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@tashalharrison Well it's after noon and I'm not out if bed yet so that's how far off I am from that life. @Hexsas Yeah. It's bad.
Fear the old blood. Bloodborne is Funky (Ludwig, the Holy Blade Remix): @SWytovich I have this one too! A friend recommended it to me. It's so pretty! But I haven't worked with it yet.
Playing among us with the fam and I'm seeing them all in a different light. The lies! @quinnHPM I'm hopefully playing my first game tomorrow.
Art by Miles Johnston -- click to undo tweetcrop
Retweeted by Donyae Coles @im_beaming I support you in your journeyAs a Black person she just looks like your rich auntie now. @quinnHPM Yeah that's what I was thinking too. I was also thinking it only became a target because of the AOC strea…! kid just came in and told me this is happening. antagonists aren't generally working on the same level as humanity. We cannot understand their goals or their li… to save a life! @LOTFpod @HaileyPiperSays @tracy_reads79 @jessiguess90 I feel like I have to update you guys. I did do this thanks… really need to catch up with this comic because I love it. @AntonHur Do you guys not have to social distance? I mean we're supposed to here but these people don't listen.
Art by Tim Jacobus for RL Stine’s GOOSEBUMPS books.
Retweeted by Donyae ColesOMG YOU NEED THIS a spooky book? Here's your pitch event! have one #hell of an issue coming out on the unholiest day of the year... BllllAACK FRIIIIDAY. First ten preorde…
Retweeted by Donyae Coles @UndertowPubs Well how can I say no to that?This press has beautiful covers and it makes me want to buy all of their books. @Joduckwo I don't think that's correct. Is it? No. Can't be. @sawyerlovett Just look at you <3 @sadiabies Same. Like we had a budget, obvs, but once those stamps hit it was like, fancy cheese for everyone! @sadiabies Food stamps are the shit. Food stamps are life changing. Everyone who can get them should. Even if it's… @jessiguess90 @ctrlaltcassie @astoldbybex @CooperSBeckett @ThePikeCast Fun fun fun! @KomradDevin This does not surprise me. @sawyerlovett Thank you! I have done way less art than I meant to this month so it was good to get this one done.Finally painted this monster. "Is it good, friend?" Watercolor and ink on paper 15x20 For sale. @HaileyPiperSays @ctrlaltcassie @tracy_reads79 Glad I said something because look at all this good information! @HaileyPiperSays @tracy_reads79 Also that's what I get for not reading the call all the way because it says it, rig… @HaileyPiperSays @tracy_reads79 It was not me and I was working under a completed manuscript only assumption. @BerryBlitzPlays @BrichibiTweets @KingLotusArt @CryptidKazper @phant0mstarS A silent voice. @tracy_reads79 I'm working on something. I hope they don't close before I can finish it!
So good.! @Hexsas Listen. We might have to. Because people are fucking stupid and racist.THE HAUNTED HOTEL (1907) dir. J. Stuart Blackton
Retweeted by Donyae ColesHouse of Penance was an excellent horror romance. Loved every page. @The_Weirdling It was the best of times it was the worst of times. @AntonHur Yes. But we already knew that. @Kittencab00dles She has captured the mental health struggles of a generation. @The_Weirdling This movie is great. It's so terrible. I loved every minute of it. @jessiguess90 You deserve it! @mamapeachtoyou @Kittencab00dles There are SO MANY bad landlords omg. @literaryhooker How it's used in this movie is hilarious. @sadpear They should do something with that for a sequel. I'd watch it. @jessiguess90 It was a treasure! I can def see some of its influence in your book and I love that. Also your book w…'m going to listen to this soundtrack on repeat. God, every song.THAT MOVIE WAS GREAT!Seriously how is there no work on this awesome reverse Disney aesthetic??She said we don't have time for your feelings. Get with the fucking program Chip.Oh no! We can't miss the big dance!Shout out to Zdzisław Beksiński, the man whose art just screams hell. I love him.This ritual scene omg this is amazing! I hope she eats them.Agents of Satan with awesome haircuts. This movie has great fucking lines.She just came out the woods like big foot. She has become the cryptid of our dreams.She's having horror visions and he thinks he's really doing something. lol Am I too big lol boy what?? @sadpear It is. I really appreciate it.What was your first clue that she lied about her address? The construction? Lack of electricity? What? Boys, someti… Let me see what that slippery squirrel do. My Husband: Please stop calling it that.
@sadpear It is SO QUEER omg! And so subversive and wow, critics really did not do right by this film. Like had thes… your gut emo boy before they're all over the floor! @tracy_reads79 My kids are like, why are you singing to this?? God this soundtrack was SO GOOD though. New In Town??? Ugh so good.awww you poor sweet emo baby. You'll be a Goth butterfly someday. Well not if you get eaten.They're singing Through the Trees to a boy who was murdered in the woods omgThe acting is weirdly . . . bad but like on purpose? Like one of those made for preteen Disney movies. God this is great.This reverse Disney Princess moment!! Wow this movie is a gift.Why are you cleaning in the dark though? That's a weird choice.She got the devil in her girl! An improvement though probably. So can she kick really hard because Jennifer demon… don' t know Chip, an 89 Rapist?? Lol, but also yes. Needy I'm rooting for you girl.Pretty sure these guys are devil worshipers but I love their casual attitude.I have never seen this movie but I LOVED this soundtrack. Straight bangers from start to finish. Wow this bar just… it's Chris Pratt, loser of the Chris Wars.BLACK KIDS!!! God I love that group.I'm watching Jennifer's Body for the first time and it is not starting the way I would have expected.And if you're not comfortable with an offer, don't feel like you have to take it! @mamapeachtoyou @Kittencab00dles The first apartment I had as a single adult was $600. It was a two bedroom. There… @Kittencab00dles I think it was 4 or 500?scope creep is real, here's a way to handle it. @jkwak Or just garter! And bonus, comfy thing when you're done.Important! Can't wait to read. @nadiabulkin Congratulations! How exciting! @Gabino_Iglesias I lost my 15 year old cat super unexpectedly in September. He was healthy and spry and then he was… @jkwak Once you get knitting and crochet down you can do them by touch. @art_twink @CemeteryGatesM A whole vibe!
Stephanie Wytovich: Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, I call this the tale of the erotic horror p…
Retweeted by Donyae Coles @HaileyPiperSays @CemeteryGatesM Yesssssssss!Excited to announce that my story "Best House" was accepted by @CemeteryGatesM for the Campfire Macabre anthology!… @EveHarmsWrites I'm writing two novellas. @HaileyPiperSays Me: *realized I have a massive amount of comics to read* Also me: *buys more*Just wrapped up a little flash piece and sent it into the universe. Be free my creepy child. May you return as money.
@BrianKeene I know my county is going to do right but I AM CONCERNED about the rest of the state. @RozCarterAuthor Me too! Just a positive and fulfilling experience.#FIYAHCON2020 was great. What a wonderful weekend and I'm so happy that I was able to attend it! Def going next year.