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Exiled Boltonian. Ex academic. Member of Hezza’s Barmy Army (©The Sun). 20 years failing to rebalance the economy. Used to win the odd bike race. Music fan.

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@trefeca It's like the entire political debate is stuck in an endless loop, as if saying something often enough will make it true. @brucemcd23 @JenWilliamsMEN It's even more complicated than that in that the Fleetwood terminus was actually moved… @BrynleyHeaven Perfect example here. This is to use Johnson’s phrase - oven ready - and has nothing to do with Beec… be of interest @JudithFreedman @Bob__Hudson A competent opposition would be making hay with this. However, Corbyn hangs on to ensure the continuat… @brucemcd23 @JenWilliamsMEN I fear that this is a government still driven by narrow political calculation rather th… @oldtrotter Rather than claiming to reverse Beeching cuts if Johnson and Shapps are serious about investing in rail…
Retweeted by David Higham @brucemcd23 Agreed. The flaw in this otherwise cunning plan is that people might actually expect the government to…👇👇👇👇👇 @Bob__Hudson Assume you saw this? All is clearly not well in Tory circles @MarkHorsleyUK Particularly since no government has yet found an effective way of rebalancing the economy and we are losing EU SF. @Bob__Hudson Quite. The question the media should be asking is: why couldn’t we before? Of course, they don’t get t… that this still has to be said. fact about Fleetwood: the North Euston Hotel is so called because, at a time when trains couldn’t climb Shap Fe… @Metatone2 @BrynleyHeaven It’s completely bonkers.Fleetwood’s getting an awful lot of attention at the moment. Anyone would think that it’s a marginal seat.
@seanjonesqc Not that committed to free trade @cjayanetti @dmk1793 @npjgarland Of course but not to the extent it did to Corbynism. @cjayanetti @dmk1793 @npjgarland A bit like New Labour then. Labour might have been better not trashing that bit of its history. @velobetty I was the victim of a road rage attack. Despite video evidence and three witnesses the defendant still t… @thomasforth @AndyWWestwood There were few meetings I went to in nearly 20 years working on regional issues when so… @SmithTonyD That's the challenge. Personally I always thought Blair was along the right lines. Use the power of the… @PhilipJTaylor1 @pjh_grumpy I'm sure that was the reason. Unfortunately the majority of the site has been a car and… @PhilipJTaylor1 @rupe_greenhalgh I'd forgotten about the old East Curve (which of course is additional expense). As… @MarpleLeaf And they’d be better spending money on that rather than re-open the old Fleetwood Branch. @highamnews @DavidCollinsST @josephdancey Not in the slightest 😎 @highamnews @DavidCollinsST @josephdancey We aren’t, but in tribute to your Twitter handle @rupe_greenhalgh @PhilipJTaylor1 Well quite. It would make more sense to upgrade the tram system betweenthan reopen… @AdamLBrown3 @Gilesyb @RichardALJones @thomasforth @NeilDotObrien @SarahNev It is but I still think it's a better e… @JXB101 It's a metaphor for the whole Brexit process. Produce a coin for a society becoming cashless. @AdamLBrown3 @Gilesyb @RichardALJones @thomasforth @NeilDotObrien @SarahNev This suggests agglomeration is a finer… @fslconsult @Farnsworth100 @fredhughesSoT @SpatialityJones @nmcinroy @RosieP4 @HereforHereford @John_Whitelegg @Gilesyb @RichardALJones @thomasforth @NeilDotObrien @SarahNev Also worth noting that the public sector had bent ov… @Gilesyb @RichardALJones @thomasforth @NeilDotObrien @SarahNev I was involved in the AZ move. Driven by: CEX making… @mike1glyn It was. He won an Oscar for Darkest Hour. Great performance of what I thought was a mediocre script. @mike1glyn Fantastic performance by Oldman, but eerily like watching Johnson in places. Goes full on Hollywood towa… @mike1glyn They've all been watching Darkest Hour. @mike1glyn The Mail has been criticising Johnson for "meaningless cliches" for a couple of weeks now. All is not we… @GiveMeSpace3 The Referendum unleashed dark forces in English society which senior politicians have shamelessly exp… @billwells_1 @t0nyyates Michael Crichton's Rising Sun is a study of the role FDI played in competition between the… @drjennings You see that very clearly in GM (or Manchester itself) and if you can't sort it there.... . @APHClarkson @drjennings Which is why Johnson has set himself a much more difficult task than he appears to think.… @pernille2017 @johnharris1969 This is what Ben Pimlott said about Wilson @Farnsworth100 @NickCohen4 @ObserverUK This is interesting from one of the most thoughtful Conservative MPs . Shows… 3 here is a particularly relevant point. Effective delivery might not mean exciting announcements but doing e…
