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I’m a huge sports fan. go follow my guys @hotzoneshai @kingameer69 @justchefsteph @kawhiborg @samquinncbs @freekapri @shagginafool @themixedkn1ght

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I wish I was lyingmy reaction to Kobe’s death is a GIF now 👌
jeff mcneil WTF manVictor Robles is a STUDthis is still very accurate @HoodieCurry first time i've ever seen him argue like that @HoodieCurry please don't own I have trout in fantasy and he sucked @HoodieCurry ............. @Dream_Sportsfan painful to watchAlbert Pujols is so washed lol @RaidersFan41 NO WAY @flawlessisop I was joking but they should definitely be in the top 10 @hoopsdontstop @WestFanClubCEO Kawhi is a superstar who just had one of the best playoff runs ever last year. Westb… @WestFanClubCEO aaaand everyone is bashing Kawhi now 😹 I honestly didn’t see anything bad about Russ besides plus minus @WestFanClubCEO because these are scrimmages @ShYashvardhan @cultivatedbean and he was garbage in the last scrimmage toowhy is Kawhi playing so dogshit @packers @TJLang70 @jsitton71 sign everson 🙏 @LamarJacksonMVP @HaskinsMania @wshfootballteam @isaiassuazo223 @MecoleMVP @AhmedNY_ @Capalot_Yinz @UnderatedGoat3 @KawhiJordan what do you mean “better”2020 OKC Thunder: -have a top 10 record -best conference record since Thanksgiving -best net rating lineup in the… @WizGotNext lol they’re not gonna match upJokic and Murray above Giannis and Middleton 😭😭😭😭 @TheHoopCentral what did he have for breakfast?? i’m dying to know @WizGotNext and they’ve been inconsistent all year. if it was really an accurate power ranking it’d take into accou… @WizGotNext uhhhhh sixers play horrible on the road and now that’s every game @cerealrockets -blue lives matter @WizGotNext no they should definitely be above the mavs @jimmygoatler cares 💯 @FamousNick123 either 8th or 9th @YaBoiWayne I think he would’ve got minutes if they didn’t sign JR and waiters, next season is different thoThunder literally just beat two of these teams LMAO @YaBoiWayne he’s awesomethe Warriors literally put together Team USA on a single roster -1 DPOY -2 MVP caliber players -3 incredible shoot… MY GOD PLEASE EVERSON West>Dwyane WadeLeMichael Jamesdan @KDTrey5 @aj7157 DNLMFAOOO MURDERED @chilerrato we made a staircase @HanasGoat she has 4 viewers 💯 @mmicahramsey that’s my guy I got him in fantasyI’d like to publicly admit that I am dealing with an addiction to MLB regular season games think kpop stans are the worst group on here? nah it’s definitely percentage of wealth twitterhate this app so much sometimes everyone!!’t sleep man i’m listening to X music 😔TL is dead gn everyone @jimmygoatler ofcdamn Josh Allen can really move 😳 @DrSalt_PhD 🧢this shit is hilarious man, imagine everyone’s reaction if LeBron did it 😭 ESPN fantasy leagues MLB>NFL>NBA @Dream_Sportsfan both @UCLALonzo 😹good questions 💯 Paul>Isiah ThomasElgin Baylor>Scottie PippenBob Pettit is a top 20 player ever.Jerry West is top 15 without a doubt.Wilt Chamberlain is top 5.Kevin Durant is a top 15 player ever. @RaiderJenni @okcfanethanparler here we come!! @MLB METS STINK @LamarJacksonMVP 1-11oh my god the mets are garbage @jjmid04 @dylancarlsonfan LOLMETS @ATLSportsBoy1 @Mets @You_Found_Nimmo @tnido24 LMAOOOOOOOOOO @wokehenryy also first and last pick in the same draftreply with your favorite and least favorite NBA player everDansby Swanson is a monster.nice debut Rick!! @AnthonyDiComo cy young btw @MetsFanMania he stinks
@TAizenberg i'm trolling lol I know it's MJ and LeBron @TAizenberg Giannis, Wilt, Shaqthis is why Bol Bol is gonna win MVP. sign with us boogie 😤 @RTNBA best shooter in the league @cantguardjuju19 @mjfankatarina @OrlandoNuggs @LamarJacksonMVP LFG @YoungMace22 LOL @LaFlameKeeton @StephCurrysSon @tylersherman24 @WooBackPrez @PresidentEmbiid @simmons_szn @HoodieHarden_ @brodieisthegoat @Haskins2Terry @roketshamstring @TripleRussell0 you put me TWICE????there are now school shooter stan accounts.... are 3.5 GB of the 8th seed. if they’re within 4 GB after the seeding games they’ll be in the play in tourna… GOOOOOO JV @PitchingNinja you just got a shoutout on the A’s broadcast @LeBronSZN__ oh @BleacherReport Blazers could make noise tbh @TheTenthComing SHAI @YungSean24 @StephCurrysSon @nbamaryyy @hoodiejay2011 @HanasGoat @AstroLeonrd @Violet_M_Ramos @HollywoodMev @SKOLNETS @mjfankatarina @birdsnets @jacquelinel0wry @nbamaryyy @netsstan @HerciMerci @CAPTHABASEDGOD @DrGuru23 realized I never did it so thanks for 5.2k 😈❤️ @namesareharder when you compare the two obviously the NBA will look better. objectively the WNBA isn’t boring @Thanatos_I_Amv2 @BleacherReport phenomenal cap are you guys saying the WNBA is boring when this is literally a contested game winning 3.....’s gooo allie quigley is insane