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Going to take a break and focus on myself, and regain the trust that I broke. What I did was digusting and I will change @shoukrrrr it was a joke
BREAKING: After @SoniqsEsports picked up @OkeanosQT and @Crit_VAL for VCS, they go out in Top 32 and disband. It se…
Retweeted by Oke @ChoicePlays its hard.So ZKs team and My team lost. VCS HAS DEMONS @crunchyyworld GET ON @trunkZnopants @dizzyaus its the curse.we are disbanding. @Alexlihing @crunchyyworld Jay wanted the Meatball sub money too much. @Alexlihing @crunchyyworld ggsjust woke up, time to play vcs w/ some glue eaters -
Retweeted by OkeAUSSIES AND GLUE MUNCHERS VCS STREAM 60S DELAY @Crit_VAL them mfs snoozingDo I stream VCS🧐 @shruikanzx @yuungsho BRO HIS LOOK FIRE @ciaolyx you arent swag @ciaolyx hey idiot @ciaolyx omg ciao! @AstonLorenzoval @ciaolyx inv @AstonLorenzoval @ciaolyx go to bed old man @JerkTBE @ICEgov LMAOO @Dark3stVal wuv you @Dark3stVal hbd50cm/360. thats the tweet5k ranked
Retweeted by Oke @crunchyyworld kiss meWho can make me a header comment @Scrounge_ no super rosters seen @MC_Lelicious coach KEV❤️ @venture_fps @RossyUA @mayuhri_x1 @jD_fps with that hairline we kno you get none @ScrewFaceVAL inspirational kyle. KEEP WORKIN @YoiAim @chaz75 @sznyawn can i join Yoi!
@Strafe_val get off the road @ciaolyx this. @sadIucas @Crit_VAL @crunchyyworld @pl1xxval @dizzyaus we are getting grouped @chanelvalorant @HitBox_Hiros vGG’s to Ghost. Time to prep for closed 😎😮‍💨👌🏼
Retweeted by Okeand Coach @BetrayedFPS @Inf4mousEnergy i think we all areIntroducing “Aussies and Glue Munchers” Okeanos @Crit_VAL @crunchyyworld @pl1xxval @dizzyaus VCS TOMORROW @DnorValorant @HUYNH_CS what happened @frostyZK @1flyuh @valyngod @nmgreeen @b0ssyCS lol your roster wont beat mine.I LIED I DIDNT GET A SPOT @Ceewarz DMSNEED 4 INSANE PLAYERS FOR VCS @Scrounge_ get well soon bud @AikoKamu @DubbinVAL bench this kid @AikoKamu want to fill idiot @ciaolyx whalookin to fill for vcs @TrickAIM feature Fear Yk also @juliaaiis @sadIucas @Avxrsive 🧢 @sadIucas @Avxrsive @juliaaiis on g @902Creed goodnight mr creed @Avxrsive @juliaaiis yaes. @juliaaiis @Avxrsive yaes. @Avxrsive @juliaaiis its that Boomer Talk my fault. @Avxrsive @juliaaiis genuinely too fucking tired to decipher Joey and Julia talk right now @Avxrsive @juliaaiis im lost @TrickAIM gg @Avxrsive @juliaaiis she do @juliaaiis @Avxrsive you kicked me from the lobby, we aren’t friends. @Avxrsive this will never come to fruition @mehzyVAL its in the Hitbox thread @chloe_gaming7 @HitBox_Hiros @aceCourtBot oh no. @FeaR_yK you mind goblin bro. @tyler1wnl IT WAS ONE YEAR AGO! @itamiisamaa @HitBox_Hiros goat @frostyZK @valyngod @nmgreeen YUR.13 1600 dpi 1-3-2-2 red 1.15 scoped STAYING ON THIS FOREVER @mayuhri_x1 @ookers_VAL no manager has rivaled or even come close to what Maya has done for me. She doesnt just boo… WHAT THE FUCK??With @ookers_VAL officially disbanding I wanted to see if there are any fielded opportunities for me working in the…
Retweeted by OkeGGWP 2-1 VS @andbox_official close games , they brought me in to take out el diablo
Retweeted by Oke @koalanoob @SoniqsEsports you are the best. @skpzyy gonna miss u son @skpzyy stfuanyone got an extra vcs spot to pug with me ?👀 @frostyZK ME ME ME ME
@Neon76VAL king shitHighlights from #VCT - MOTIVATION AT AN ALL TIME HIGH @crunchyyworld demontimeGGs to @yayFPS @madacsgo @jcstearns @vice_cs & @thwifo rooting for you guys the rest of the tourney! @valyngod @EvilGeniuses @Cloud9 warmup hit dif @ohhaaaiiii @EvilGeniuses @Cloud9 that warmup hit diffy0-2 @andbox_official Not upset, using this as motivation. JUST THE BEGINNING. #VCTall or nothing @shoukrrrr ❤️ @FrostyValorant 🤷🏽‍♂️ @FrostyValorant sadge @HopeVAL__ 🤷🏽‍♂️ @Vanityxz @hazedCS lolGonna fuck up some predictions today. #VCT @ItzBoltzy unlucky @TEKKADANibo Andbox, if I win I play TSM @trunkZnopants idk if Im nervous or excitedBiggest match of my life tomorrow and I can’t sleep. @shoukrrrr i believe in Rahmin supremacy @chicago_vl @AbLe_eSports @HitBox_Hiros just won a ranked game with him V @triskkkk gonna miss you T