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Mary Gaeta @olalibrary Lynnfield, MA

I am a K- 8 Librarian who loves books and technology. I enjoy learning about meaningful ways to integrate technology into the curriculum. Google Educator.

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A2 Open house for current parents so they can see all the great things going on in our school. #CatholicEdChatGood morning! I am a K-8 librarian from Peabody, MA. Highlight of my week was cataloging new books for circulation. #CatholicEdChatWhen peers support a student being bullied, it is more powerful than any other remedy. #BeTheChange @CSOboston
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Free Technology for Teachers: How to Upload a Podcast to SoundCloud
Forming the Future: Our Lady of the Assumption School student council fosters leadership and service. Published 1/1…
A6. Gratitude. Write down one thing you are grateful for each day. #CatholicEdChatA5 Better use of time. Check social media less. #CatholicEdChat @mskaaaate My BEST tip (think I heard it from Jenn Seravallo) is this phrase: “I know you don’t know, but if you DI…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaA4 To be more mindful professionally and personally. Keep multi-tasking to a minimum. #CatholicEdChatA3. Sharing book recommendations with my students and listening to book recommendations from my students. #CatholicEdChat @polonerd @anchor Thank you! We have Chromebooks and iPads. I am excited to try podcasting. #CatholicEdChat @polonerd @anchor I am not sure what we will use. I am going to start with the 7th and 8th-grade students. I will g… I am exciting to try podcasting with our students. We will learn together. #CatholicEdChat @40ishoracle @breakoutEDU @BJPSLibrary Problem-solving and teamwork! #CatholicEdChat @polonerd @breakoutEDU @emueller1860 We use both. The students prefer the actual lockbox over the digital. They love locks! #CatholicEdChatA1. We have been doing @breakoutEDU challenges. The best moment is the look on a student's face when he/she succee… morning, I am a K-8 librarian from Peabody, MA and I have a glass of ice water on my coaster. #CatholicEdChat
So I'm helping a kid I know with some college applications and I have some thoughts. My friend has a GPA of over 4.…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaThere are many splendid honors a book can earn, but the Nerdy Award is among my favorite because it is earned via t…
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Thank you everyone. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! #CatholicEdChat @BarbInNebraska @mrbalcom My students love the Global March Madness. I already had one student ask if we are doing… @acottos I love If You Plant a Seed - Nelson and Each Kindness - Woodson #CatholicEdChatA5. From 2017 - Favorite Christmas books #CatholicEdChat - One of my favorite Christmas picture books. #catholicedchat Just finished Storm Runner. It is based on Mayan mythology. It was recommended by one of my 7th graders and I l… @McTeach @camphalfblood @sharonmdraper I love Out of My Mind! #CatholicEdChatA3 I love Paper Things by Jacobson. Grade 5 and up. It deals with being homeless. #catholicedchat for the typo. It is Maria Walther. #catholicedchat I love the Ramped-Up Read Aloud -What to Notice as You Turn the Page by Maria Walter. #CatholicEdChatGood morning from Peabody, MA. K-8 librarian #CatholicEdChat @BarbInNebraska I hope I can. I have been helping my parents more on the weekends. I’ve missed the last few Saturdays. #catholicedchat
Christmas vacation reading picks -
Trip down memory lane. We still have the ornament you made. ⁦@olacdonovan⁩ ⁦@LynnfieldCC⁩ #rcabschools ⁦…
Getting ready for STEM Christmas Tree Challenge. #rcabschools ⁦@CSOboston⁩ ⁦@RCABmgoslin⁩ ⁦@olacdonovan⁩ ⁦…
@breakoutEDU challenge! @olacdonovan @MillarTimeToo #rcabschools
@olacdonovan @RCABmgoslin #rcabschools @MegMcMahon8 @MillarTimeToo @CSOboston
@olacdonovan #rcabschools @RCABmgoslin
#rcabschools @olacdonovan @RCABmgoslin
#rcabschools @olacdonovan
"By developing a system to send positive notes home on a regular basis, I have found that I keep my students’ succe…
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Take your students on a trip through time, with a virtual-reality history lesson from @PBS' Mercy Street.
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We’ve been using data reflection modeled in this delightfully accessible book. Fits really well into #ignatian peda…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaA2: A big part of validity for me is allowing students to retake assessments... Do they not know it? Did they have…
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta @e_whalen @ritamaeparsons One of our local schools had their teachers read this book. Grading from the Inside Out.…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaGood morning, K-8 librarian from Peabody, MA #CatholicEdChat @LibraryELL Congratulations! Great pile of books.