Retweeted by David HighamGood piece. Perhaps Labour should look at how Wilson positioned the party in 1964 as modern and forward looking. @gpietersz I genuinely don’t know. I can’t imagine it’s the first demand of voters in places like Barrow, Blackpool or Burnley. @mikepalinmmp To paraphrase Tolstoy, each unsuccessful place is unsuccessful in its own way.Good summary of why this will be a bigger challenge to Johnson than post Brexit trade negotiations. These aren’t ne… @DavidCollinsST @josephdancey It’s the same with the civil service. Sending teams of Whitehall based officials to v… dose of back to the 60s, this time featuring Redcliffe Maud. It really is all in there. But why will this t… @Pragmatichuman1 @Farnsworth100 @PandaScottish @sajidjavid @RegenerationEX @janicemorphet @justspace7 If “expansion… @pjh_grumpy @PhilipJTaylor1 Which tells you everything you need to know about why it would be such a good use of ta…
Lovely elegy for us and Europe by @andrewrawnsley but for record let us be clear that libe…
Retweeted by David Higham @RachelMann123 And successive generations of U.K. politicians failed to promote the value of membership, often pref… @PhilipJTaylor1 Indeed. No idea where the Blackpool Fleetwood notion came from.Argues that Johnson doesn’t need to actually revive northern economies, just to sound like he understands the conce… @pjh_grumpy Trains haven’t run to Fleetwood for 50 years although freight still ran to Burn Naze 20 years ago. Can’… pedant writes that there us no railway line connecting Blackpool to Fleetwood. There is a disused freight line co… @uk_domain_names Apart from the people who warned about it at the time. Sometimes even I have had enough of experts.Where Bolton leads, Britain follows. Hardly news for some of us😎 @soniapurnell Seen this? All is clearly not well @t0nyyates Reminds you of pre Referendum days? Reminds me of Sam Brittan and the 1980s 😎Everything going swimmingly. @AnthonyGlees What's he on about? All the world was a stage for us before Brexit. His views on Brexit are worth as… attacks on the BBC, Johnson is determined to kill satire.⁦ A couple of paragraphs from a withering piece from @DPJHodges @martinconder @danbloom1 One outcome of this whole sorry saga will be endless material for future students of econo… @SpatialityJones Ironic that Brexit is prompting a whole series of articles and books showing how much we gained fr… @colinrtalbot Take it easy 👍 @GiveMeSpace3 @JasonGood To make flapjacks 😎Three extracts from Simon Heffer's interesting piece in this week's New Statesman. One is patronising, one displays… @Farnsworth100 @NickCohen4 @ObserverUK Agreed. Once you start defining “levelling up” you start to reveal the limit… @Bob__Hudson Sportswashing is the term, I believe.This is well worth a read but hardly surprising. Johnson has done nothing but campaign. Who would have thought gove… @trefeca @StewartWood What Howell says. I’ve had several; most were fine but one certainly wasn’t. Top tip: don’t r… @BEERG @andrewrawnsley It was always primarily about politics for Macmillan who had been heavily influenced by Suez… @SAshworthHayes There’s a metaphor somewhere in minting a new Brexit coin for an economy that is increasingly moving away from cash. @NickCohen4 @ObserverUK I think it will because Brexit is more like a slow puncture. Plants won’t close immediately… @fslconsult @Farnsworth100 @fredhughesSoT @SpatialityJones @nmcinroy @RosieP4 @HereforHereford @John_Whitelegg @fredhughesSoT @fslconsult @SpatialityJones @nmcinroy Not suggesting we implement Redcliffe Maud but the issues He… @fslconsult @fredhughesSoT @SpatialityJones @nmcinroy “Often”? Don’t you mean always? The reorganisation in Lancash… @RichardALJones @nickhillman @Gilesyb I'm pretty sure that Maypole dancing was about the Church appropriating a Pag… @Farnsworth100 @PandaScottish @sajidjavid @RegenerationEX @janicemorphet @justspace7 Search me. Something to do wit… @fredhughesSoT @SpatialityJones @fslconsult @nmcinroy No, but I think it may be the least bad way forward. Local go… @trefeca We need a Twitter stream "What Would Harold Do?" Could cover reforming the civil service, restructuring W… @fslconsult @SpatialityJones @fredhughesSoT @nmcinroy The governance aspects of "levelling up" are much underplayed… @WelshEcon @TegidRoberts I suspect Brexit may be a much greater risk to our international reputation. What with all… @AnthonyGlees It's called trade negotiations for slow learners. Give up your tariffs/quotas and you've nothing to… @SpatialityJones @fslconsult @MartinTideswell @fredhughesSoT I think parties of both the left and right should be l… @Metatone2 @smitajamdar Fear you are right. Keep LAs under financial pressure (no one ever lost votes criticising l… @janicemorphet @pjh_grumpy Unfortunately we were day trippers. The third room was the worst. We junked the chronolo… @SJSEdmonds We already have Tate Liverpool which I have to say is looking a bit tatty compared to Tate Britain. Wou… @Juergen_Maier @ThoenissenC @FT See Ridley's article in The Spectator many years ago
@PeterKGeoghegan Particularly if you allow your new MPs to point to "wins" that only they could have secured? @pjh_grumpy London really is another country. The sheer affluence on display showed just how far Manchester has to… sure that the Blake Exhibition at Tate Britain (every bit as good as people say, if a touch too crowded for us… @ottocrat Even worse. It’s his voters who’ll be paying higher prices. @OwlFiftyEight I don't think it did but my hearing isn't what it was 🥺 @Alex_Niven Certainly a deliberate strategy by Osborne and certainly contributed to Brexit. Would be ironic if it c…