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I'm a Soldier but these views and opinions are my own and do not represent the Army.

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@NtcScorpions A slight derivation on an old adage....”it’s only an SOP when everyone has one!” I’d have about 20 of…, they're paying attention. Are we?
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@JessicaScott09 First I’ve seen this- thanks for sharing. This would seem to be a great product to pull out in an i… all the stuff going on in the world, I’m disturbed by what stories are trending the highest, despite the mediu… @RedKnightHQ66 ...and who brought the toy? @NCFranklin @JessicaScott09 @BlackKeynDagger @Carter_PE @FOB_Haiku @DFSGM33 Change creates tension. Tension isn’t b… @BlackKeynDagger @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin @JessicaScott09 @Carter_PE @FOB_Haiku @DFSGM33 Back to changing the in…
@M1A2_Kilo_Zulu @mikejblankman @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @102ndblackhawk6 the way... Win - Win for sure @M1A2_Kilo_Zulu @mikejblankman @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @102ndblackhawk6 Concur with all of that… @M1A2_Kilo_Zulu @mikejblankman @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @102ndblackhawk6 As if the handle didn’t… is an absolutely perfect description, but @102ndblackhawk6 never actually puts the airborne brotherhood into t… @NCFranklin Who did? @DNealeColorado I believe that started with “Hold my milk...” @NCFranklin - meeting be like @Mother_of_Tanks @M1A2_Kilo_Zulu @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @102ndblackhawk6 Joe!!!!! That’s awesome and I absolutely represent that remark @M1A2_Kilo_Zulu @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @102ndblackhawk6 I’m not fooled, this is purely propaganda @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @102ndblackhawk6 Nailed it! @102ndblackhawk6 @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @Mother_of_Tanks Consider the source @cbechtel17, I’m skooled. @JoePishock @EighthArmyKorea They’re all’s aight @102ndblackhawk6 @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @Mother_of_Tanks I see your, no, no... it’s a monkey and a parrot. Got it? @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @102ndblackhawk6 @Mother_of_Tanks Holly’s there so I guess so! @rubberbleach Don’t t do these much, but this one is actually kinda cool. @NCFranklin @102ndblackhawk6
Great feedback from a leader that has successfully navigated the AIM 2.0 @raidermeyer This is a great thread and I will be distributing appropriately - thanks for your effort in sharing.… @NCFranklin @NtcScorpions @NGoldminers Perfect! 14 training days compressed into 7 seconds @WeGettinItDone Condolence and prayers for the family and friends. Leadership is defined by the legacy we leave beh… @kmbc Well played! @kholmesKSHB @kholmesKSHB Go Chiefs!
@DFSGM33 I’m not everybody, of course, but I’m okay with this one @NtcScorpions This one brings back some painful memories... for me, @NGoldminers and @NCFranklin . #TheNeverEndingRecoveryRotationSince falling behind 24-0, the @Chiefs have had 7 drives on offense. Here's how they went: - Touchdown - Touchdown…
Retweeted by OldCavDude @ripvanstinkle_ @Chiefs - hit this man up with season tickets .... to the @49ers ! He did his part! @DFSGM33 LOL! @chiefs be like decisions....he made one. @DFSGM33 Say again? @DylansRawTake Ouch! @102ndblackhawk6 @Mother_of_Tanks @18airbornecorps @pptsapper @evo_kositz @PatDonahoeArmy “Yeet?”....I’m such a Boomer @18airbornecorps Great thread and love the friendly competition to pay honor to some heroes! @HotMessFo @alenamarisela I think it is but I passed out after 4 @WTFIOGuy @SNAFU_Sara @TheWTFNation @thejointstaff Awesome! “Let me dig a lil deeper into my repertoire” and “Ok Boomer” this one. SEAC dropping some dope and sick moves. @DFSGM33 @simmering216 @NCFranklin @102ndblackhawk6 @realHeathSmith @37thBEB_CDR @kcsaling @LadyLovesTaft
