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“manic fishy dream girl.” mom to a cat and a fish but not a catfish. •she/her•

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@pandiceee Exactly, like if you’re a grown ass adult in university, you shouldn’t even consider having someone do y… @pandiceee I understand the desire for a quick buck but like convincing people to cheat is so immoral, and if the s… @pandiceee The dude told me to “come down” instead of “calm down” in my dm’s when I went off on him because he mess… for crying out loud
Retweeted by Vi ☁️Maybe I’m too prideful and too much of a square but holy shitLike if they don’t previously know what “palatoquadrate,” “nonsuspensorial hyomandibula,” or “mesodermal mesenchyma…’s so immoral to harass students on Twitter to try and get them to break their university’s academic integrity co… this isn’t a basic To Kill A Mockingbird summary this is literally the evolution of jaws in fish and has to ta… fucking time I post about a writing assignment I get accounts like “hey want to cheat on your assignment and… @vickdylan5 Stfu. Some of us have a moral compass. I wonder how many students have gotten zeros because of you.Look I’ve had my sources mostly nailed out for like a week now I just have self-destructive tendenciesAlmost 1/10th of the way done with my final research paper due tomorrow afternoon 🥴 @thenoelmiller Me @ my professors
Pro tip: when referring to someone who transitioned, and you aren't sure if the listener knows their new name, you…
Retweeted by Vi ☁️ @Mau1019 Even a lot of people our age struggle too though. Echo chambers are pervasive on the internet, sometimes I… @Mau1019 But again, if I could figure it out as an elemtary schooler growing up with a veteran father who is extrem… @Mau1019 I suppose it just baffles me how blind people are. If I could manage to figure it out before I turned 10,… @Mau1019 We rushed through everything after WWII in my high school history classes, there just wasn’t enough time.… @Mau1019 I had to educate my dad about the Guatemalan genocide and he got mad at me about it??? I had sources? Appa… professor: “I can tell you put a lot of work into your presentation” Me: “YEP” Him, later: “I know you’re almos…
@TheEpicDept @angryyounglad @armano The rings in ring lights are actually the first circle of hell @Mau1019 That’s about right honestly, it’s great most of the time but right now I want to throw down with a shark so like :/ @Mau1019 Ooh makes sense, my brain is so full of fish I somehow forgot all of today’s big players were getting into… @Mau1019 I was going to say big Pharma didn’t exist in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s but then I remembered they made… @Mau1019 Hey at least he didn’t exacerbate an opioid crisis like a certain other villain, I feel like that’s somewhat worse tbh @Mau1019 Dio bad 😠 also when he decimated that cat in part 3 for no reason when “the world-ing” Joseph, the dude just sucks @Mau1019 Dio hot, Dio a DILF 😳(The context for anyone who doesn’t know is that he’s stopping time, much like how my computer runs when easybib de… you open EasyBib and turn off adblocker: ever get so stressed you can just feel the pigment cells in your hair follicles dying? @ball_blart @holy_schnitt Nope it was apparently their reproductive organ unitI wish there was a dedicated space for people to share their dead pets because god I don’t want to see that shit I’… Facebook groups are like: “this is my cat Socks! Isn’t he cute? He’s fucking dead as hell because he was run ov… @ElationLaw People are allowed to critique works? Since when has any story gone uncritiqued? You sound entitled. Pe… @ElationLaw Many shonen anime have well-written female characters. FMA and Black Clover for example. Just because s… @AlexBranden4 I am spiraling 🤪Cant wait till this is all over so I can go to the beach with someone cute and then they can hold my head underwate… @Mau1019 Thank you ❤️ I need as much as you can send ahaha @Mau1019 I have not read a single source I’m so stressed I keep like detaching from reality every time I tryI JUST FOUND OUT IM GIVING A PRESENTATION ON IT TOMORROW NO @holy_schnitt Mine was on a cadaver when I was a junior in high school, it was split down the middle! ☺️I’m spiraling over a 10 page paper on the evolution of fish jaws that is due Wednesday that I have only compiled so… @_chandlerhudson @catpiIIed @KylePlantEmoji @MNateShyamalan There’s a concept in comedy called punching up and punc…
