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🇵🇭 trash immortal. w key warrior for @yumegaming_. @aheartout ♡ i love @smoresindoor & @crystalbobas

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@itsguess_ okAAY
okaay. i'm taking a break for a bit. if you need me, i'll be on discord here and there. or if you have my number, thats better. c: byebyea slow processgive me a bit @joon_yeom why is my edit so short???? @Rich_Phu youre insane !!i'll do better. @bubbieyun IM GLAD YOU LIKE THEM 🥺 @onemanevesiu ?????this is factual
me when people try to get close to me now: "it started when we were younger, you were mine" Me: "my boooo"
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)MY GOAL IS TO GET A JOB AND GET MORE COMMISSIONS DONE AAAAA I NEED MONEY :') @LilyPichu I've never done cover art before and my artstyle is not the most anime-styled because its very painterly…
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)during pride month, let's not forget them (art by @/dailytherapydose on IG)
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms) @pochie1218 @dehectic i love kylie @dehectic heather by conan gray maybe ...... @dehectic LMAOOO stinky 🧀 "soft girl"Y’all it’s about 18hrs till I meet @YazaFPS @okidenni @smoresindoor and I’m so excited 🥺
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)casual xiao
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms) @Nezuuumiii i love u <33 @Nezuuumiii i got the same omgCRAZY someone streaming "2022 my year fr" @doukyousei on spotify and i'm actually really happy with how much he's grown @windycockk @Nezuuumiii ???? false i have evidencelike i'm TRYING my best to be a part of the family, just like they wanted. but no matter what i say or do, they just get upset for what??? @Nezuuumiii @windycockk frrr holythe amount of disrespect and feeling so excluded sometimes is just crazyunmotivated to be invested with my family or plan anything with them. i'm not going to lie. get me the fuck out of the house @Nezuuumiii @windycockk LITERALLY WINDY. I HATE HIMnice lurk bear
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)“are u ok” no i want to Ieave this country and start a new life
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)i hate people
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms) @451noahs HMMMMMM @oheymaria YOURE SO ATTRACTIVEHMMMMM...being called ”my love” hits different
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)🐱🐷💕
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)👏 Please 👏 tell 👏 streamers 👏 when 👏 their 👏 audio 👏 is 👏 too low 👏 or 👏 high! 👏 Seriously, it helps us a lot bec…
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)I'm a mess and I'm sorry that I became part of your life.
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms) @aheartout ilysm !! I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY @aheartout MWAH MWAH @amndamai so are we gonna hold hands orim officially up, good morningheartbreak
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)I CANT GO BACK TO SLEEP IQIFIWKFE AND IM SAD @iAshenn ok we get it youre insane ??quitting everything to be a VA
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)good morning, but i'm going back to sleep. have an amazing day kings and queens. :)i'd appreciate it if you'd stop haunting my dreams, thank you.good nightand also I am so shocked sometimes how he's so young the guy acts like he's had more life experience than a lot of…
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)HEAD HURTS AGAIN I CANTayo, the demons are on 😈 out west coast.
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)LMAOOO @dekkosux @_Miruux :(( are you?IM CRYING @dehectic @dehectic I HATE HIM AHAHHHAA @dekkosux @_Miruux ???hey, any mandys out there want to date my bro? he's radiant, 6'5 when it comes to personality, will carry you, love… @_Miruux LMAOOOOO SICOEKGKF STOP, UNBLOCK MEI do not assiocate myself with @okidenni anymore.
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms) @_Miruux 😭 BROi joined at the best time i guess @dekkosux @dehectic @oownim1 @YazaFPS @abbypcy_ @oownim1 @YazaFPS @dehectic
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms) @dekkosux @peachylul LMAOOO @dehectic @abbypcy_ @oownim1 @YazaFPS "IM SORRY"LMAOOOO @xRona__ @Jayyrons yeah frick ui've known Chris for so long and i finally get to see him in 2 days :)) !!
hi who wants to duo for one game on norcal servers so i dont have to deal with weirdos alone
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms)the amount of times people have done this is amazing. "my girlfriend doesnt like you" "my girlfriend doesnt want m… @joon_yeom LMAO2 MORE DAYS 🥺 @alexismarieNY playing sage and making men beg for heals is actually the most fun thing to do in ranked
Retweeted by 夢 denni (working on comms) @joon_yeom gm loser @crystalbobas OH BABY 🥴 @xRona__ good morning tommy 😎 @Jjbk5 not u wth @allpharaoh_ Y E S S I Rgood morning @dekkosux @joon_yeom this is facts @joon_yeom @dekkosux :) ive known him since he was a wittle baby @dekkosux aw love u toookay late night thoughts: i just want to say , this guy i've talked to like 2-3 times, his voice is literally so c… nighti grow and learn every day. but i know i have the most amazing group of friends to support me and help me every step.i know i'm not around as much, but ily guys.i love noms familysocial anxiety fucking sucks especially when i felt unwelcomed in a friend group before.its crazy that the homophobes are out in valorant all of a sudden just because it's pride month. i was so used to c… @akageOWO bro, lately guys have been throwing out the n word and being homophobic and it makes me so uncomfy @ryanbreadpitt @_Miruux LMAOOO @dekkosux bro my friends list is full bc of i vibed with so many people on league 😭 @imdalkom @kaaylen_ @shaahboo @val_coffee @7Reecha OKAAAY @mintiikae LOL yes i live in norcal @MeWahooo they also like to throw around the f word and were very homophobic