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Fred Segal (@Frizz527).Unprophetic (mostly sports) takes,& other fun stuff. No politics! No “To be fair”s allowed. IG: freezingcoldtakes

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Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesWorth a shot to what is being "reported" our game on Saturday, Dec. 5, versus @LibertyFootball will kickoff at 2 p.m. E…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @CaptainKenyon 🤷‍♂️Shows why you never quit, crazy ending!
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes best part of Lakers Twitter doing the whole "he's opting out to sign a bigger deal" thing is I remember when we…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesDecember 3, 2015: After the Lions’ Devin Taylor was called for a questionable facemask penalty with 0:00 on the clo…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @DanielAllenPeck I have no idea how it is possible @AL7AFootball has the clips of the important plays on its feed.Holy smokes! Poor Auburn High School! Check this out. @BobSaietta Toonces look out!!! @petIiker Yah ok. Ive never cared less about a team than the wizards @RealReginaJorge I would think most read it. But nevertheless, thanks for owning @RealReginaJorge And trust me, I don’t starve for content. That cliche doesnt apply to me. Its the opposite, there… @RealReginaJorge Uhhh that’s exactly what I said? @Mecanums Nope. Because its not a cold take. People don’t get the To Be Fair thing. The no To Be Fair rule is when… @Kev_Twit901 Wasn’t lying keep sending me the GM’s “No Plans” comment. But that’s standard qualified GM-speak non answer. Had “no plan… @thehomie_alan “No Plan to trade him” is qualified GM speakThe Wizards are NOT trading John Wall.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @DanWolken @mattbortis24 Haha I was talking about the Taggart one. I would never RT the Norvell one this early. @mattbortis24 @DanWolken Congrats you are the 2000th tag to this tweet.
✍️ tape doesn't lie — JJ Arcega-Whiteside can ball. #FlyEaglesFly
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @EdWoods1210 @greggabe @SconnieSports Can’t see. He BLOCKED me after I RTd one of his tweets a while back✍️ @BeardownR @CBSSports Yup tagged multiple times to 5 different posts about this. Thx @Jfowl3432 @DOCnation_7 YUP'm on the field where TyFluke Hill will be doing fluky things later tonight.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @DK_Thompson @DeportesMan85 “Home run hire!” “Grand slam!” @DeportesMan85 Wow one of the very few who was skeptical about South Carolina hiring Will Muschamp @The_FU_in_FUN @BackAftaThis I know. Thats why he kept his job, but doesnt mean all the people who were praising hi… @The_FU_in_FUN @BackAftaThis Yep, but four years after that clip when Cowher had two straight losing seasons and wa… @spacedreamer16 @SportsCenter @KingJames Sure they can. Many teams can win the title. Doesn’t mean they will. But they can. @BackAftaThis That stuff is only endearing if you are winning though. If Gase did that now we’d all call him a clown @Ironhead334 Love him or hate him say what you want about him hate all you want but give him credit. Give him the appropriate creditCongrats to Bobby Valentine! Love seeing a good guy get his dream job. It's a great hire for the RedSox and boost for MLB. #bobbyv #RedSox
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @klev19 @NewYorkGators @DevtheCock @LoganMBooker Sorry I refuse to care about these in season pointless rankings.
