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@Bloodwhorne when solo i can only play 1 mission before i get too scaredOk but me a big brain move. I burnt my finger with hot glue and my reflex was to put my finger in my mouth, thus scalding my mouth @deadsunproject oh no i love your content. its inspiring fraiser tweetstired of twitter music drama. please pass my proposed bill to make all music illegal except for the Fraiser theme song. @ShayRaeInGame he reveals his full name when you complete his questline or whatever idk. i soft locked my playthrough of inquisitionive tried to get back into animal crossing and i cannot. maybe in a year or so i will feel the urge to play again @ShayRaeInGame varric hussain obama
Just a few potential maps I've been tinkering with. Any thoughts?
Retweeted by steev @NEEMOAHTOAD Tall Man from Phantasm @nintendette_ horny has killed more people than war @TylerMoliterno roorooroo @ShayRaeInGame im lucky bc i live in a older white area so my voting place is 5 min walk away and i literally have never seen a line @plaguebabe exactly, voting has always had bullshit restrictions like woman couldn't vote, landowners could only vo… @NEEMOAHTOAD right? people use that Miyamoto quote like its true. forgetting that Duke Nukem Forever and Mighty No 9 exists @getyourownjoy THIS SI SO RUDE, GHONESTLY. @getyourownjoy jokes on u, u dont know what im wearingthe government absolutely has the ability to make voting extremely accessible. They do not make it this way on purpose.bro r u gonna cry virus....its coming
Retweeted by steevHappy birthday to Sinkhole Bus. The Pittsburgh Public Bus that had it's own personal 2020 back in Oct 2019 @meaniemeat I once had a guy roleplay as hagrid and it was hilarious He kept saying I was a wizard and he needed my help at hogwarts @meaniemeat I used to do chat support for aei*e and a***can ea**e and it's just "You dont have the size I need" "… @old_dirty_hate_ Same. Sometimes even spaghetti is too much cooking @LauraDern check ur dms @feralkelsey Nonononi. Idk why but I freak out if my feet are covered in a blanket???? Did they change the general election ballot? Mine just listed Trump, Biden and Hawkins with Marry K**l FuckBohemian Rhapsody 2: Ziggy's Revenge @wh0reganic YEAH!!! The chicken was so good @Coryxvx I almost bought shadow and hollow. Thank God I waited @space_cowboyyy Nope very bottom of last pic. Has ur full name @space_cowboyyy Ur email address is visible in the last picKim, confused why people are making fun of her tweet, reassures us that they went to her smaller private island an… @getyourownjoy So would i @AMCTheatres @AlitaMovie I watch alita at least once a month!! Love her! Great movie!!🔥Win this @AlitaMovie mini poster🔥 AMC is giving away 10 posters randomly if you RT and share your fandom for Alita…
Retweeted by steev @getyourownjoy I would just throw it away and order pizza @getyourownjoy I*** @getyourownjoy U DO ALL OF THIS @McNuggiesYeet I didnt think it was funny till now @getyourownjoy @eltigrefranco @getyourownjoy @eltigrefranco Then why do you venmo me $5 a week to be ur friend @getyourownjoy I'm TALLER and. bigfoot is a normie cryptid @getyourownjoy WAIT WHAT THE FUCK @huskerfan4life9 did u have fun at the rally @katiesaidno Eating one of these while watching teen nick reminds me of middle school @nintendette_ Yes!!!I used to love these attacked bc I enjoy Halloween @deadsunproject They'll be too busy at brunch to tweetWhat's gonna happen to all of the blue check marks whose entire personality is about disliking trump @Bloodwhorne Stonks @Bloodwhorne I might buy the human face bat pillow at target @Bloodwhorne Relatable contenthappy one year anniversary to the bus falling into the sinkhole!!!!!
Retweeted by steevHad a dream I was in a movie theater and @maki_itoh was hired as a security guard and she beat up anyone who talked or took their phone out. @voose_lagina Hope you're ok!! @feralkelsey Tall Man from Phantasm also deserves more @nintendette_ Stop being me @ShayRaeInGame jesus. i had my normally very pacifist bard go "whats this spell? thunderwave..never used it" and killed 11 guards instantly @ShayRaeInGame wait i meant thunderclap @ShayRaeInGame thunderwave? @ShayRaeInGame @nintendette_ i hate that it looks like me @nintendette_ Under a heat lamp. Brings out the flavor @ShayRaeInGame gently usedthinking of becoming the type of asshole who hands out cans of soda for halloween @ShayRaeInGame you'll make it through this! ur very strong!!!!this is my birthday which means they legally need to give it to me for free @Bloodwhorne "I think humans are attractive " *I'm booed and attacked * @plaguebabe theyre typing boring tweets IM KIDDING I LOVE UR TWEETS @getyourownjoy WHAT HAPPENEDconservatives see this and share it on facebook but they see a kid wearing gender neutral clothing and they collaps… bro, calm down. That wasn't very Borat my wife of younext tuesday i will go vote for biden then go to dunkin and get my 5th favorite donut. I will make the theme of the day "settling" @applextree oof. thanks!im just offended yall are putting the nun in the same pic with all of these icons @applextree was it like posting spam? i deleted it. i never use it @applextree thanks for the headups
@lovelyhyyh Shes already his height???Pretty sure yall know about a larger issue 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Retweeted by steevShooting 5 mins from my house:))))))) @feralkelsey PlushieFace @feralkelsey Plus you could probably superglue/sew a bunch of plushies to what I'm sure is a normal chair for like $100 @feralkelsey U L T I M A T E G A M E R C H A I R @space_cowboyyy Its personalLooking for a laugh rather than a scare this #Halloween? Settle down with Sheldon and his socially-awkward friends…
Retweeted by steevI also brought 40 people to a private island as a fun treat @9_volt_ Ah man, they printed it wrong again!
Retweeted by steev @IllMakeYouLaugh When will I guest for the grown ups 2 epWorld’s Worst Film Fan Talks About Movies | Ep. 1 | Welcome to the Blumhouse Pt.1 | Nocturne (2020)…
Retweeted by steevNeighborhood on lockdown and cops wont say why should expand the court until every single person in the world is on it. One love
Retweeted by steevI try to be efficient at work. For instance, instead of taking my designated 10 minute breaks, I just sort of do nothing all day
Retweeted by steevits been vaccine is gonna come out before Cyberpunk 2077 @Bloodwhorne Cool stuffed animal100 gecs @ShayRaeInGame Hes allowed!! @ShayRaeInGame This game must be filled with bugs if they delayed it after going gold.