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Bankruptcy attorney. I believe in kindness, strive to be brave, and I hold sacred the rule of law in a democracy. #RPCV Armenia. #BLM. she/her.

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@twylajcarter Keeping you all in my heart. Stay safe ❤79 times in 3.5 years.
Retweeted by Jill WebbWhat looting? What vandalism? An endless sea of people singing Lean On Me lighting up the sky with their phones ou…
Retweeted by Jill Webb @wil_da_beast630 What a great point - ignore the racial disparity in stops, searches, arrests and incarceration. I…
@wil_da_beast630 Show me where BLM says thousands are murdered in this way. They aren't the one that is being misleading. @wil_da_beast630 Using 3 stats doesn't make you data driven. The man was murdered in broad daylight because there i… @wil_da_beast630 @ConceptualJames What's the lie?Ireland.
Retweeted by Jill Webb @tulsaworld We cannot let them continue to operate without oversight. Even if there were no complaints of abuse (th… made some slight adjustments to tucker carlson’s monologue about protesters
Retweeted by Jill Webb @GarrettHaake This should be the lead story everywhere. It is even more dangerous than Trump's violent photo-op. We… @TulsaTeresa @SenatorLankford @SenatorLankford was in a privileged position to have the power to stop this descent… @realDonaldTrump @CNN I wish you hated racism or greed or cruelty or ignorance as much as you hate Democrats.This video with @chrislhayes is from three years ago — and more relevant than ever.
Retweeted by Jill Webb @AttorneyDamario @CarlyPutnam Remember 10,000 years ago when Scott Pruitt was at the EPA? @CarlyPutnam This is so surrealFBI found "no intelligence indicating Antifa involvement" in May 31 violence, per FBI report leaked to me. That wa…
Retweeted by Jill WebbThis is the most hopeful thing I have seen in a long time services that refuse to disclose their full affiliation are not a typical feature of liberal democracies.
Retweeted by Jill Webb
@SpiroAgnewGhost Perhaps. But I am tired of false hope.These are the comments that are included in the q&a of the current meeting taking place.....
Retweeted by Jill Webb @TimLandesJr Thank you for your work @DGoforth918 @friedmanbs Or 30 pieces of silver.Here’s how this scene was viewed live in Australia. One of America’s closest and most dependable allies. Rendered s…
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@SenatorCollins God, what a bunch of cowards you were. We deserved so much better. @RepPeteKing @POTUS WHAT? @bonhoefferchild He dresses like a tele-evangelist, too. I think its because its all a show to those people. A cos… Listen. Wait for it.
Retweeted by Jill Webb @ZivaBranstetter I remember watching the chief of police at that time testify, after viewing a film of his officers… think the protests should focus more on this issue if resolving it would advance our goal for better response to…
Retweeted by Jill Webb"I support democracy and free speech, just not in the United States."
Retweeted by Jill Webb @TulsaTeresa "Tulsa's Police Union is warning the City that an independent monitor would violate the terms of their…
Retweeted by Jill WebbFor those that think cops are underpaid: it takes a legal aid attorney 19 years to earn what Pantaleo made the year…
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@firstsooner @GovStitt Allen, I celebrated the long overdue release of these inmates. It doesn't, however, address… @GovStitt Governor, they weren't just protesting Mr. Floyd's murder. We are calling for reform in our own police d… wish every white person in America would watch this. I wish we’d stop talking & feel this wave upon wave of gener…
Retweeted by Jill WebbI continue to be stunned by the restraint police showed when armed conservative mobs literally shut down a state le…
Retweeted by Jill WebbTo be fair, the alternative was someone who had once used a private email server
Retweeted by Jill WebbWhite people at #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd protests. You are our guests. Your job is not to spray paint, break shit, lo…
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@realDonaldTrump Where was this energy for Charlottesville?
Retweeted by Jill WebbIf you’re a white person at these protests, and you see other white people starting shit like throwing rocks or sta…
Retweeted by Jill Webb @helenprejean AmenBeing kind in an unjust system is not enough.
Retweeted by Jill WebbThe stock market is not "the economy." It's a mood ring for the plutocracy.
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@AlanDersh Your credibility is buried somewhere under Jeffery Epstein.This country has been slowly unraveling for two decades; the acceleration in real time is terrifying to behold.
Retweeted by Jill WebbProsecutors bring cases against people with far less evidence all the time – all day every day. All of a sudden whe…
Retweeted by Jill Webb @marcorubio Marco, it's sacrilegious and cowardly to use the Bible to avoid taking a stand for justice.Reminder that Colin Kaepernick repeatedly tried to peacefully tell us every Sunday that we had a major, systemic problem.
