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“good morning baby” “Is that how to greet a giant?”
Retweeted by Osman AliAsamoah Gyan will be in any true football guy’s list
Kanu really had a poor scoring record for a forwardOkocha (14 in 73) had more goals than Kanu (12 in 87), despite playing fewer games. Kanu never even scored in AFCON…
Retweeted by Osman AliSelf acclaimed African Giant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 has stayed relevant for 9 years and you still think it's because of the dad's money? Buulu @TuwangaCarter HahahahahaBanter aside, if you still think Davido's success in the industry is not down to his hardwork, you're living in del…
Retweeted by Osman Ali @GeraldCrack lol the weed pass en head insideBurna boy thinks he is better than Davido? What a joke!
Retweeted by Osman Ali @murlee__ Problem with his delusion? He is not bigger than those two guys so I don't get why he gets pained @murlee__ Lmaoo buulu y3 ehe. Make he fuck offI don't get why Burna get pained when Wizkid and Davido get mentioned above him. Lmaoo like isn't that very obvious?Burna Boy is delusionalmad he dey mad Sloan has passed away.
Retweeted by Osman Ali @7Giocondo lol most of those lists are from Lakers fans. Disregard itTony Yeboah was not a better striker than Asamoah Gyan - @kodart_ @7Giocondo lol but this isn't controversial @Solomvn smh
Giggs to SAF: "Ando's good at penalties”. Anderson's on. 125th min. Doesn't touch ball. Or speak English. His pen…
Retweeted by Osman Ali @7Giocondo 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @Kwa_djo There’s another Hamza? @obiMpenaAustine Lol this is like the Maldini central defense/lateral defense argument. He played in midfield later… Yeboah shaped my formative years for the beautiful game. What a legend did he play? At both the U-17 and U-20 level when he was at RTU he played as a lateral defender. Right back a… disagree. Hamza played mostly as a lateral defender and Bossman was and can never be good than Champion. Kai also belongs to the 90s not 2000s. No Shamo Quaye in the 90s team too be someway happened to Emmanuel Tuffior. He looks older than Kwaku Ofosu AsareObra
@temposkillz 😂😂😂😂 you dierr you say you fool @ralphie_jr The Don SebastianLol and you can’t see the reason why? Coz Ronaldinho was in. Had nothing to do with the Ghanaians @OboiLondon The 95 squad with the 99 one a close second for meA team that has Michael Cofie and Emmanuel Adjogu as strikers? It can’t be true @obiMpenaAustine LmaoYes's sun is something else. Eiii @temposkillz Of course when the legendary Gyan bows out @kofiobiri Hahahahahaha @obiMpenaAustine Ah
I swear 😂😂😂😂😂 @temposkillz Lol nahNothing scared me more than eschatology in my teens @temposkillz 👀👀 @obiMpenaAustine Lol it isKwaku Manu be my nigga but it’s him seen any aspirant in a relatively safe seat constituency being made to work this hard we discuss the NIA and the politics of the Ghana Card.#FacetoFace with Prof.Ken Attafuah tonight via…
Retweeted by Osman Ali @eastsportsman lol smhSheed. Ben. Rip. Chauncey and Tayshaun will go down as the most 'untalented' unit to win a championship. And I used untalented advisedlyLmaooo the way I detested these guys huh legal and media knowledge in these pictures be huge this be the reason why Kwesi always they tell NPP minions when they come at him that the president is his perso… @7Giocondo Obaa ye? @eastsportsman @kodart_ Lol yeah from en poppieFearo. Smh @kodart_, President Akufo-Addo will launch the GHS600m COVID-19 Alleviation Programme to help revive SMEs. Some 1.6bn…
Retweeted by Osman Ali @Twinsena Eb3 dw3nm)
Lmaoooo @djpizaro Lmaoooo your friends at Osu dey wedge you after CoroCannabis juice @iTsN_Ekua @djpizaro Lol you speak Ga?Fufor mam) shi tam) waat3l3 n3k3? Kaish - @djpizaro is movement every Ghanaian should supportWhatever we do as a country, we have to continue protecting Efia OdoAnita Akuffo en shape dierrAh Freda Rhymz dey throw fiscal with Sista Afia? Lmaooo these women don't play @Amegaxi 😂😂😂 fair points @Toasta_ Bo3l33 oshe) nin gbeyee waa @obiMpenaAustine When? I have watched consistently every Monday in the last one and half month it’s always herWhy is Joyce Bawa the only woman representing the NDC always on Good Morning Ghana? No one else capable?Even for our music stars no one really knows how much they are worth @theakyemmafia Writing purposes 😂Why is it difficult to know who really is the richest man or woman in Ghana?Lol this thing. There’s no one who is officially known as the richest in Ghana. GM ❤️ am suggesting there is nothing to debate when it comes to greatest Ghanaian boxer
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Buzzed about the feedback to Tuesdays show so far. Pleased to have Ghana's finest, the legendary Kwabena Yeboah, a…
Retweeted by Osman Ali @snypa_CFC Lmaooo smhWhen thugs cry"When journalists start thinking they are stars, they lose sight of the reason why they are in the profession."- Elizabeth Ohene
Retweeted by Osman AliLol someone who doesn’t drink, I always wonder where Crack gets his dancing and partying energy fromLmaoooo these 2 fools is Patience Nyarko? AhAhuoyaa. Nonsense beings. Smh "I can't wait to watch football. I can't stay without football" Football returns. "I don't li…
Retweeted by Osman AliIt's back! The beautiful game is back today!!!!
Retweeted by Osman Ali @Toasta_ such a foolHistory will remember what Germany is about to do for football todayOh boss
No lie a fighter Azumah Nelson was. HerhThe fight that launched the Professor to the worldAzumah Nelson vs Wilfredo Gomez