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Had a break from Twitter as it was far too toxic for my liking and just things going on outside of this sphere.
@nizbit It was hard going at times but it was tense and realistic I thinkWe just have to spank West Ham on Thursdays they are woefulWatched 1917 tonight and it's a quality film. Really enjoyableLiverpool is set to lose £16.2 million pounds in funding. That's appalling. @Matlock_TownFC YNWA ❤️❤️❤️Football is banter for Van Dijk.
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Erling Braut Haaland has scored more league goals than Manchester United in 2020 (5-4). Haaland has played 57 minut…
Retweeted by Minamino FC @JennyJoneslfc Couldn't agree more. Give the lad a chance. It's like they think it's FIFA or expect him to be like Messi 😂I love how Old compares himself to Klopp and says he needs time. Actually laughable, before Klopp took over at Live… you could come to the club shop tomorrow and get your refunds that would be great...
Retweeted by Minamino FC @chelseylfc_ Haha it's exactly what will make everyone else fume and that's why I can't wait. Got a feeling so many…👀 @muhammadbutt What a weird take. @SadioIogist Good grief. Hope your happy with your bait
@DavidWhorton They are fantastic team mate. Completely agree. We just need to start Fabinho and get that control an… have now won as many PL games this season as Manchester United did in the whole of 1998-99
Retweeted by Minamino FCOn subject of Champions League qualification, know there are higher ambitions these days, but LFC need only three w…
Retweeted by Minamino FC @JohnMcMah0n @GrizzKhan @KeloidKrown I said get me past the Wolves game away with maximum points and win the West H… @DavidWhorton City will be so hard. Especially if we have both won all our games between now and then. They will ha… @Shannxo I can't even comprehend this. It's remarkable.That 100+ points will win you the league. That's just remarkable. Not even PSG can do that and very few teams have… over the last two season took 198 points. THAT IS INSANE. That isn't something to brush off that's never been… ONLY thing that has changed is that City got one injury to Laporte and their whole title challenge derailed. Th… that puts us on 97 points to just win the league which is what we got last season and City got 98 points. Not… don't understand how people can say it's poor? It's such a poor argument. Leicester win the league with 79 points… the agenda that says that the league is poor this season. Take Wolves away and compare it between the top 2.… @simon_23s Don't do this to me @AlexNobleTweets Just to add by the end of January we could be on 70 points... By the end of January but we would s… @chelseylfc_ I can't wait to see the Jordan shuffle in MayConsidering my future in law's are Ipswich fans I better pop this up... Tranmere away isn't for everyone 😏 love how much we book other fans piss you know. It's joyous. Like the fume when we lift it, is going to be unre… @AlexNobleTweets That's a terrible take. There was a season when Leicester won the league with 79 points but yeah t… @LeroySaneEra Yawn. Boring take. You play shit repetitive football and everyone has worked you out. We have had s… @AFCAMDEN When fans of other clubs have rubbed it in our face year after year. Too right we are gonna go about it @mcfcmasonV3 OopsWhat a result that is! highlighted by the POTENT @IanDoyleSport before kick off, this win means Liverpool could be 22 points ahead of C…
Retweeted by Minamino FC @AnfieldEdition Considering its his first premier League start away from home and he's come on after half an hour,… @KlavanDijk Trevor Sinclair or Micah Richards are worst. Actually Jenas @LFC_mnm Haha thanks mateMatch thoughts: •Henderson immense •Fabinho made a difference •Robertson and Ox struggled but we won •2-1 FC is… has been unreal tonightGot a bad feeling about this... @AnfieldEffect @FalseFMatt @LFC 2-1 pls @eldrick4uall I mean he's finding his level again but I would disagree with starting him at the minuteI do wish Salah would pass. Is basically my time line 😂Is Ox even on the pitch? Anonymous.We really need to wake up here. Started to get really annoyed that we can't control this game. Sort it out.Why have we gone 4-4-2 when we were in complete control player the usual way? Find it a bit odd.Mentality monsters need to wake up here. Robertson is rattledDrawing 1-1 and this 🙄 2-1 FC make a come back?Not the start we wantedMane 😭Manchester United have scored 19% of all their league goals this season against Norwich City.
Retweeted by Minamino FCI watched United fans leaving Wembley before their players had even lifted the FA Cup in 2016. What would have been…
Retweeted by Minamino FC @Tiima89 Honestly I am dead 😂HAHAHAHHAA I FOUND HIM AND HE CANT EVEN SAY HENDERSONS NAME 😂😂😂😂😂😂's Scarface? Bet he's fuming that Henderson has just scored @caoimhaion I think he gets subbed after 60 for Fabinho @ThatRexGuy I think he gets 20 minutes depending on how the game is and then plays 70 at the weekendThe devolution of Manchester United 📉
Retweeted by Minamino FC😂😂 @DavidHickman87 He is the new LazarusHappy with that and love the strength of the bench too it's true that the Fernandes deal is off then the last 24 hours have literally summed up Manchester United right now.This is still one of my favourite Google searches @LFCVik Sameeee @Jarrett242 @GrizzKhan @timmounce Yeah we were unlucky. But yes I think getting players back fit now at the right time is dead important @DavidHickman87 @GrizzKhan @timmounce Yeah I think if we win tonight it's pretty much dead and once we beat West Ha… @timmounce @GrizzKhan Yeah I was thinking about this the other day, that we need to spank someone at home @DavidHickman87 @GrizzKhan @timmounce Yeah that's true. Just need them to drop some points along the way. Which I t… @Jarrett242 @GrizzKhan @timmounce Yeah agreed mate, but if the league is done then I don't think it's as big as a t… @GrizzKhan @timmounce Oh sorry my thing was I am more nervous than saying I won't watch the game haha @hayden14lfc Haha yeah that's true mate. Never do things the easy way tho @GrizzKhan @timmounce I don't think Arsenal will be hard. City will be he's but if the league is done then, I think… how in like 25 years we got laughed at for spending £1 billion pounds near enough without winning the Prem. U… @hayden14lfc Always positive but just got some nerves there about it today @dalglish005 Nervous is more what I should have said. @timmounce @GrizzKhan We are mate but I feel like this is our last big hurdle @GrizzKhan Just think it's going to be our hardest away. Maybe I should have stated that I am more nervous than anythingI do think that Wolves away will probably be our hardest away this season. @hayden14lfc I will haha! But I am just nervous for it @nicwhitaker__ It's not 100% true I thinkNot looking forward to the game tonight @ATVIAssist @Isaiah07696086 Hello can I get your assistance with something please via DM?#mufc are six points worse off after 24 games than they were under David Moyes in 2013-14.
Retweeted by Minamino FCPoints dropped since 3rd March last year: 57 Arsenal 56 55 Tottenham 54 Manchester United 53 52 51 50 49 48 47…
Retweeted by Minamino FC @ATVIAssist can someone help with my DM please, I am getting quite frustrated at the lack of response over the last 24 hours. @InfinityWard hello I have no Cross play communication setting on my Xbox one. Can you help please? else on Xbox One not got the cross play communication option at all on Modern Warfare? @ATVIAssist just to… @TheF3nny Who is she?Did Burnley not get the memo about United having the best defensive right-back in the world?
Retweeted by Minamino FCSince Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's permanent appointment, Manchester United have won fewer league games than Burnley.
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Mbappe has scored.more goals with his hand than Lingard did in the whole of 2019 @ATVIAssist hello can someone help me with my DM please? @btsportfootball @DesKellyBTS MY. GOD. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭 Goldbridge is in the middle of making an emotional speech about the state of Manchester U…
Retweeted by Minamino FCThis is priceless Ian
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