@NatSecElitist Expeditionary Field PT Kit. Very creative - well done @raidermeyer - in case you haven’t seen it. Consensus requires understanding all sides in an arguement. @102ndblackhawk6 @GameOf_Cubicles @puckthepilot @JamesGField @LSignaleer @18airbornecorps @orange_n_blue86 @102ndblackhawk6 @orange_n_blue86 @Mother_of_Tanks @miketheredleg @18airbornecorps @PatDonahoeArmy @TomHeartsTanks @Mother_of_Tanks @18airbornecorps @102ndblackhawk6 @orange_n_blue86 @PatDonahoeArmy @TomHeartsTanks @CavRTK @Mother_of_Tanks @18airbornecorps “Tread” either: 1) that’s a Freudian tank slip or 2) I see what you did there @18airbornecorps @PatDonahoeArmy @TomHeartsTanks @CavRTK Congrats to @18airbornecorps on a great thread! MG George… @CavRTK @3rd8cav @18airbornecorps @PatDonahoeArmy @TomHeartsTanks Ouch! @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin LOL, because operating and firing 72 tons of freedom will never give me hearing issues.… @jameskgreer77 @complexwar @latchfrancis Right now, I think laws would indicate no. Another indication that these n… @complexwar And this prevents an interesting dilemma. Relies on either states to take responsibility for the action… @jameskgreer77 @complexwar @latchfrancis True also, I guess. Is a malware attack initiated against a US Army system…
@102ndblackhawk6 @XOofXOs mean @complexwar @latchfrancis I think Grey zone is transcending national boundaries. Attribution, alliances, etc are go… @NCFranklin @realHeathSmith It’s a little known fact that disobeying CSM’s guidance to not walk on the grass result… @102ndblackhawk6 @Mother_of_Tanks @XOofXOs Luminous? Point taken @102ndblackhawk6 @Mother_of_Tanks @XOofXOs Nah....Ive got the same hair cut and I don’t drink Scotch @102ndblackhawk6 @Mother_of_Tanks @XOofXOs Touché @102ndblackhawk6 @XOofXOs Let me pick a topic first @102ndblackhawk6 @Mother_of_Tanks @XOofXOs I have a theory- if you like Scotch you either: 1) want to appear in an… @102ndblackhawk6 @XOofXOs Got any White Claw? I’m feeling sorta @alenamarisela This is my reality. I have never in all my life tried to sit more still and hold my breath for four minutes @102ndblackhawk6 @XOofXOs I can’t make it, but want to play along so I’ll just go lick the bottom of my lawnmower..… @Viking_Iron_Maj @complexwar @us_sams A culinary take on Churchill....I like it @FieldGradeLDR To put this in a perspective that has been given to me hundreds of time “it’s a marathon not a sprin… @Katnip95352013 @complexwar Beat me to it. @FieldGradeLDR Firm believer in this. No reason a LTC can’t Deep 6 the road wheels for a couple minutes during reco…
@102ndblackhawk6 @NCFranklin @DFSGM33 @realHeathSmith @37thBEB_CDR @kcsaling @LadyLovesTaft @3_21IN_CDR @102ndblackhawk6 @NCFranklin @DFSGM33 @realHeathSmith @37thBEB_CDR @kcsaling @LadyLovesTaft @3_21IN_CDR @NCFranklin @DFSGM33 @realHeathSmith @37thBEB_CDR @kcsaling @LadyLovesTaft @3_21IN_CDR @1stBN_325thCDR @MeganJantos @NCFranklin @DFSGM33 @realHeathSmith @37thBEB_CDR @kcsaling @LadyLovesTaft @3_21IN_CDR @1stBN_325thCDR @MeganJantos weather is absolutely schizophrenic - 62 degrees tomorrow and snowing on FRI! Can we make up our mind here?! @SciFirebird Salad vs Big Mac = Win! You’re MAJing correctly. @team_reader @raidermeyer @us_sams Utilization was an absolute eye opener - a complete learning opportunity. Painfu…
@raidermeyer @wargeek23 @team_reader @us_sams 👆all of this plus I left @us_sams with a network of sharp, intelligen… @RedKnightHQ66 I have selective personality memories. For you that would equate to a HMMWV linkage and a set of NOD… @RedKnightHQ66 Is that the Bronco 02 with the broken arm linkage?.....or some other HMMWV? @RedKnightHQ66 You can take the boy outta the CAV, but you can’t take the CAV outta the boy. Need your Route Recon Report and Overlay. @KirkDorr @us_sams #StrappyBoots4LifeIt’s always an honor to spend some time with true cavalrymen from the past. No Stetsons today, but lots of leadersh… had the opportunity to engage with GEN(R) Franks today. Great discussion on the breadth and depth required o…
@realHeathSmith @vpetenguyen Legitimate vs expert power - the eternal struggle for young leaders. If asked who my t… is the only place in the world where these two observations would be backed up to each other. @simmering216 @OPSGRP_NTC Been off the reservation for a bit and interested in how the Tng Envir is being modified…
@PeteCarroll Great win on to the next one! @WanderNWoodsman @DogFaceSoldier @PatDonahoeArmy @PMEHardTrox @Ash_Hess1 @XOofXOs @9toed_Viking @CombatCavScout
@102ndblackhawk6 @rcjparry We need to link up! @Nike how’s the endorsement working now? Wasn’t a big fan of overly priced and poorly built shoes before, but I’d s…
@Heather_at_ACTS I’m sure that “Callsign Chaos” needs to be in this list, I just haven’t read it yetWell done Scorps! “Bringing tactical proficiency to a unit near you!” @FieldGradeLDR @Heather_at_ACTS @102ndblackhawk6 For tactical ldrs: The Challenge of Command and The Defense of Hil…
Why not?
@tjm585 @SNAFU_Sara @wayne_marrs @Accidental_E9 @agingerssoul @DogFaceSoldier @sgtjanedoe Well it is, if you consid…