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Oldrik Jansen @OldrikJansen Amersfoort, Nederland

Gamer, weightlifter, Krav Maga, owned by 2 cats

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@barbebackus @BethLynch2020 @Mike2020 So what do you think @BenjaminPDixon You dropped this 👑 @JRubinBlogger @barbebackus @BethLynch2020 @Mike2020 I'm a photoshop expert and this is very real @NextGenPlayer They've been absolutely killing it for sure this gen and it's great to see. Can't think of any other…
@Peerebeer24 Ik hoop dat je snel net zo over buikjes gaat denken als ik: buikjes zijn leuk en mooi! @TroyBakerVA How do you know this Troy @Joecool97590337 @ZhugeEX @FuckBamboni Hitler loved games too. Checkmate @Ingeborgvraagt Mijn foto's van toen ik erover nadacht om de porno in te gaan 🙃 @monaeltahawy @NadiaBouras My wife chose one of her songs to be played when walking with her dad on our wedding day @jaboukie Lmao Jaboukie using a Yakuza meme 👑👑👑 @ChrisCJackson @Mike2020 Could keep an entire small country warm for 20 years @DaniiGallegos_ *stares nervously in Dutch* @silkyjumbo "They're just like us normal people" @Atlus_West son
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen @briebriejoy @guillotineshout @thehill Nailed it 🔥🔥🔥 @atrupar @JRubinBlogger Yeah agreed Jennifer @giraffeguy1962 @SlackfulCyclops @MaaviOW @jellonaut @BadSunAK @JRubinBlogger Because he wouldn't demean and smear any other candidate @LeeMajdoub @SonicMovie @LuvMimo @ParamountPics Man, wish I looked that cool as a kid @Coinsurfer2000 @SquawkCNBC @BernieSanders @NellAbernathy @joelgriffith I live in western Europe and it's far from… @jdesmondharris Guys is it divisive to divide the country @GameSpot Do people still play this? Feels like a game straight out of the early PS3 days, but more clunky @GermanStrands @Kojima_Hideo Looks a lot easier though lmao @Zuma_Mlu This is still abusive and threatening. If you can't control your emotions you shouldn't be anywhere near your partner or her home😂😂 This lady has a great solution to pervy men sending women dicpics (Stolen from Facebook)
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen @Nintendeal *nods in Dutch* @ElleOsiliWood Thanks for everything Elle, and best of luck on your next adventure (don't forget to bring your axe) @KashJackson2018 @BernieSanders Have you seen your kids yet or were they 'redistributed' @Phantom85734682 @ScarTheHuman @AnthonyCaliber @JRubinBlogger Yes I'm Dutch and I'd consider moving to the US if Bernie becomes president @CS_Simons Fijn, heel veel succes daar! @CS_Simons Zo tof dat jullie dit doen. Pas goed op jezelf! @Millerheighife What if there's an incense holder, but horny @fvdemocratie Misschien had je daadwerkelijk bij het debaf aanwezig kunnen zijn als je dit een issue vond. Of het h… @NathanielBandy1 Hero @ScarTheHuman @AnthonyCaliber Is this real
@andylevy More like Eliot Spritzer amirite @WalkerBragman She has zero consistency @darrenrovell @MeredithFrost Jesus Christ dude lmao @Ingeborgvraagt Omdat sommig vuil blijft zitten, je poriën na het douchen openstaan en afvalstoffen naar buiten duw… @ErisMourned @IGN Do you know how it spreads? @KelRebel @JeffRovers Geloof me, soms ben ik echt best grappig! Alleen eh...toevallig nooit als jij kijkt @KelRebel @JeffRovers Full disclosure, mijn bronnen zijn jouw tweets. Dit grapje ging nergens naartoe...