Retweeted by Jill Webb“I will not rush to judgment” says prosecutor who [no need to check notes] pleads out over 90% of his cases before discovery.
Retweeted by Jill Webbwhite people be like "that target could've been someones son"
Retweeted by Jill Webb
@Delavegalaw District attoneys are responsible for chronic corruption in police departments. One can't happen without the other.This is really important. Florida is cooking the books on COVID-19 deaths. Look at the excess death rate. In Florid…
Retweeted by Jill WebbNumber of men currently sitting on the Supreme Court who have delivered featured addresses at the Federalist Societ…
Retweeted by Jill WebbWhew. I cannot take it.
Retweeted by Jill Webb“Instead of deserting the leaders who had lied to them, they would protest that they had known all along that the s…
Retweeted by Jill WebbTrump's newly promoted 2020 campaign chief of staff was arrested in Oklahoma in 2016 and charged with conspiracy to…
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@seungminkim Somebody remind me again, why exactly do we keep paying for this family's vacations?
Retweeted by Jill WebbJust saw this fascinating 2017 Pew poll while researching a column. Percentage of respondents who think the US has…
Retweeted by Jill Webb @WajahatAli It's a ludicrous analogy, but here's one that is more apt: If billionaires have enough money for cupcak… to the CDC, so far this year, Florida has had 1,762 deaths from #COVID and 5,185 from pneumonia. Average…
Retweeted by Jill Webb @RyManMD Criminal defense lawyerthe demilitarization of this nation's police departments needs to be a priority not just of future presidential adm…
Retweeted by Jill WebbI need journalists to release the fired Minneapolis officers’ excessive force reports with the same energy they rel…
Retweeted by Jill Webb @ChuckWendig My mother's handwritten recipe cards.
I don’t want to be famous for representing people who are killed by the police. I want this shit to stop happenin…
Retweeted by Jill WebbNo more brutality. No more murder. No more hashtags. Just justice. May it rain down like a mighty river.
Retweeted by Jill Webb @MikeFeller1 @DrAndreasNick It was our choice to build a bigger military than we ever needed, reacting to campaign… @MikeFeller1 @DrAndreasNick God, what a tragic example of knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing.
My best friend works at WalMart. This is what he just received instead of extra pay or benefits
Retweeted by Jill WebbHappy birthday @bobdylan
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@brithume That your solution to this humiliation is for him to play more golf rather than being held accountable fo… president shared a post praising his press secretary and depicting her smoking a fat joint in the White House
Retweeted by Jill Webb @studentactivism @ClaraJeffery Gutted.
Retweeted by Jill WebbIf you think wearing a mask is stressful, ask a kindergartner how active shooter drills feel.
Retweeted by Jill Webb @jdlollman Oh my goodness ❤
@laurenthehough Don't forget you have to factor in gravity.If your employees make more on unemployment you're not a job creator you're a poverty exploiter.
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Dear White People; Gonna need y'all to sit this one out. Black folks who have been black for long enough can identi…
Retweeted by Jill WebbThis is the bad place. @ChuckGrassley This is insufficient @clairecdowns Puppy chowA former labor secretary's message to essential workers: when this ends, "threaten to strike"
Retweeted by Jill WebbI have never seen anything this amazing and it almost makes up for everything else this year
Retweeted by Jill WebbTrump removed the DOT Acting Inspector General who was investigating Elaine Chao for steering millions of federal d…
Retweeted by Jill WebbThe Why
Retweeted by Jill Webb
Suggesting that Oklahoma can't expand Medicaid now - in the middle of a pandemic, with unprecedented economic devas…
Retweeted by Jill Webb @GovStitt Some companies might not want to do business with a country run by a president indicted for corruption an… are no voiceless, just those who have been silenced.
Retweeted by Jill Webb @JamesRH71 @deedeebright @JenniferJoyOK @TulsaTeresa @GovStitt @MomsDemand @SenatorRomney @USTreasury Thank you
@GovStitt The gun law you signed will lead to the deaths of innocent people. @JenniferJoyOK @HighHeelRev @GovStitt @OKFirstLady @MomsDemand This is insanity.Let’s call this what it really is: anti-public safety, anti-law enforcement, anti-women, anti-children, anti-domest…
Retweeted by Jill WebbMy favorite Trump lie is that the Trump Tower meeting was about adoptions. #Myfavoritetrumplie @TallgrassRiley I love that pic so much ❤ @yashar Sir, banana bread is a hill I am willing to die upon.’m not crying you’re crying🥺❤️❤️
Retweeted by Jill WebbThe rest of the world is watching America like America watched Tiger King.
Retweeted by Jill WebbWe've been living off the surplus generated by infrastructure built more than 50 years ago. This is a preview of wh…
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