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XDXD @BlackHeartVAL @khanartistval @frostyZK you need a 3rd round oper! @TeamBasiliskGG @HydraaVAL lets gooo @HydraaVAL ❤️ @harmfoo gg @AyeeTrain .28 800
@xRosey99 👍🏽👍🏽 @xRosey99 S-S SON?😳 @Boltzy__ @sfX_x1 all good. @Lorenzo_x7 👀 @sfX_x1 wanna make a roster?👀 @sfX_x1 nobody @ExaltVAL @FrostyValorant @Zellsis im fucking crying @FrostyValorant LMAO THE KAYO @aspdpatient thanks for the viewFaster // Finally got around to uploading a vid of recent tourney/scrim clips small preview below…
Retweeted by Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen @crunchyyworld PAPAAAHD FULL:
Retweeted by Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen @deityofthetrap <3 @saevalorant congrats on first rime Radiant!HD FULL: one of my best Clip Dumps yet ♻️+❤️ Lil Snippet: @crunchyyworld cant get cool awp kills though :(( @crunchyyworld i wish I could rifle like you mr ethan.with @HopeVAL__in the morning?! guys looking to play in the Vanguard Championship Series this Sunday! HMU!not only reyna, also sova @NBK
Retweeted by Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen @yuungsho the coconut one... @Unholykid3 @Scrounge_ 7. Oke ops. @shoukrrrr proud to say I got you in my back corner every day, Love u Rahmin❤️Been so proud of my progress in and out of the game lately. give me some more time and its over. @steph_ecx give us both some time, and its over frfr.With @1337VALORANT disbanding, I will be LFT -Open schedule -Duelist (every) (kayo,skye) -EXP IGL / Co-IGL (if ha…
Retweeted by Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen @saevalorant @1337VALORANT has the passion for the game, and will do whatever it takes to improve as a player @DENYAof @Boltzy__ @snxperlou all love deny❤️❤️ @DENYAof @Boltzy__ @snxperlou my bad: 8-4 @realmocking im sorry real mocking. @DENYAof @Boltzy__ @snxperlou idk but prob like 8-3 me frfr
@dynamiicVAL the last 2 just walked into my crosshair so it wasnt cool @DENYAof @Boltzy__ @snxperlou ill just timing you again @FrostyValorant well i did.LCQ: LAST CHANCE QUARANTINE
Retweeted by Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyensmoke that Faze Pack today gents @supamen @poisedFPS @ScrewFaceVAL @PlayVALORANT thanks for bein a big bro to me Kyle <3 @Inf4mousEnergy hey @Dark3stVal @juliaaiis @saevalorant @juliaaiis @saevalorant @Dark3stVal apex question mark? @Dark3stVal @juliaaiis @saevalorant dont get me started with you. @juliaaiis @saevalorant @Dark3stVal IM SORRY @juliaaiis @saevalorant @Dark3stVal thats the point. @juliaaiis @saevalorant @Dark3stVal Juju is a ranked tosser. @1Ksiaze Artisan Zero Xsoft XL
new pc buff @Boltzy__ @EleyCSGO @mayuhri_x1 yellow is better. @PingfuVAL isnt that everyday @Boltzy__ @Glorinsz My brain too small to play anything else sadge @Glorinsz @Boltzy__ im not @Boltzy__ would love to see you try @Boltzy__ XDXD COULDNT BE ME! @1dianazzz just woke up school started 2 hours ago.
@steph_ecx @HopeVAL__ why would u force him to duo in your god awful lobbies @juliaaiis @fireballops our and @fireballops unbeatable. @BlackHeartVAL @athxna stream sniper!next highlights video is gonna be the best one yet frfr.PULL! @steph_ecx MAN CHANGED TO THE ZK PFP FOR CLICKBAIT @v1c_cs @Nscwalk oh my lordy lord!
@ratevalorant found some on Breeze Ascent and Havenfound some insane jett jump peeks off barrier :))i got us.
Retweeted by Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen @harmfoo time and whenhey @TrickAIM @slaze444 POV: Okeanos asks for flash 15 times from our skye and he doesnt do it and hides behind tall box all round! @TrickAIM @slaze444 all good man! @slaze444 and post it to their twitter page and get zero comments and 5 likes for! @shoukrrrr all good man! just love moronic teammates that complain that ranked is hard but wont do what it takes to win!so many kids throw rounds by swinging for kills over and over and over again @ItzBoltzy @ItsMonSiii @shoukrrrr @fireballops cant que with this guy elo so down bad @khanartistval @shoukrrrr @ItsMonSiii @fireballops @BlackHeartVAL OH MY GOODNESS @ItsMonSiii @shoukrrrr @fireballops im not that guy pal @ItzBoltzy @BearZ_VAL 🤤Got the incredible savant @OkeanosQT himself to carry my ass cause ranked is hard.
Retweeted by Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen @shoukrrrr shut it! @b0ssyCS @NotReduxx you hurt him. @JerkTBE @TealSeam @GhostGaming @Complexity what is motor boat? @iKoniKx no vcs idiot
@Prainexx draft NFL players, 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Flex (wr,te,rb) 1 Defense you “draft players” and however th… @FIENDval @Complexity kiss meHey can we have Fantasy Valorant, Fantasy Football but, VALORANT @b0ssyCS such a b0ss @HydraaVAL better not get grouped uglyTo everyone playing in Knights goodluck❤️ take it a round at a time @EleyCSGO ever think about moving?Putting my VCS winnings to good use GIVING AWAY RGX 11Z BUNDLE TO ENTER: ✅ Follow @PingfuVAL ✅ Tag 2 Friends ✅…
Retweeted by Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen @PingfuVAL @HopeVAL__ @r3pp_ @xRosey99 truly is. @ItzBoltzy you wanna shoot gun well like someone! CHANGE IT. @ItzBoltzy .1 800