@Mau1019 That’s so neat! I haven’t done much digging through their stuff but maybe over winter break I’ll check mor… @Mau1019 Is it Korean-based or is that just ToG? @LivPosting I was like “I have no clue what Aquarius is even supposed to be like as a star sign, I’ve heard 50 diff… @Mau1019 Yeah, seeing them diversify a bit is really nice, I’m so happy they adapted Tower of God, I wouldn’t have… @Mau1019 I think anime and manga falling into those distinctive categories for target audiences like shonen is hone… @SpookyLuke_ I mean lots of characters in MHA have really great character development that is fundamental to the st… @Mau1019 Full Metal Alchemist and Black Clover beg to differ js. It’s not hard to write female characters.If you took out every female character from My Hero Academia and replaced them with a rock, nothing would change. I… @GilbertKarmon @st1nkyratking @ange1wingz Yes? Why are you so unsure that pissing in the pool is gross are you bein… @ElationLaw @Damn_Dan_theMan @hornyzone69420 here’s a preemptive source from Stanford Medic… @ElationLaw @Damn_Dan_theMan @hornyzone69420 Wow who pissed in your cornflakes? Also “cis bullshit” had better not… @st1nkyratking @ange1wingz As a water polo player, the freshman swim unit time frame was the bane of my existence f… @hunkybloodydory No I can’t go to jail I’m too busy for the lawThis is a joke I don’t shoplift I’m a pussy bitchWearing grey pants to shoplift shampoo from Walmart so everyone’s too uncomfortable to look too closely at my massi… @staticbluebat I ship her with the bimbo girl in the comic js @Damn_Dan_theMan @hornyzone69420 Jesus let’s just let kids figure their identities out in ways that don’t hurt peop… killed 10k people pass it on
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Retweeted by Vi ☁️ @jbfan911 I would always slip my hands out of them and just keep the intact wristbands in my room for way too long @pandiceee Yup that was the source of it for me @HazeFoley @imStuffMan @Struggle_Tweet I’ve seen people encourage (especially women) passengers to do it because ch… if I don’t look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man without the shirt then there’s no reason for me to suddenly… just want a white shirt that doesn’t showcase every feature of my body including exactly what my bra looks like u… @imjustliketony @RhoneIver @cal_gif You know that’s completely fair @imjustliketony @RhoneIver @cal_gif Idk how else to say this but... Velma does not suck dick @AlexBranden4 The clickhole is satire! But also she’s transphobic so I don’t disagreeAyyy ma serve me up some souls with the gabbagool @corruptthegiant @rudy_betrayed Wasn’t he a resident who lost his residency because of Twitter? @Theoc900 Don’t blow my cover like this @kushibo I’ve had one in there since I bought my car. But “in my car” isn’t “on my person”They really don’t look as noticeable on camera either as they do in person lmao @kushibo I mean I should anyways, but irregardless I wasn’t at home when it happened and I don’t normally carry 1st… mildly worried the ones on my collarbone are going to get infected, I just realized they broke the skin like 4 hours after oops 😰Someone tell the kittens where i volunteer that I am not a jungle gym for you to launch yourselves upon thank you @BellCV @MissionMediocre @jourdayen I guessed you were talking about top left ahaha! Oops @BellCV @MissionMediocre @jourdayen Um... maybe the CW’s version of a teenager? Wait how old do you think I look if… @BellCV @MissionMediocre @jourdayen I don’t think any of the above men are below the age of 23-25 to qualify for Gen z @Dan_Higgins @arborheart Yeah but that’s too obvious and less fun @Theoc900 @bagellio 😳🥂 @arborheart This shit’s about to go full Danganronpa isn’t it @arborheart What are the odds that it a) turns out to be a battle royale run by the 1%, b) spontaneously turns into… @bagellio Luckily they had vinegar on the boat so nobody pissed on me (or maybe unluckily? /s big /s) @bagellio Kicking up back towards me, pushing a current towards my body. Unfortunately, in that current, was a jell… @bagellio A cluster of like 10 of us were all popped out of the water looking at the lobster, but when you’re kicki… @bagellio So I was in Belize snorkeling with a group, and the group leaders were like “be careful not to stir up se… I have no cool jelly ass scar because it was an upside-down jelly not anywhere near something like a box jellyNot only have I been stung by a jellyfish but I’ve been stung by a jellyfish in the ass, get fucked 😎😎
Just crunched the numbers and they do NOT paint squirrels in a very good light 😡
Retweeted by Vi ☁️Also, we have a wolf eel now! soles are vicious little beasts Also if my voice sounds strained at all, it’s because this tank is a pain… Bezos recently became the first person in history to amass $200,000,000,000 in wealth. But in 2019, Amazon pa…
Retweeted by Vi ☁️ @Theoc900 @Fentyyyonce @itskeyon Haha! You too! ☺️❤️ @Lokathor Boat law 👀👀 but no they’re so different, I can’t really combine them properly in a way that provides a good compromise ::If I were anyone else, I’d tell them to do what they love because life is too short, but I’m not anyone else so I f… @Lokathor Heyyy!!Like I know I can make an indirect difference through research, but making a direct difference feels so much more w…