Free Technology for Teachers: How to Create a Multimedia Timeline Through Google Sheets those homework packets with family choice boards post from @creativecommons was a great reminder of what I learned from @kmishmael about using TASL for image a…
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Repairing Harm: A Better Alternative to Punishment
Retweeted by Mary GaetaToday is the premiere of @XavierRiddleHQ! Watch with your students to find out how historical figures, such as Geor…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaFree Technology for Teachers: How to Add Audio to Google Slides - Updated
@JustinMcClainOP @BostonCathSupt @CSOboston @RCABGodSquad @RCABmgoslin @RCABmmccook @olacdonovan @MillarTimeToo great resources. Thank you everyone. #CatholicEdChatCheck out these 23 tools that build real-world writing skills + provides them with authentic, interest-driven oppor…
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta#RCABSchools @MrGoodwin23 @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @MrGoodwin23 @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @MrGoodwin23 @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @MrGoodwin23 @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @MrGoodwin23 @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @MrGoodwin23 @mathlady27 @olacdonovan I loved seeing our teachers integrate coding on the student calculators, individual whiteboards or writable des…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaA3: I started teaching middle school math by pulling awesome resources to do my best to create some coherent lesson…
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta#CatholicEdChat A3: One of my favorite tools is It is a site created by John Transum (…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaAnytime there's a math discussion I have to share one of the most powerful approaches to math I've ever seen. 3 Act…
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta#RCABSchools @MrGoodwin23 @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @APannie7 Just read this @npr article. Girl and Boy Math brains look the same! #CatholicEdChat
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta#RCABSchools @MrGoodwin23 @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @MrGoodwinOLA @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @BarbInNebraska I don't teach math, but I am learning a lot for our math teachers! Thank you all. #CatholicEdChatGreat ideas for math - @MrGoodwinOLA @mathlady27 @olacdonovan @mrsstipemath My students @Room113SMM loved working with partners with @joboaler lesson #CatholicEdChat
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta#RCABSchools @BostonCathSupt @CSOboston @RCABGodSquad @RCABmgoslin @RCABmmccook @olacdonovan @MillarTimeToo morning, K-8 librarian from Peabody, MA - Late, but made it! #CatholicEdChat
This looks like a very good book!
Retweeted by Mary GaetaWhat role does media play in your early childhood classroom? Join teachers and experts from PBS for a virtual discu…
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Excited to share the 1st two covers for our new MG nonfiction series illustrated by the brilliant @dmeconis! HISTOR…
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I love @ms_elwell ‘s Veterans Day display. @LynnfieldCC @CSOboston #rcabschools @olacdonovan what is coming! #GoogleSites now has collapsible text boxes! Love the changes to make sites even better
Retweeted by Mary GaetaJust found on a paper from a 9th grade HS Math Learner: “I haven’t been this successful in a Math class since 5th g…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaWondering how much time to spend on Direct Instruction? 💭 Check out this table for suggestions. ⭐️ #edchat
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta @LynMullalyHunt @nancyrosep @padmatv Congratulations! Well deserved. @padmatv ‘s book #TheBridgeHome is a treasure and should be in every classroom. There are too many angles to teach…
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta @padmatv As am I! This story is just as beautiful as it is important. I teach in an all boys school in NYC— this no…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaSo excited to find out that @BookCreatorApp now allows you FORTY free books and you can reuse/recycle. Love it when…
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta @KarinaYanGlaser I would love the middle school books!✨Book Giveaway!✨Follow & R/T to enter! Indicate which box you would like in the comments (middle grade or picture b…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaI gave a 4th grader a signed copy of a Dog Man book Dav Pilkey sent me. The student hugged the book for 30 minutes.…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaHey, North Shore educators, I'm excited for our next CUEup! Hope to see you there! Spread the word! CUEup: North S…
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I love it. What joy! @LynnfieldCC @RCABmgoslin @nceakpmears @BostonCathSupt @CardinalSean #rcabschools I missed #CatholicEdChat today. I will read through tweets. I was learning about some exciting news from…
Retweeted by Mary GaetaI really enjoyed this podcast! Let's talk Math next week. #CatholicEdChat
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta @JoanJtracy *blush* just one of my obsessions with the #digcit curriculum. the kids are in a battle with corporatio…
Retweeted by Mary Gaeta @mocovington I love using Hyperdocs!A1. I am getting better at balancing screen time. I am working on being mindful, paying attention and appreciating… morning, K-8 Librarian from Peabody, MA #CatholicEdChat#rcabschools @CSOboston @RCABmgoslin @LynnfieldCC @olacdonovan @MillarTimeToo