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Oldrik Jansen⁉️ @OldrikJansen Amersfoort, Nederland

Gamer, weightlifter, Krav Maga, owned by 2 cats

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@PureFlakMonkeY @Dealer_Gaming You own both yet your takes are still horrible. Quite the achievement @kenklippenstein He doesn't want people like you to replace him. Very weird, I've heard another certain demographic chant the same thing @TransZenMental Lmaooo @0hbetave White people will do everything except properly season chicken
@VaderDef @Communist_Egirl @Srecko256 @ChildofSoros @ChrisAalberts Ja, je hebt het over vechten. Je zei letterlijk dat ik een vechter was. En… just saw this on tiktok... and damn, wtf
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen⁉️ @CocoBandicoon Is that good @Srecko256 @ChildofSoros @ChrisAalberts Waarom wil je zo graag vechten? Ik vroeg alleen waarom je wilt dat mensen bij je langskomen @Srecko256 @ChildofSoros @ChrisAalberts Wat gaat er dan gebeuren als er iemand bij je langskomt kerel? @lizchar @willmenaker @Wario64 I think these were all free on PS Plus at certain points @bussydouche You'd almost be inclined to say yes and give up a fake adress @SnoopyG7 People like you are such an easy mark for Microsoft's marketing division lmao @biboofficial Thanks @GifZelda @Communist_Egirl Lol @johnblueriggs This looks too radical @TIME @NilOggier Xbox lads spend more time trying to downplay Sony games than they are actually gaming @LouieTheGreat89 @elliespoetry There was an entire part 2 with Joel being dead, boo @_bobabiss Why do they all look like they're 7ft tall @fOrGiVeNcHy Seduction and disappointment, that's the only constant in my life @aleida_andrea @celalaltuntas1 Oh mijn hemel, dit meen je niet. Ben je echt zo'n fucking racistische clown? @KwCongressional Yes sir don't leave us in suspense @aleida_andrea @celalaltuntas1 Je kaart nu twee dingen aan die los staan van het probleem. Het geld wat wij aan ste… @fatnudes Gm mother of cats @aleida_andrea @celalaltuntas1 Ondankbaar? Wij hebben dat hele continent leeggeroofd, en profiteren nog steeds van… @JulieBorowski Seeing some parallels here, pretty weird! @ZhugeEX @shinobi602 Sony? More like Phony!!! @KevFromFlorida Looks like shit 🧚‍♀️💕 @theoc2ps @TransZenMental @fatnudes @PlayStationUK Metal Gear Solid @iiRoxxas @Sly_Nation @GameSpot Yeah I agree. Maybe they'll settle for Tencent having like a 40% minority stake in… @SavedYouAClickV What if instead of regular sidequests, we make sidequest but you only have a certain window of time @iiRoxxas @Sly_Nation @GameSpot Yeah, what I'm saying is that it's not just "the Chinese are taking over." Corporat… @Nourdin_Akhssay @walterbuijs1 @HesselinkStijn @Overijssel_FvD Hehe, eens kijken hoever ze dan komen ;) @Sly_Nation @GameSpot US companies are all too happy to accept Chinese money in the first place @CoenPieters @Leolucassen @NESbot_feed @TransZenMental @fatnudes Let's just hope my tweet stays low key @lDidNotKnowThat @PicsPerfectly Tag urself I'm 0:09 @Gubsygoo @SAMOYEDCORE Actually they're all the same colour hands but the light source hangs in the middle @_chloi This is what our parents thought we'd become if we got bad grades and hung out with the cool smoking kidsLandlords always want to know everything about you before renting, but that should be a two-way street. How many un…
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen⁉️ @vissersixxx LmaooIt’s just a joke, bro.
