of you wrote us Hallelujah postcards at our London last year. We a…! @OhWonderMusic will also be signing albums and meeting fans after the show. Pre-order you album/ticket to…
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Also yesss of course there is an OW4. As if we'd make an album and chill. But please enjoy OW3 first! It's coming o… fair play to me who chased him down Peckham High Street for 2 minutes screaming at him. LITTLE SHIT BAG. HE WAS SO FAST.My phone just got stolen out of my hand. To the guy who has access to OW4 and a lot of photos of my dog... please enjoy.We are LIIIIIVE answering all your questions on Reddit!!! Come ask us anything 🤪've made Oh Wonder Travel Coffee Cups ☕️ Pre-order yours now @1975TEF Hey, sorry for this! It all tracked our end so we'll see you there 🎉☕️ @itsnicholavo Sorry there was an error! It worked alright our end, so all good 🙌 See you there!OW + coffee = getting buzzing af on a UK coffee tour ✌️☕🤪 We're inviting you to come hang and drink coffee with us…
We’re doing a @reddit AMA TOMORROW at 6PM GMT! Get those questions ready... ✌
Stole a lapsteel guitar and made a country acoustic version of 'Happy'. Go check it out ✌🤠
Our @OhWonderMusic launch show @wardrobeleeds has less than 15 tickets left - grab a bundle now whilst you can…
Retweeted by Oh WonderLess than 2 weeks now ✌ Who has pre-ordered/pre-saved the record? #NoOneElseCanWearYourCrown #OW3
Touring is really beginning to take its toll 👴🏻👵🏻
UK! Come see us live and up close on our Album Release Tour! In just under 2 weeks we're playing intimate shows in…
Our new acoustic version of 'Happy' is out! 🎹🙃 The deluxe version of our new album #NoOneElseCanWearYourCrown inclu… made the poster for Part 02 of our Wear Your Crown World Tour. Guess where we are going 👀🇲🇾🇮🇩🇸🇬🇦🇺🇰🇷🇨🇳🇹🇼🇹🇭🇵🇭🇯🇵🌏👀
Thanks for an amazing album party last night Sydney 💕🇦🇺 you guys raised $836 through the sale of our t-shirts, whic… shows. 1 Tuk Tuk. Bangkok, you are amazing and we can't wait to come back in September and play for you again! 💘, we are just soundchecking for our album launch party tonight! We'll also be selling limited edition t-shirt…
'Drunk On You' 🍸👉 to the amazing team that worked on 'Happy' with us. It's honestly the craziest video we've ever made 🙃 What'… for the love Japan 💙
No words can describe the last 4 days we have had in Bangkok. 3 pop-up shows, lots of mango sticky rice, and a musi…
Less than 3 weeks until #OW3 is released. We've called this new album 'No One Else Can Wear Your Crown' and we hope…
We’re sending out exclusive behind the scenes album teasers from our writing process of OW3. Sign up, we’ll be send…