😅 @KelRebel @JeffRovers Lang verhaal 😏😏😏 @KelRebel @JeffRovers Dat is niet wat mijn bronnen me vertellen @Bijbelschepping @keesvdstaaij @SGPURK @hjkaptijn @abbetjes @Geertpost Lijkt het een beetje hierop? @KelRebel @JeffRovers Coole mensen zien er altijd goed uit, ongeacht de kleur of het gebrek daaraan 😎 @fatnudes Hope all goes well queen @SaintGeekdom85 @Dealer_Gaming It's a double edged sword. With one platform to develop for games can be perfectly o… @camhowlar2 @JayDubcity16 @Dealer_Gaming @DefJamBam Yeah power really turned the tide for Xbox this gen amirite @RMBras1973 @PietervVol @markrutte @PieterHeerma @gertjansegers @RobJetten @jesseklaver @LodewijkA @keesvdstaaij @petercrama @PietervVol @pimbrussee Echt totaal niet. Iedereen wilt gewoon op een kluitje wonen in de buurt van de… @AlxThomp Imagine when your only defense against Bernie is "but we haven't seen if his heart goes boing-boing" @OOCWesternR34 Machoke used Pound @Anniekeefe @zackstanton Yeah it's not as if he has been fighting for oppressed and disenfranchised people all of his adult life @zackstanton I heard it looks something like this. Checkmate socialists! @Crok425 @Nibellion Thanks, appreciate it @ChansonetteBuck @cmclymer @rmayemsinger If you're an actual PhD you should be able to figure out what was in those… @cmclymer @Abdul_Awmusse Because you're not entitled to them, that's why @joncoopertweets @BernieSanders Wow incredibly shocking that a longtime senator and politician is able to afford a… @CNNPolitics These same voters probably can't tell you what socialism is, either @NextGenPlayer Absolute sociopaths @MaddasaHater I'd love to know this as well @Ingeborgvraagt Samsung, omdat iPhone enorm overpriced is, en omdat ik te eenkennig ben om over te gaan op een Huaw… @andipalmur Reminds me of that other rich guy who sees his daughter exclusively as a sex symbol and financial tool @generalslug He has the Mark Zuckerberg Roman emperor hairdo @WilHovaJr @Millerheighife Oh never mind I get it now @Crok425 @Nibellion Sorry to hear that mate. Gotta be honest I've only played P4G on Vita and P5 on PS4 and really… @Millerheighife Why is everyone talking about those what's the big deal @JustinWhang Starry Buckers @OrganizingPower @MeganBitchell I love this song @F_azarkan Klein beetje hoge dunk van zichzelf ook nog eens @Crok425 @Nibellion I'd buy a remaster or remake of this game on PS4 in a heartbeat
@TwanJess Houden zo @Brayden_Hays Did you find your lips yet @ScottTheWoz Wait that's not a PS Vita @Jopijoho @Lessismore_2121 De grootste gesubsidieerde beroepsgroep in Nederland zijn boeren. Maar je hebt gelijk, die mogen tot nu toe alles @IngridLemmens Is hip het nieuwe 'betaalbaar?' @JenniferJJacobs "Unless they're black kids in NYC, then they should be killed" @IsaacMizrahi @MikeBloomberg I hope the bag with a dollar sign on it was worth it IsaacNo one: Anime character getting hit into the ground:
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen @IntoBits Wow woeste verwondingen, ben je okay, oh stoere boer? @WWG Man who plays single free-to-play game calls other fake gamers @StormYorha Trophy earned @Baldyman990 @chrisklomp Hoe bedoel je? @olivegarden69 Drinks are on me in that case @TwanJess Je weet niet helemaal wat dat is geloof ik @TwanJess @chrisklomp Heb jij wel minimaal 50 anti-moslim tweets geretweet vandaag? @chrisklomp Correct @chrisklomp Gefeliciteerd, je maakte ook mijn vrouw hardop aan het lachdnEU is bezig met één standaard voor telefoonladers. Of zoals Baudet zou zeggen: 'Zo wilde Hitler Europa ook onderwerpen'
Retweeted by Oldrik Jansen @Ingeborgvraagt @HFiselier Ik eet nooit gefrituurd eten meer, maar toen ik dat nog wel deed kon ik er 6 op, naast 2… @Hacker_Trader_1 @bisping Lmao mate he's from the UK, ever heard of the NHS? @shaun_vids "Well I didn't personally take them" @Bowsnonk You see, unafforably high drug prices are actually good, because how else could we think of ways to, you know, not have that @ElSangito Death Stranding @JRubinBlogger Yeah I agree he's great