@dashiell Yes, please. @CPoTweetsStuff Not a Cold Take. This was after Joe Dudek broke Walter Payton’s NCAA record for career touchdowns.… @hoopshype Haha did Duncan confirm this quote?Tony Parker: "I was aware of Tim Duncan’s doubts. When the Spurs drafted me, he said, 'But why are we drafting a Eu…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesIU Hoops opens @DKSportsbook as 1.5 Favorites over Texas Take IU.. Free $$$ on a Tuesday
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesGreat signing. RT @jaysonst: #Marlins agree to 3-year $27M deal w Heath Bell, pending physical. Expected to take physical tomorrow.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @_Rouche_ So late on this. Already addressed @lakersiiii @Lakers @NBA Dolphins future is bright. Adam Gase is a GOOD one. Good core of young players and stars. One offseason away from being a threat IMO
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @FearJaylon @DotsByWentz @AIvinnKamara @Johniynch49ers Can’t see the tweet as I am BLOCKED by that account @OldTakesExposed Cold take, but time has proven I was right.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @IanOnWDQN Haha every losing bet is a Cold Take? People bet numerous games a week. The goal is to win money collectively @IanOnWDQN Is this game this person’s only bet? Is he or she up or down for the week? Month? @LittleDaequan @BarstoolBigCat Not twice in 5 minutes1-0 in @BigSeanQ_ God picks. How can you go against a pick literally made by God
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesCarson Wentz... worth every single penny.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @JodyBoza @ajrondini @CSimmsQB Haha. Ive been getting tagged to this constantly for 5 weeks straightRussell Wilson could throw it into an officials face from dead center between the tackles and wouldn't get called for grounding
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes
Say it again - if the #Packers could’ve had Will Fuller for a second round pick and chose not to they don’t deserve to win. #Texans
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @LEmoN_HeAd47 Turning myself in.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @BackAftaThis Why would a team fire a lame duck coach if they are clearly tanking? “Hey lets let team rally behind… @PlayoffKap @wingoz 🙌🏻Should I get @OldTakesExposed on the line now or do you want me to wait?
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @steelers_4life2 @CBSSportsNet @AdamSchein WINNER: 1000th tag in past few weeks.Well shit...
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @ameyer77 @Doppelginger84 @kirk_noyes @espn @NissanUSA 🤷‍♂️ never mind. really bad disingenuous conversation. Take care @ameyer77 @Doppelginger84 @kirk_noyes @espn @NissanUSA No. Never even came close to implying that. You are being ob… @SeanG215 @jasonrmcintyre @Stugotz790 @LeBatard_Reddit Stugotz worse because his was a year later and Chiefs just t… @DonChed54 @Brandonaw1996 Not very many times you’ll see Brandon Williams whiff. This is one of those times.@Brandonaw1996 circa April 2017 @OldTakesExposed
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesGOT ‘EM! #ChiefsKingdom Mahomes’ hand fixin’ to go unshook.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @nwcarris @PSchrags Just one of those low key under the radar things
I don’t know who needs to hear this....but Taysom Hill isn’t a 17 point road favorite in any world. This is just wi…
Retweeted by Freezing Cold TakesDear every Tom Brady deep passing stat
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @JustinGerardi35 @minakimes Did she not cheer out loud? Did he not complete that pass?Kendall Hinton will become a legend today.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @nwcarris @CitizenABC Well, Florida and Miami rarely play, but wouldnt be monstrous favorites over Miami in bowl game. Would be like -7Not on @Carlton_Lowkey's watch.
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @MaxDinesen @PurpleVIKodin Haha. Well this has happened like hundred times @PurpleVIKodin I deleted it right after I RTd it well before the Vikings won or even got the ball back. It was an a… @lukeholden93 Thx. I apologize. I just get 50 of the exact same posts. @lukeholden93 Ive never been more mortified in my life, and my replies clarifying what was happening shows it. @lukeholden93 I know. And I RTd someone calling me out for it well before you tagged me to that screenshot. @lukeholden93 Nah you were late on tagging me to something I already RTd @sportsfanwalter Too late @mccoy_boi Not really. Just a repost of me posting my october mistake @lukeholden93 Late @sportsfanwalter Please look at my feed before demanding. Thx @mccoy_boi You are posting a screen shot of my old post exposing myself for an old takes exposed? @Toni_Snow_ My 875th timeBeebe on the Vikings gonna get waived for that! 🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes.@OldTakesExposed
Retweeted by Freezing Cold Takes @Nmartinez7 I know i un RTd right away really meant to book mark @CitizenABC @PSchrags They still could in the Orange Bowl @PSchrags Here’s a fun note about Florida QB Kyle Trask for when you start your draft coverage: He was a backup QB…