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Syn Heavenly ♡ @okheavenly I’m Christian above all else

♡ Turn on Notis ♡ streamer ♡ inquiries: @carterpulse | @teamsynergy | code heav @gfuelenergy

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modded minecraft smp w/ friends <3 long long stream!! @babypeachhead this screams jealousy i am so sorry babes. a grown ass woman in her 40’s talking down on another wom… @therealcaveman_ i just wish people could co exist on holy & sacred land as one no matter beliefs or anything else.… @BangPlays so proud of you and happy for you ❤️ ready to see you kill itwe can all agree as humans that innocent people do not deserve to die and something needs to be done to find a solu… @Colindestny2 @vohlii @TNAKirsh @Rated_Hugo @limpnoodlesz @Melrose0318 @King_DeVanteTTV @KingAlfredo_ @XaphoraTTV morning to my beautiful community ♡ i hope everyone who’s sees this gets one step closer to their dream life ♡ @itshafu get the expresso one it shows and add caramel!!! @BlinkVII she is my spirit animal i love this
@ZitoFN_ bot that it’s literally what i said @ZitoFN_ imo i think its double edged sword. you gotta stream something that you enjoy for your mental health- but… @ZitoFN_ i’ve always said this/complained about it n ppl tell me “you have to stream what you want/ what makes you… @ObiJai ok hi yes so do this for me thx @RazzJoey put it in rice @Semiemic @ilykuno ❤️┊  ┊  ┊  ┊ ┊  ┊  ┊  ♡ ┊  ┊  ♡ ┊  ♡ ♡ hi good morning
@Pamaj try putting them in rice @techychun @OnePercentHQ lets gooo @LowkeyVic milf 👀 @CodeBugsT thank you so much bugs <3 literally no amount is too little trust me. i’m beyond thankful @zimm losing someone to something you have no control over is awful. i’m so sorry you & your family had to go throu… @therealcaveman_ much love 🥺 he’s extremely thankfulhi if anyone cares i’m still raising money for my grandpas leukemia treatment. any amount is appreciated, if you ca… @DrbluejayTV ❤️ @tohriee happy mother’s day @vuzii_ make it happen *hint hint* @PlayVALORANT noHappy mother’s day to my mom @OKheavenlysmom and OkNana ☀️💛 @sabpie_ i hope they wake up missing us @egirlmac ruin my life @YoSauxy in your opinion 🤝 @YoSauxy they both can’t be? @ugheav samekid laroi is a goat
@ZitoFN_ this is my discord pfp :) @ZitoFN_ ok better idea zito i will cosplay her and make my cosplay as her my pfp!1!!1’!1’ @ZitoFN_ pick my next pfp @priv92837 pretty @h8Iey @h8Iey omg haley popping off
@emijuju_ i remember you in my chat defending me hehe ilysm @priv92837 i love u @Pharmcys ? @PapaTitosRA i love u @moxievisuals heat @gnarlyrita i volunteer @soIitxa @MLGJRated DONT TALK AB YOURSELF LIKE THAAAATTT @OKheavenlysmom @SynergyCrest_ 😅 @ashleyrjanes she was good at the game & she’s pretty and probs a good streamer idk never watched her but o just wi… @lillllmeg guys were rude to gamechat...the whole match....? no comms about gameplay yes -… @egirlmac i’d rather be called dogshit than have my appearance insulted like jfc at least if ur toxic ab my gamepla… @lillllmeg i heard you all in my own vod & lived thru it. i don’t need to watch your vod to compare toxicity notes lol @lillllmeg you guys were mid match VERY RUDELY telling me where to go and how to play. THEN after my ult play it es… @Greg_G55 dont come at her appearance. that just stoops down to their level. she’s pretty. looks have nothing to do with personality @lillllmeg @Greg_G55 i’ll never shit on your appearance because you’re a pretty girl i just think your personality… @lillllmeg yes ma’am 👍🏼 @ZitoFN_ love the val comm 🤪🤪y’all remember when those guys and 1 girl in val called me fat and talked so much shit to me and while i was stream… @Bardockerz nah don’t listen to em’ keep doing you. internet trolls are a different breed. nothing wrong with suppo… @Bardockerz it’s ok to have friends that are girls bardock don’t worrryyy @realizm beside me u can see her fur @MEHRKED love this for u @tohriee when i lived with you @wodvine u are so pretty wanna get married @Powerwithme2 @okheavenlyy i know it’s just so hard ☹️❤️
@iNitromix pretty @itsMaximize @TNAGA8E @ZitoFN_ there’s good in everything 💛 @ZitoFN_ @HadleighPainter u should be ☹️ @RazzJoey i’m deactivating my ears @ChildishChuk @ZitoFN_ LMFAOO @ZitoFN_ yeah i was born in the year 2000 bitch but i’ll never forget my age when i’m old af and u will 😤
@svizify mf forgive me for what i ain’t stole nothing i asked u HAHAHA @xPaiise weird for body shaming at 15 @svizify good tweet can i steal @nicolexwrld oH? @xPaiise it’s not gonna break all i did was turn my hips 👍🏼 go off tho @sabpie69 literally just do abs trust me i focused on abs and it made me look 2x slimmer because it took from my wa… @xPaiise bc i am lol @notlyssy im in luv @sabpie_ i love this pov step on me @xteallys ma’am you are beautiful @ilyeIIa 🥺 your body is perfect the way it is. took me forever & a lot of working out and self discipline to finall… @deerdrahh girl turn ur whole body to the side when u take pics. i almost broke my hip taking this i’m normally a rectangle <3 LMFAOOOOOO @Sauxy rights flavor just hits waayyyy harder than leftsno weird cropping on twitter anymore? @Floralgardenn need @misskeeshaa @itsfreddylol @vohlii @tohriee @BlueRoseeyy angel
@pokimanelol there is simply nothing to gas @candihotti SHEEESH @candihotti ok omw @brenmonet it doesn’t make sense for ppl this perfect to exist it actually HURTS u are so precious @FaZeMew me too @gnarlyrita @FaZeMew u gots me @RazzJoey valorant @Thepowerwithme2 actual representation @TheRealVhuxi it’s a meme @ZitoFN_ @soIitxa she a baddie too SHEEESHHHH ZITO I SEEEEEE YOU @ZitoFN_ WHAT HAVE U DONE TO THE TL LMAOOOO