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World historian, geographer, and world-ecologist, Binghamton University.

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our book is out today!! get your copy (copies?!) of A PLANET TO WIN: Why We Need a Green New Deal from @VersoBooks
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreIn "A History of the World in 7 Cheap Things", @_RajPatel & @oikeios introduce the #ReparationEcology, a concept th…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreToday’s the day! A Planet To Win is officially on sale. I love to see it! It’s a labor of collective love I wrote…
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With the coup unfolding in #Bolivia, here is a piece I wrote with Chris Hesketh on uneven development and condition…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore#capitalocene insurgent indigenous & working class movements of Bolivia are the reason I became a scholar of Latin America an…
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#capitalocene #capitaloceno
Regime change: Thomas Mayer ex of Deutsche Bank now head of Flossbach von Storch thinktank argues that ECB’s excess…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreCity, Territory, Planet: Essays in Critical Urban Theory (now published in Chinese; Commercial Press, Beijing). Tha…
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The biological ideology of racism is sickening: that Black people not only are an innately defective race, but also…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreDr. Robert Bullard: Lessons From 40 Years of Documenting Environmental Racism. Having the facts and empirical evide…
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In my Environmental Cinema class, we had a great discussion about food, farming, and capitalism, connecting Nikolau…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreGlobal warming: Earth just had its hottest October on record - The Washington Post
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore"Imperialism leaves behind germs of rot which we must clinically detect and remove not only from our land but from…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreEnvironmental justice starts with the air we breathe:
Retweeted by Jason W. Moorei’m interested in this: gastronomy in the web of life, i guess. how food is a life source, how it was once held as…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreTo twist a saying from Stuart Hall, "generational conflict is the modality in which class conflict is lived."
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore @radicalecology Levins and Lewontin The Dialectical Biologist is so fundamental. #worldecologyClimate change is a weapon of primitive accumulation  #Capitalocene @oikeios #worldecology
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreI feel seen. We're absolutely arguing for a GND where "communal enjoyment of public luxuries replaces conspicuous p…
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@intlibecosoc @Diggers1616 @FrontGreen As ever, Green consumption as political frame wins the day. #capitalocene illusionsThis Friday I'll be hanging out with @billmckibben and @NaomiAKlein at The Climate Moment! Join us 👇
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@_dezein Yes, precisely! #capitaloceneDoes renewed state activism indicate a changing role of the state in capital accumulation and the emergence of new…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore'By refusing to put their own role in the politics of credit-fueled growth at the center of the discussion, the cen…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moorewhy hello updated David Harvey Capital course lectures for 2019
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@DecidonsParis @Simonnet2 @laurencedecock1 @vikash_dhorasoo @Ludivine_Bantig @olbesancenot @SergioCoronado
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore#capitalocene us in Bonn this July for the Sixth Annual World-ecology Research Network conference! @CWP_Ltd @FionaNouri @candyspets2 @GeorgeMonbiot On the contrary. To fail to understand capitalism as inherently pa…
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@sakshiaravind Yeah, this was a blunder on Balibar's part, who clearly is trying to fit the #capitalocene thesis in… #capitalocene tip: if a transition between sections doesn't quite work, have the first letter of the first word of the ne…
Retweeted by Jason W. Mooreoh hai it's me talking about how Chicago's teachers did the thing that they taught everyone else how to do again.
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreThis is the third spill along the Keystone pipeline's route in less than three years. Pipeline projects like this w…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore"The results stunned even some of the world’s top climate scientists."
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore#capitalocene #capitaloceno @sakshiaravind A weird paraphrase of the #capitalocene thesis, which pivots on power relations and isn't about the geological #anthropoceneJustin McBrien on the #capitalocene as #necrocene
If only Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris could have found support in an Adult Children of Marxist Academics 12-step group.
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore @Klimaatzuster @Angelagroothuiz @hntdenhaag @LinekeRijxman @reneelertzman @ClimateMind @DoctorVive @HeleendeConinck
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore#worldecology #capitalocene
Brilliant new book on architecture, global socialism and world-making during the Cold War by @StanekLukasz publishe…
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Enter the #Capitalocene: How #ClimateChange Will Ruin #Capitalism
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreI’m honored to have this quote giving my Gramscian take on climate politics in the intro to this lovely new Julie S…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore @aldatweets Point three shouldn't be dismissed. But of course neither should GND be dismissed.
Raj Patel and I talking the politics of Cheap Nature #worldecology #capitalocene #Africa @ebonyuetfe Resource Politics: Professor Michael Watts Interview via @YouTube
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreWhen you look at Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Russi…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreThere are no hungry people in capitalist America.