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen⁉️ @lucysuspended Nice @rincefire @once_perry @JimmyJazz1968 Maybe they exploit their workers more to make it even cheaper for consumers @Tasnyx @banalplay Here he is with his granddaughter. Just kidding, that's his wife @kittywenham And you just helped her get a new degree. A 3rd degree burn, amirite @fatnudes I want your opinion in my life @once_perry @JimmyJazz1968 Thanks, appreciate it. That makes that screenshot so much worse @muddaub Gn Vinnie! @hickorymoth Ty for the update moth 🧚‍♀️ @BuzzFeedNews @Alejandroid1979 Next he'll discover that Xbox game discs can't even be played on a PS5 @JimmyJazz1968 What's an instacart shopper? @sloosh26 @nypost @realDonaldTrump Mate people from the entire political spectrum are involved in this shit, not exclusively republicans @MrXBob @Rodrigues_520 @shinobi602 "I can't handle a different opinion, let me mute you" isn't the power move you think it is lmao @odisse58 @shaunlabrie Over 4000 PS4 games will be compatible with PS5, so pretty much all of them in the end. They… @MrXBob @Rodrigues_520 @shinobi602 Then that's those people's problem they're assuming that isn't it? Still doesn't… @MrXBob @Rodrigues_520 @shinobi602 Yeah they both look like shit mate, doesn't matter who decided it @odisse58 @shaunlabrie We still don't know to what extent the PS5's backwarda compatibility will reach, because the…
@isawken Can't disappoint the sexiest boi @infrarogue89 @GameSpot No idea why the PS5 logo isn't there, but Microsoft has a marketing deal on this game. It'l… @kimpossiblefact Bee better @kimpossiblefact Pretty disappointed you don't know bee-shopping lore @kimpossiblefact What's that above her eye @johnblueriggs The fact that all games after SotN more or less took place inside of the castle is bad @pacucathy @SunSentinel So you're saying the real numbers in the US are actually far higher? Sounds pretty bad @walterbuijs1 @HesselinkStijn @Overijssel_FvD Juist. En hoe zouden wij ooit geleidelijk een vreemde taal moeten ler… @NightCloud420 @bambooney Which games do you like @svid_vp @Guerrilla @ArtistSociet @Captured_Collec @ThePhotoMode @GamerGram_GG @KadeemYoung_ @DivineGamingDG @sapinker Steven Stinker @_CivilPunk_ @sapinker @CHSommers Liberals and conservatives are mostly on the same side of the spectrum either way at this point lmao @SoundWorksTweet @Naughty_Dog @robkrekel @macquayle @Neil_Druckmann @TroyBakerVA @LauraBaileyVO How does the team a… @RationalDis Did we find @hasanthehun yet?? @ALGER_1987 Good taste. When did you start playing videogames? Just for context @HesselinkStijn @Overijssel_FvD Lijkt me vrij belangrijk dat iedereen begrijpt wat er op deze borden staat, maar ga… @ianlaser Bloaters did nothing wrong @lDidNotKnowThat More like Charles O'Dear, amirite @Sickoh @willmenaker When you find out you're all on Epstein's wacky flight list @CharlotSimons Where's the lie @AndoSuperPants Sorry?This is Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. They do not have body cams.
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen⁉️ @AfterShockB4Awe @i4MtUC @AndoSuperPants *sees dead person on the ground with a man standing over him holding a smo… @chadloder @BethLynch2020 Here's a cop getting caught planting a crack pipe on an innocent man
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen⁉️ @ACorollaries Lmao sure man @elivalley @TonyBeast1957 These people 100% bought and flattened an orphanage to build an apartement complex @KWholesaler If your pee is formed by what you drink and eat, you're technically drinking and eating pee @MeganBitchell That's oddly specific @ValaAfshar @AndrewYang Yeah this is CGI though @d5tar_ @dogico_ Thank you sir @LeaksFesti @oneworldnl @NPO1 @seadanourhussen Nee, het wordt grotendeels in stand gehouden door het Westen. Natuur… @Xbox Omg Excel sequel confirmed @Pokemonqueennn Yeah, it's still my favourite in terms of story, world-building, artistic design and music. The gam… @shaunlabrie Yeah except that the Playstation library of games is far superior to that of Xbox @LouisClou @mmeeuw Dit gebeurt ook gewoon bij blanke Nederlandse families hoor, maak je geen illusies