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Kat Fox @OKatrinaFox Nashville, TN

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my Twitter? Demon queen. Comics. Coffee. Cosplay. Cats. Talent and convention management at @ComicSketchArt.

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@Mandyrmk Who..More progress... ✨👑✨ (Graphite / Watercolor Paper)
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@phillipsevy @JoshCrewsReally Next time! @KurtChristenson Yes!Planning a trip to the Orlando park after MegaCon... I will for sure disneybound as #Rey again 🥰 #StarWars @phillipsevy @JoshCrewsReally I wish I knew this....Petey & MJ || #SpiderMan Peter Parker / Spider-man / Petermj / MJ Watson
Retweeted by Kat FoxIn case you missed it yesterday, I’m drawing a PUNISHER miniseries! Total bucket list character for me, been loving…
Retweeted by Kat Fox @SebastianPiriz More Ben!!!!! @OttoSchmidt72 😂😂😂meanwhile in Gotham.. 🙃 #Batman #Superman
Retweeted by Kat Fox @SebastianPiriz BEN
Retweeted by Kat Fox @CharlesSoule @CharlesSoule He has one friend :) @lianakangas Every day!!!!!!!Don’t think enough people have probably seen Emma Frost as a Sailor Moon villain by ⁦@Radimudio⁩
Retweeted by Kat Fox @Elana_Brooklyn YesFight club is feminist: it’s a powerful comment on masculinity & most men are just too dumb & sexist to understand…
Retweeted by Kat Fox @Danmora_c Stunning!LOL I FOUND THIS ON MY PHONE FROM THE NETHERLANDS 2 YEARS AGO mornings reading is Cake approved. #PaperGirls @vicjimenezgmai1 @Oddballguy778 @cam_junge @titMcGrit2 @Momoftwins1996 @ThatAshleyErin @TheRealAshle @EARTH_96283 Avenger am I? You won’t believe the SHOCKING result 🤣
Retweeted by Kat Foxi saw this on fb and i am absolutely inconsolable
Retweeted by Kat Fox @TheOtherMarioC Well maybe if they raised the poor boy! @XavierFiles See you then!!!!!EVERYONE SHUT UP AND LOOK AT THIS COFFEE ADVERTISEMENT
Retweeted by Kat Fox @XavierFiles Yes @WillSliney I’ve seen it 4 times now lol. @definitelyvita #proudmomCHILDREN OF THE ATOM has been a very hard secret to keep, but here they are! As soon as you can, please pre-order…
Retweeted by Kat Foxwow ok in my classroom just called a Oujia board "ghost google."
Retweeted by Kat FoxSaying goodbye to you sucks.!!!
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And here is the Punisher Barracuda cover with beautiful inks by @JPMayer_ and amazing colors by @frankmartinbox!
Retweeted by Kat Fox“ex machina” “which one?” “the one with oscar issac” “which one?”
Retweeted by Kat Fox @ChrisShehanArt TLJ❤️Progress ✨👑✨ (Graphite / Watercolor Paper)
Retweeted by Kat FoxAfter watching this masterpiece a few days ago I've become obsessed. #TheLighthouse
Retweeted by Kat Fox @LuiiDiaz She seems to approve :) @GastonEncinas1 😂What should I name my droid guys? hey forgot about this #blackqueen #jeangrey oil painting. Lots of learning but I don’t need it anymore so $300 t…
Retweeted by Kat Fox @amisamil @laurenmoran Oh my goodness lol you’re so sweet 😭❤️ thank you!!! @monkey__marc @scarletwitchwc1 @NateCosBOOM @woodythepriest @gregpak @GerryDuggan @feemcbee @arbitrarygenius these fine folk @scarletwitchwc1 @NateCosBOOM @woodythepriest @gregpak @GerryDuggan @OKatrinaFox @feemcbee
Retweeted by Kat FoxI keep doing my hand poses for Jean when using the force, why am I like this. #StarWars*ahem* HAWKEYE FREFFALL #2 is out in 2 weeks.
Retweeted by Kat Fox @JimJeroo Yes!Jannah ✨👑✨ (Graphite / Watercolor Paper)
Retweeted by Kat FoxYou never really know someone, do you? @TheBethBarnett Okay that’s what I thought but I couldn’t remember!!!!This might be London actually, but I THINK it’s Edinburgh.... lolMissing Edinburgh and missing my sissy from Inception.
Retweeted by Kat Fox @JimJeroo So cute!!!!!Leia, final version. Commission work. Pencils, pen ballpoint, markers. #commission #CarrieFisher #PrincessLeia
Retweeted by Kat Fox @MahmudAsrar @CadenceComicArt @JHickman Yes!I'm joining @JHickman and crew for some X-Men fun! Not taking over per se, but rather contributing to the team.
Retweeted by Kat FoxYennefer 🔥 #witcher
Retweeted by Kat Fox @JeremySimser @ACEcomiccon @mcgregor_ewan I’m tempted to see if it fits my schedule.Strange Adventures, featuring Adam Strange and Mr. Terrific. The search for the truth starts March 2020.
Retweeted by Kat Fox @LexRay007 @ACEcomiccon @mcgregor_ewan 👀👀👀👀👀 @ACEcomiccon @mcgregor_ewan WtfI try very hard to like Life Is Strange 2, but it just doesn’t have the same... feeling as LiS 1 does. @creeesart This is so nice creees 😭😭😈😈Magik!...and her demons. Who’s excited for the New Mutants movie? I think it looks pretty cool but idk about Fox..…
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We are starting to open creator commission lists for our first shows of 2020! Make sure you are subscribed to our…
Retweeted by Kat FoxWe will be going through and responding to all of the commission list requests we received for @LauraBraga_rt,…
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Retweeted by Kat FoxWe tried to tell you. Strange Adventures indeed. (Page from Heroes in Crisis 5.)
Retweeted by Kat Fox @sinKEVitch !!!!!The clock is ticking. Can't wait for this.
Retweeted by Kat Fox#newmutants #cover @NewMutantsUp @NewMutantsFilm #ThursdayFeeling @sinKEVitch
Retweeted by Kat FoxHey. I have a new book coming out. This is the announcement. It’s a 4 issue series called “Dead Dog’s Bite” and sta…
Retweeted by Kat FoxI’m just here on business. #StarWars
Retweeted by Kat Foxits been years but the origin story for this image is finally here
Retweeted by Kat FoxPermission to come aboard, sir.
Retweeted by Kat FoxSir Ian McKellen came to the Picard premier 💖💕💗💖💕💞💗💖💕💗
Retweeted by Kat FoxMy sweet baby droid and I are watching Clone Wars while I unpack and he is interacting to stuff he hears... WHAT IS…
@Raierae @villanarei LOL @VictorJ44190463 They won’t :( @Alex_Chung It did!!!! @sarahthedragoon @amisamil It was magical @MASSEFFECTfan_X Good questionMeow. #sneakpeek
Retweeted by Kat Fox @CommissarYeetus I mean I got in so obviously they didn’t think it did lol @CommissarYeetus I’m literally in Reys outfit from TROS but I got away with it somehow lol. @CommissarYeetus They have very strict rules @rycady @amisamil ENJOY!!!! @Lomuarts @amisamil Yup!What a great day ✨ thanks, babe! 💕@OKatrinaFox #reylo #reylobutmakeitgay #starwars
Retweeted by Kat FoxTo anyone who missed out on our #DCeased hardcover, it’s been rushed back to print and is in stores again today!
Retweeted by Kat Fox @JeremySimser It’s not cosplay @TiniHoward FUCKAdam Driver's tummy in a Joy Division shirt, I need to go lie down.
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