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@soosleepyyVAL ive been convertedTHIS DRIP Skye players man...
Retweeted by OkeanosRent a - Player this took way too long to make lol. @ShahZaMk @TenZOfficial @zombs @SicK_cs @daprcs
Retweeted by Okeanos @koalanoob so cold @H1RA__ I just wish someone would Double Satchel into my arms
@zekkenVAL @PrecisionVal @theKingFPS_ so cute🤤🤤 @1dianazzz @chloe_hime7 Ill wait til your first paycheck :)) @claudiavalorant @mistmie @hyjinxVAL @1dianazzz @chloe_hime7 buy me it too?Rin Tohsaka ❤️
Retweeted by Okeanos @HopeVAL__ @aleksandarosa @V1Rara @crunchyyworld @777eeiu Dont you fucking dare disrespect my queen @HopeVAL__ @aleksandarosa @V1Rara @crunchyyworld @777eeiu lol id put dasnerth above you @GojoVAL @frostyZK
Retweeted by Okeanos @1dianazzz @Pulsers_ @wafflenomster12 fake bestie @1dianazzz @Pulsers_ @wafflenomster12 Deal you play in D2 anyways @wafflenomster12 @1dianazzz @Pulsers_ what the hell @1dianazzz @Pulsers_ @wafflenomster12 Diana will you please buy me it @1dianazzz @Pulsers_ @wafflenomster12 what the hell?? @Glorinsz @aleksandarosa @V1Rara @crunchyyworld @777eeiu @Dasnerth we put him in Zoomer Aim? @FrostyValorant @aleksandarosa @V1Rara @crunchyyworld @777eeiu Dasnerth better @Official_Apeks @aleksandarosa @V1Rara @crunchyyworld @777eeiu Id put Dasnerth above youMost Satifying Aimers to Watch: 1. @aleksandarosa 2. @V1Rara 3: @crunchyyworld 4: @777eeiu @Caders_ @mehzyVAL thats red too @mehzyVAL wish my match history was like itWe Rockin with This? @hyjinxVAL lol me too papa @in0X_fps dms @ShiiroQt @cujo_val @cujo_val GGs <3 okeanos#jett tyler#2826, duo q throwing then flexing about being on a team lol
Retweeted by Okeanos @cujo_val Hey! Those are our players! They are definitely toxic and will be removed from the roster ASAP! Thank you…
Retweeted by Okeanos @Unholykid3 @LarryBanksFPS @cujo_val yes it is true, im flexing for my tier 3 team. @kasuiwnl @skpzyVAL my boy pete does for free @skpzyVAL when are u editing me
❄️🔥hmmmm @HazValorant im softsiding that shit with a spear @HazValorant “look oke! The interior diagram parenthesis takes 270 rockets!!” @HazValorant Its probably the Rat Cave one again @HazValorant when can we play Rust again :((If only he wasn't T Spawn :)! @art1cFPS right click - view -hide desktop icons @skpzyVAL I have those homework folders too!! @art1cFPS clean ya fuckin screenSend the Desktops @1dianazzz it amazes me how dumb you are sometimes @1dianazzz lol @HopeVAL__ LMAOO @HopeVAL__ The day I play stretched will be the day Dasnerth uses a Gun.45 800 —> .31 800? @akulaval Happy birthday old man @SPL_illume hmm @soosleepyyVAL check disc @ItzBoltzy @SicK_cs tyty @FrostyValorant frosty, after realization the gun is just better @1dianazzz what do u wanttI have 2 KVK Routines When should I do my Smoothness, and Micro @Scrounge_ Sovereign @Klamran ?Losing ELO with @steph_ecx | okeanoGLUE okeanoCHEER | @Okeanosqt Twitter
@koalanoob !chair !mouse !sens !outfit !creditcard !SS# @SymbioticVAL ranked demons @Dark3stVal nope @FrostyValorant Hurry up and win so we que @AstonLorenzoval !!Happy Mothers Day to the Day 1 @in0X_fps Happy Birthday!As a member of Gen X, I feel that I need a translator for this skit. #ElonMusk #snl #SaturdayNightLive
Retweeted by Okeanos @SymbioticVAL @Unholykid3 dms @frostyZK @FrostyValorant we lost another one @FrostyValorant BC U HAVE GOOD RAW AIM @Unholykid3 nah its not, found out the real reason last night @domCSGO ion know guns so weird to use for me @Unholykid3 Uh move around while u sprayIf you have just amazing raw aim, why not just use Vandal??? @FrostyValorant tomorrow it is @FrostyValorant when are we queing @ChoicePlays ❤️By the End of 2021: - Be signed - Top 10 Jett/Raze Player - CONSISTENT @Dark3stVal @1dianazzz wtf @chloe_hime7 @1dianazzz this is not grief @wafflenomster12 @1dianazzz Cartier is too goodThe Okeanos @1dianazzz q is unbeatable @FrostyValorant @Recon5Org @ElevateGG @MambaModeGaming @PhantomTroupe2k A player with more upside than downside, ab… Clip Dump :)!
@1dianazzz @chloe_hime7 I think it was a person named Diana but not sure @1dianazzz @chloe_hime7 I wonder who the Skye was @chloe_hime7 @1dianazzz is signed ? @Kasche1x @Recon5VAL GGs, couldnt carry my momentum :/0-2 @Recon5VALDown 0-1, pressure makes DIAMONDSPoggers! Waiting for Recon 5 vs Nascent United Game! 5K (60s Delay) | okeanoGLUE okeanoCHEER | @Okeanosqt Twitter ones for you Grandma @RESHURAA @47GLYPHDialed in for the 5k tomorrow, putting my name out thereLosing RANKED POG! | okeanoGLUE okeanoCHEER | @Okeanosqt Twitter