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Funky yet Spunky. 23. them/they Just a clown from the mitten.♎️ #ACAB #BLM

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Had a minor upset today so I had to pull over in a Home Depot parking lot and cry for a good hour...what a time to be alive
@adigailmac Ew I always hated him lmao this is what’s teaching the youth in davison I’m not surprised
This is the funniest thing I have ever seen
Visited the doc today BC I had weird spots on my body and he thinks it’s due to stress from working so much...but l… @itsArtamiss remember when we had that mean girl kicked out of LIVE @ my disco show omg our power @discophonix @itsArtamiss @bahablastdrag @MissRoseRitz @CyberLarose @phoenix_stevie @R2_Deck_U @flazeda sent me a nude and all I saw was a t*ylor sw*ft poster behind them and I closed the app...don’t need that nope
@htejoseph The Chromatica tee too....yeah those bitches are just hating you look so CUTE @amonns @BizDaddi Draw me up a himbo then bicth @amonns I needn’t a top for any other reasonim tired of flirting w people I do not have the energy anymore if u aren’t going to relocate my spine hit the roadJust now hearing about some of the victims of S*ju and honestly that’s so disgusting I can’t believe. I’m sending a… okay...I’m watching episode 2 of DRUK and I’m fully cashing in my Veronica Green love cardFunny Girl is my favorite love/musical movie like I am Fanny Brice
@ariana_tecate If I had a working one I’d get a ring for itNot me ordering action figures to display in my lil bookcase, who am I @winemom42o Get a bump of some talent first
Purple Nurple anyone? 💜 *hair inspired & learned from the insanely beautiful @AlfredLewislll 🥺💜* to shoot for this digital drag fundraiser tomorrow and I legit canNOT pick out outfits for it I’m like drawing a blank kill me nowjush
Retweeted by Perry Dox @OkChelseaOk “I come hang out” no you can come and get your ass beat
libras r going to hell
Retweeted by Perry Dox @discophonix No that’s u @coolgwenstefani Thank u 🥺 sugar high or whatever that twink said SHOP UPDATE IS LIVE Y’ALL!✨ GO TREAT YOURSELF OR GET SOMETHING FOR YOUR HUNNY FOR VALENTINE’S DAY 💝🥰…
Retweeted by Perry Dox @camtar0 i KNOW ughSome1 buy me Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir I’ll s*ck your d*ck could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by Perry DoxLiterally almost smacked a customer at work today because she chanted “Britney is a whore” while I had Crossroads p…
My drag mom got like 14k worth of surgeries the other day and god she’s so pumped I want thatBRITNEY ARMY RISE #DragRaceI think Veronica green is cute out of drag tbh
@BrittonAPaige I thought you were at a court order to stay away from children @BrittonAPaige Thank you Actor/Streamer/Icon @marisolareen Road trip with me omg then just drop my ass off in the desert @marisolareen I’ve never been but like I want to move to a city that’s like low cost of living so I can get away from my fam lololWhat if I just like moved to Texas or the south like what would that do for me
No pause, no hesitation
Retweeted by Perry Dox @itsViirtue I’ll take care of you if you take care of me too
This was legit my favorite movie as a kid I rewatched it so many times I broke the DVD I wanted to be her so bad
@plutofag keep seeing 222 everywhere I’m scared what does this mean is this that angel number stuff I’m scaredThis other store manager said my movies at her store have been magically damaged so I can’t pay for them but I get…
@plutofag I’m late! Like it’s one of those movies I knew enough about but never immersed myself to watchLike Joan was really out here acting and winning awards while beating her kid behind closed doors the duality jfcWatched Mommie Dearest for the first time and whew that was a lot @Homiedino Could be :p
But wait I’m like really pretty have the same energy @slumflower This is so cool??? Omg the way I’d tat this on me if I couldMiss FKA hits insanely different with a joint in hand @mizvanzandt I prefer just a good ol iron compared to steam/curlers tbh it just takes finessing it’s just TALENT luvMaybe I should put some pants on
Chiquitita doing Is It A Crime is permanently burned into my brainHonestly, I can never take a hot enough shower like I need to have boiling water I am never warm
To the guy who came and bought all of my stores PS3/360 are so cute let me kissThe Bad Girls Club security wouldn’t have let anyone in.. just saying
Retweeted by Perry DoxMe dancing when I hear holy terrain stoned BC I have no ass w my coworkers after the most insane day and tbh? Most amazing bonding time I love my vid store babiesThis album has done more for me than any man could
@BizDaddi It’s fine to be jealousWork is shutting down indefinitely and I got another job lead but I wonder if I can get away w coloring my hair pink 🤪 @Homiedino Valid point 😂All you f*gs saying these protestors are/were hot deserve to be strangl*d. No it’s true it’s trueLiterally was at work all day not on my phone or seeing the news WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING LMAO WHY ARE THESE PSYC…
Ur not a britney spears stan if u dont know Original Doll....capiche
Retweeted by Perry Dox @bennybijou Most 7/11’s should have them in stock but the actual big packs won’t be available til mid February I think in general stores
@discophonix Omg should I? :oI don’t have many friends who play animal crossing and god I just need some cute pink items I can’t get in my town smhI’m 23 and my sister bought me a booster pack of Pokémon cards and I haven’t felt this giddy since I was a kid lmao
Chromatica oreos have a faint aftertaste of prep @Cry_BabyEXE I would literally go to war for you @Cry_BabyEXE I would like to get high and just watch you restyle them tbhDrove 2 hours just to get Chromatica Oreos today :)
@winemom42o Shut up fatOnce I can sew better I’m deadass making my dog matching outfitsThis is like a god tier face like their structure is pristine I love them @ismy Literally, when you’re that flawless you don’t need emKahmora’s bone structure is insane she is too HOT
Straight dudes be like “I’m focusing on me & my goals in 2021 nothing is stopping me” and it’s literally a picture… have tears this made me laugh too hard my queen
@adigailmac 🤢🤢🤢 won’t let us have anything bc now we gotta cancel Tiff*ny P*llard smhThis flashback is stemming from me missing the club and seeing the dolls every week :(Just had a random flashback to a couple years ago when me and my bestfriend drove 2 hours through a blizzard & cras…
God I’m so excited to see more from this legend
I have so much hate @1900JEZEBEL I think you mean to say, “y’all see it white?” 😂😂😂.....I will die for her
@marisolareen MeI wanna smoke w her come on’m zonked out of my mind tonight but I loveeeee watching those doll remake videos where they take plain barbies an… just looked up my old elementary school nemesis who I hated with a passion and I’m sad bc he got kinda cute. The… hate when boys randomly FaceTime or do like video chat like....please leave me alone
Jk I don’t really care about this movie anymore it’s too chaotic I don’t get the New Age music remixes in it @lousyarentyou LOL yes! That’s where I work 😂Kylie Minogue is the Absinthe fairy in Moulin Rouge??? What???? Omg I’m intrigued now