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore“Although the official figure stands at 470 people shot, that number does little to illuminate the stinging drama o…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreAgreed: step 1 rid the world of billionaires
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreHey California, socialize PG&E and turn it into a green utility instead of a destructive machine for capital accumulation!
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2019 yanlışı düzeltelim: Antroposen değil, Kapitalosen!
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore @ofthesparrows Let them eat pollution!Green New Receipts
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Víctor Jara, presente! This gave me goosebumps. Chile is at last truly awakening from the nightmare of 1973.
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreSnuck this terrible put into a great story about the #HomesGuarantee campaign 🤓 “We’re really trying to concretiz…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreSeventy percent of Americans oppose bosses being allowed to change or eliminate an employee’s health insurance. Tha…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moorey'all. this is a video of striking teachers and school staff performing "Thriller" on the picket lines in Chicago.
Retweeted by Jason W. Mooremood:
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore#Textbook #environmentalracism 101: 'Evil economics': William Barber condemns proposed plastics facility in Cancer…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreI'm starting a newsletter. It'll offer left-wing perspectives on tech, probably every week or so. The first edition…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreSo the FT finally gets around to admitting that "green growth" is a myth and that we need #degrowth to achieve clim…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore"No, Extinction Rebels, nonviolence is not the only way" — XR have achieved a lot and should be thanked for their e…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreClimate change is wiping out Harriet Tubman’s homeland, and we’re doing little - The Boston Globe
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreAddressing a video camera for the first time :-) Many thanks to @chris_lenn for recording and editing the video!
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreReport from Sweden: despite a large Chilean diaspora, mainly political refugees from the 1970s dictatorship, neithe…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreEP Thompson: "we liberal academics were struck with a paralysis of will as the system not only grew round us, but b…
Retweeted by Jason W. Mooregood morning, I wrote for @VersoBooks blog's Caliban and the Witch roundtable on witches, (anti)work, capitalism, a…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreNearly done writing a new article "Labor Centered Eco-Design? Should the Green New Deal champion a design politics…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore @journeymanhisto @ykomska Degroot works mightily to avoid any mention of capitalism; surely a great accomplishment… @richardtwine @ExtinctionR I was _just_ talking about this in Munich last week. Extinction rebellion has so far bac… @radicalecology Capitalism's "special laws of population." #capitaloceneREGISTER NOW FOR HM MELBOURNE
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreSo excited to be a part of this fantastic and useful collection. I've been waiting for this resource for teaching!…
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worried about airports as engines of the climate crisis? SUVs are worse! #capitalocene
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreWow! Yes, this is totally in line with the End of Cheap Nature conversation. Thanks Annie, Thanks Jason!… expansiveness of whiteness/ must be dismantled// #Anthropocene #Haiku #AnthropoceneHaiku #Capitalocene
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore @VincentGuermond bc felines clearly represent a superior evolutionary tendency. :)I know I'm late to the party but @oikeios and Patel's 'A history of the world in 7 cheap things' is 🔥🔥🔥 Also, lov…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreYesterday lectures in Munich with Silvia Federici Amy Franceschini and Jason W Moore @oikeios on #excess
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"The Green New Deal is not something to be chosen, but something already being implemented in an ad-hoc piece-meal…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreThe City’s Silent Killer: Urban Heat and Environmental Justice via @nsfreepress
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreGreat conversation w the brilliant phd students at the Rachel Carson Ctr. allies are pushing for a Super PAC so that a few millionaires and billionaires can have MORE influence in the…
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@sudahlahstik How fun! #capitalocene @Hille_Takken @siwardzomer @RikHJHarmsen @klup @remcodb @mark_lynas @OmbudsToekomst @LarsBoelen En nog meer statist…
Retweeted by Jason W. Moore @justinmcbrien As Jodi Dean is reminding us, being a comrade is important. Why John Clark isn't giving credit where…
@PMPressOrg Is there a reason why John Clark isn't crediting/citing Justin McBrien for the #necrocene concept? Usua… of the #capitalocene #capitaloceno
Tales of Territory: Anthropocene, Urbicene, Capitalocene? Powerful farewell lecture by Marc Angélil
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreWatch Bernie tell AOC she'd be part of his White House administration—makes me smile too.
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreGiven the profound depths of State-endorsed racism in the UK, it's hard to imagine a comparable mass, centrist jour…
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreYour Monday boost: historical continuity in working class struggle
Retweeted by Jason W. MooreThe brilliant Marc Angelil on the #capitalocene and planetary urbanization
A huge M&A wave is being driven in the US right now by low interest rates, tax changes and accounting techniques (i…
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