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I play a bunch of fighting games and stuff. He/Him Fight for Love

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Retweeted by Sway @DFCI_ReIgnition If you really stood with victims of assault in this community (your sub-community too), you wouldn… @ChumsKnifeblade that was my favorite night on Twitter @HBRozu @DrifterDane sameMight fuck around and hunt some monsters today📢Signups are open for #GBVS at #NLBC tonight @nycnextlevel Entry is FREE! Prize pool is raised via Matcherino cro…
Retweeted by SwayDear @Twitch These are our 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐕𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐬. Support 𝐮𝐬, we are your 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐬.
Retweeted by SwayGear up with Safi'jiiva armor to activate Dragonvein Awakening and get a great boost in Affinity ⚔️ and Elemental D…
Retweeted by Sway @fujitsu0606 congratulations!!Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of…
Retweeted by SwayTwitter CMV [READY] Song: Alwoo - Ready All of these are scrapped combos that never did/never will make the cut i…
Retweeted by SwayHere's the next one that is going out! I'm really happy with the teeny appliques for the characters on the can. I…
Retweeted by Sway @DiNyc3st da queenNathan for you fucking slays me
@a_moral_atheist We'll rise up ✊Today's not a good day to play fgs @Karakancel hes such a cornball holy shitヴェノム
Retweeted by SwayAs a long time DFCI community member I'm disappointed in how @DFCI_ReIgnition is handling this. I waited to see if…
Retweeted by Sway🍓 Stream time! Inking this 🍓
Retweeted by Sway @Amadeus46Art Shes also really smart but people assume high pitch voice and bad japanese (which is her second language) means otherwise 😔my unpopular Jam opinion is that she's one of the most down-to-earth characters in GG and honestly a good contrast…
Retweeted by SwayIt’s not looking good for #CEOtaku this year in September :(. I’ve put in a formal request with the Wyndham to canc…
Retweeted by Sway @yohosiefgc broccoli being so high has me shook @Vevion no @NinaConCafeina lol you're right. I hope youre well Nina 🙏🙏 @Chelsnii Also @pattheflip !! @Chelsnii @SuperDEBico without a doubtyessssss🥰🤤👌⚡🥺😭 @HimeCutATL i appreciate you too 🙏 @Camalange I just wanna DM people like "Ayo, I appreciate you for being a good person" but I dont wanna be weird.… a break :3
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Retweeted by SwayToday’s progress! Thanks for watching! 💗 #ggxrd
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Retweeted by Sway @jetset_ @WllyP Nah im starting to think walters behind all this... 🕵️‍♂️I just realized not everyone might know why she looks that way. When venom instant kills you, you turn into a pool…チップ
Retweeted by Sway @Apollo19999 @BeautifuldudeGG facts but im here for it 🤤 @BeautifuldudeGG No mas orz betrayal.. @ArcSystemWorksU 2/3 of these ladies are in strive Wassup arcsys? What are you tryna say? @Mistressed_
Retweeted by Sway @NinaConCafeina unfortch is a good word @TheIceyGlaceon @Mistressed_ @hellocutelife im emotional 🥺. I wasn't ready @keeponrockin_db @Mistressed_ @hellocutelife I KNOWYOOOOOO @Mistressed_ COMMISSIONED THIS CUTE JAM AND SENT IT TO MY JOB WITHOUT TELLING ME. Im so hype LMAO. WE GOOD… @SuperDEBico 💚💚💚💚 also meaning to tweet about this: i'm trans! my name's jessika, but people are free to call me jess. my pronou…
Retweeted by SwaySTRIVEのラムレザル、新デザインもかっこよい!
Retweeted by SwayYou tell em Bill Nye!!!
Retweeted by SwayRamlethal 's new hat Trying different steps to draw..🤔 #GGST #GuiltyGear
Retweeted by SwayPOTEMKIN BUSTER I don't really play Potemkin because I want my friends to continue playing the game with me, but he…
Retweeted by SwayThanks for watching stream! 🌸
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Retweeted by Swayjam kuradoberi 🍚 #ギルティギア #蔵土縁紗夢 #GuiltyGear
Retweeted by Sway @sleepykokiri Bring back dacus tho @gooseyhoops Thats what im doing too! Hope youre well.I am "I-Will-Pay-More-To-Only-Have-Four-People-In-The-Room-At-The-Hotel" years old
Retweeted by Swayタイトルをもじってふざけてみました。 シャド研のメナトのページ、戦闘服1についての隊員コメントを見ると、このカラー13はフィフス・エレメントのオマージュであることが察せられますよね。 印象に残っている映画だったので、はじめてこ…
Retweeted by Sway🔥ANNOUNCEMENT🔥 We're back and unsurprisingly still stuck at home! So let's play some good Guilty Gear to pass the…
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Retweeted by SwayActually to dodging Twitter. ✌ @gcyoshi13 @BeautifuldudeGG feelIt's been a while. Pull up.🕵️‍♂️ #guiltygear #GGST #ggstrive #ギルティギア
Retweeted by Sway @sleepykokiri Yooo! Happy birthday homie!
@shine_potyo manny just bought a bike too. Ask him where he got it. I think he got it used for cheap @Ruptur3 @HellaBrett @TheIceyGlaceon @TheHadou Dont tag me in petty Twitter fights bro. I dont have time for this shitGuilty Gear Jam Kuradoberi fan art done in the Fabiano's Anime Workshop. This was my first anime character, besides…
Retweeted by Sway @Juggernaut954 Blessing my TL 🙏🙏#GGST #格ゲーキャラ描こうぜ
Retweeted by SwayYes I used my position as a top player (never made top 8) to sneak in (supported local productions) and have been c…
Retweeted by SwayI agree, let's start with people who lured community members into a cryptocurrency scam
Retweeted by SwayThe White House 4th of July entertainment is a white guy singing Bruno Mars
Retweeted by SwayWe must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am runni…
Retweeted by SwayBringing back this amazing piece of artwork from Marvel vs Capcom 3
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Retweeted by SwayI-no From Guilty Gear #Ino #GUILTYGEAR #Commission
Retweeted by Sway @FluxedOver that was pretty early right? I remember her clothes exploded. I got to ep 20 @FluxedOver I couldnt even finish. It was chaosOne thing to address today in response to some posts I’m seeing, CB is not a “new Evo.” It has never tried to be, n…
Retweeted by Sway @ChumsKnifeblade Im glad you aint a bitch Real ones throat itWord. Dont support these fucks @LucasMCook i HATE that lmaoMy friends and I have been trying to decide what we should celebrate instead today. Happy Koko the Gorilla's Birth…
Retweeted by SwayJam cute cute
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@Jebailey I'd understand if you stepped back for a bit. Take care of yourself dudeSTREAM IS LIVE! Come through for our Caliburst July beginners + intermediate bracket, stick around for the NorCal /…
Retweeted by SwayThey murdered Elijah McClain and took a re-enactment selfie and you wonder why it's fuck the police.
Retweeted by Sway @rogueyoshi_FGC This is the most unbelievable thing you have ever posted and you tried to tell us Nappa is high tier for years
Retweeted by SwayCross Ange