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corri @okiecorri Portland, OR

burden to the internet• bi, she/her 💕

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@Keally22 incredibleeeeeee
*screams in nick miller* @SAR_S love that! @abernothing Agreedclassic @jazz_inourpants w! @jazz_inourpants :’)
a good bonding exercise for couples is when u are showering together n his balls have relaxed nicely in the steam t…
Retweeted by corri @abernothing i was just talking about this. i LOVE top sheets @lynndewitttoya very curious @badboychadhoy *flashes back to chad screaming in among us months ago*
who told people who write into customer support that if they caps lock we will definitely do whatever they want... i just wanna talk @doinkpatrol i’ve received a painting of a dick but now i wanna ask if it was painted WITH a dick @guywithbike yes @diskpix :(this one also fits tho (i have a rice pack in my bra) @parallelbark 100%🤷🏼‍♀️ just hit snooze 25 times, i’m built different @nateandmufasa IT IS NECESSARY @Keally22 😘 @Keally22 vouchwhat 5 years did to me 😋 @abernothing you’re the light of my life and i love you very much. here’s sinbad having some fun with treats :)
@nateandmufasa W!!!!!!!!!!! @nateandmufasa weird i had no clue @nateandmufasa wat @sushipregnancy same @FeelingEuphoric LOVEEEEEE @lincnotfound me
i am, what the kids call, sweepy🥺:) a cake this morning for a bday but i kinda just wanna eat the whole thing rn @violinbug what’s the verdict @nateandmufasa OMG SAME TWINZ @nateandmufasa hiiiii lol how’s youhey @nateandmufasa @sarahnicoleryer 👀👀👀👀👀 @DrakeGatsby same and ily 2 @abernothing crazy how i’m also being in love with you :) @2Saddington thank u, i think that’s u 🥺🥺🥺HAPPY FRIDAY what’re we up to???? @doinkpatrol i gotchuyour man calls you his little sweetie pie, my man calls me his boner garage. we are not the same.
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are we gonna be mad if i don’t go more blonde ?? my hair is not digging the bleach this go around @Keally22 I LOVE YOU TOO @aubviouslynot ahhh i’ve done this and i think it’s one of my top hair colors @Keally22 BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD @thebomber06 none of them are of me lol @ashhhhhhole i’m am so tempted i want it hair (see pics below) haircut is gonna be the same as always @cloeannmarie 🥺🥺😭😭💜💜 @cassthevirgin happy friday cass:) @cloeannmarie AMAZING @Hashbang2 @FredTaming i think it’s block time byeeeeeeeeelove yourself
Retweeted by corri @2Saddington LOVE YOU TOOOOOO❤️ @nateandmufasa @doinkpatrol or always @nateandmufasa @doinkpatrol nate’s down bad rn @2Saddington i need a pic when u get it @Hashbang2 :/instead of asking why i’m always cold men should simply give me a hoodie/blanket/fuzzy socks and go @and_rew_and_you love that 😂😂 @sharbanning true @parallelbark @lincnotfound 100% @userjaymes W!!!!! @lincnotfound tbh truei need to stop watching all these tiktok challenges i can only do so many squats and scorpion kicks in a day ok whe…
if you are a man who invites a woman to your home and you don't have a fuzzy blanket for her anywhere then sir? you have done a misogyny
Retweeted by corrisimon from bridgerton could literally step on my face and i’d say “thank you” and “again, your grace”we really just let glass animals say” I'm going to read your mind (Big dicks and big ol' titties on the sly) Say I… @ValterSkarsgard @badboychadhoy hi valter i hope you have a great day @nateandmufasa who is he
@TallBoyReckless or when they say “kids are on twitter they’ll see this” first of all ur kid shouldn’t be on twitte… rlly say “not to kink shame” and then kink shame and then have the audacity to say “well it shouldn’t be posted… @hancaake they look so good:) @badboychadhoy i guess we’ll never know @badboychadhoy man if i hadn’t blocked women posting their Ls online ,, @badboychadhoy hi i hope u have a great day @sushipregnancy yes @cassthevirgin gm cass i hope you’re doing well :)weighted blanket didn’t crush me into dust in my sleep... again :/ @ashhhhhhole @femaleredhead @drivingmemadi @PallaviGunalan @alimadetweet @goooeydisk @parrspective @pepperonicowboi @violinbug set urself to do not disturb @yupthatpaul yes? @yupthatpaul this makes sensethis makes sense to me @nateandmufasa :/ @frankieplsrelax hiiiiii☺️
@SamLangellier @RobDenBleyker @violinbug i was gonna say i never knew the scientific name @RobDenBleyker @violinbug where’s the lie rob @violinbug it me @violinbug ok but can i be a pigeon with a hat @Shenaniglenns @nateandmufasa imma slap both of u @nateandmufasa @Shenaniglenns only time will tell @Shenaniglenns @nateandmufasa HMMMMM @nateandmufasa hmm @nateandmufasa i’ve seen this b4i like how black cats have stupid little dopey paws that look like little floppy socks
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