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Fred Segal (@Frizz527).Unprophetic (mostly sports) takes,& other fun stuff. No politics! No “To be fair”s allowed. IG: freezingcoldtakes

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@KFCBarstool Why would you need to be called? You’d know right away. And why not text?👋 @OldTakesExposed
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @FireJonDaniels @billjamesonline BLOCKED. can’t see😂
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesSmash your bat twice for off-speed 😏
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesFour Fs, one S and two Ns. I mean, come on, people. Four Fs!
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@EZ_Lerner @_therealdrose he already did @Owenmartin15 How will we know? Indy would have to sign minshew he play a few games then Wentz get fully healthy and hed play a few games.Live look at the San Francisco Giants amidst the trade deadline chaos
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesRIP to the dynasty that never was
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesDELETED TWEET! @OldTakesExposed
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesAs I previously said (very confidently) the Marlins would not trade with the Braves. No further questions at this t…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesI can help with this one. Miami is not dealing anyone to Atlanta. So option #2.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @barstoolbabycat @GrantWahl perfectly valid take.Casey Mize stinks
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @desmith1426 @thenizz @ScottBarnes561 @FSUHoops We wont see. We cant make the assumption that if he doesnt play wel… @desmith1426 @thenizz @ScottBarnes561 @FSUHoops he either has it or he doesnt. hell get more experience in the leag… @desmith1426 @thenizz @ScottBarnes561 @FSUHoops disagree. if u end up a top 5 pick u made a good choice. nothing el… is a mock draft that got 29 of 30 picks wrong, including the No. 1 overall pick.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @Eduardo_Florez5 oh see my timeline @Eduardo_Florez5 tough task. most of these players were big time prospects coming out of high school and really good in college#TBT #NBADraft're seven picks into the 2020 NBA Draft, and I'll bet you Kentucky isn't still waiting for its first guy to get p…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes#TBT #NBADraft #NBADraft least it’s not the Dodgers.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesIf you like terrible takes, takes that don't age well and love to run to @OldTakesExposed with awful takes, look at…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @KyleSchmitt13 @george4593 why not? there are way better RTs than “close to” @george4593 Close is lower end of the jargon. “Making significant progress toward,” “are finalizing,” “agreed to fr… @george4593 they say “are finalizing” to be first @george4593 he said close not done for a reason @george4593 how we know? @george4593 Was it not close?
@HarisonBaderFan Purposely lying to divert attention is not a cold tKe @Jared_Carrabis
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @DougCrispy Love that failed well actually reply @IUPUIGUY82 Attention craving tweet. Doesnt deserve it💍 💍 @Zachary_Tyler14 not really my wheelhouse. these channels used to exist on my friends descrambled illegal cable box.A story in 3 parts… (Kudos to the Pats Media team of @sjburnham & @faithhh_18)
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesSuni Lee cannot be trusted in high pressure situations. She faltered on the big events at Worlds— breaking a no fal…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @OldTakesExposed Shoulda put this one out a few years ago! I almost feel the take has thawed out a bit since 2016!…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @NicholeSegal1 @Sports_Casters U loved it i know @Sports_Casters @xWaRRioR1214 Yeah, i got your point. But didnt feel thats what the other reply said. Nevertheless… @xWaRRioR1214 @Sports_Casters “Almost everyone” is ludicrous to say. Great show but every show has tons of people who dont like it.Welcome to the Big Joe Show!
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @xWaRRioR1214 @Sports_Casters So. many many people hate Friends, and it is in Top 10 of most successful TV Shows ever. Its all opinion. @paulynuch @GarysheffieldJr But he didnt predict anything @Sports_Casters Yeah true. @Sports_Casters But I know people who think this. Thats why reviews are hard for this feed. @paulynuch @GarysheffieldJr ?
@LuvYouTecca2 would never do a DM but thats an obvious reverse jinx attemptSure thing. Gimme a sec. @robelliott6 @WhitlockJason Haha. This account is satire, so that story is fake, but he did get cut today. That’s true.Don't look now, but the Phillies may have a future ace in Jerad Eickhoff.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @OldTakesExposed At least Kelvin doesn't have frequent flyer miles on the IR list and isn't a general cancer of a human being
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes*chefs kiss*
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @JDaddySmoove @jmally23 I'll put Marquis lee & kelvin Benjamin over beckem
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @dlux9358 D Lux! @dannykanell @PriscoCBS Pete forgets DK almost took out Tom Brady in one of the great MNF QB duels of all timeHey Kansas City, feel free to screenshot this picture and send it back to us in February if/when we're wrong 😅
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @luisvelmon No. @loshjangley @Big_ScreenSport @Big_ScreenSport @RobinsonZiggy @VisionlessDave2 @NotoriousMHB @RealMattJ_ Haha i dont know what thats about. @VisionlessDave2 @NotoriousMHB @RealMattJ_ Honestly, I think they are different sports. Bball and Football are long… @NotoriousMHB @RealMattJ_ Haha. Am I supposed to be the arbiter of the validity of this person’s opinion? Not what my feed does. @FinsBubba Meaningless deflections are not takes. Pretty sure he knew what was coming.
@KevPoliticsLand @EGL67 @WhiteHouse @votevets haha no politics on this page, KPL. I stay away from mask, anti-mask,… actually asked ESPN & the Kansas City Chiefs about my tweet LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @joseph28351238 lateLeicester have signed non-league striker Jamie Vardy for £1m. What has football come too. Jesus Christ!!
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesShould the Mariners just give up?
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesSix runs in the 1st? You love to sea it. #ForTheH
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @AdamTheSportFan @OldTakesExposed Deleted tweet
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@Datboyydiddy @HailRodgers12_ It isnt even accurate either. Multiple Sportsbooks didnt “believe” anything, they jus… @TreyMcBride Ideally he wants to be with another team. Thats what Schefter meant, and thats what Rodgers camp leake… @TreyMcBride That was wrong? He wants to be there? Or has to be? @TomBrady Amazing
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesAppreciate all the love from Buckeye Nation! Check out the link! #GoBucks
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @DMRees2011 Late @TheWythe @thomaschattwill Haha ive posted that one before. It has been going around twitter for years hey Red Sox via @FrankiesTwoLoud/@sirenaboricua11
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @EmmaHaselow @herooine Rodgers may have actually said that. To try and gain leverage. Anything that involves rumors… @JoeHinds35 @Packers_szn3 Probably. So seems like nothing has changed since april. @Packers_szn3 Oh i see. So he’s no longer disgruntled? And “wants” to return to GB? Or does he “have” to, if he wants to play. @ELMartillo020 when hes traded it is @ELMartillo020 no @DifficultyEasy Oh. I guess it is. Not RT worthy tho. @DifficultyEasy @AdamSchefter If he doesnt get traded yeah i guessWithout the graphic at the end of a swimming event, it's literally impossible to tell who won* *Unless Katie Ledecky is in the race
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesI just think there’s no way Ledecky doesn’t take the gold tonight. I think she makes the statement.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @ejmaroun Think Same time it starts on hboStart of Olympic triathlon completely botched:
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