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Retweeted by Olive Rae Brinkergood morninggoodnight everybody @NONBlNARY this also doesn’t narrow it down. every part 3 episode has Polnareff looking for a bathroom and animal violence @NONBlNARY this doesn’t narrow it down, he has to shit in like every episode @NONBlNARY yep it’s a bummerme: so I’m finally tweeting about something that isn’t jojo my followers: thank god me: bee movie my followers: being ken’s therapist his therapist: so why are you here? ken: my gf left me for a Literal Bee his therap… @Renhoex it did in the movie!!!more HxH Pokemon AU Leorio & Kurapika 🩺💕
Retweeted by Olive Rae Brinker @Renhoex what!!imagine getting dumped by your girlfriend for a bee voiced by jerry seinfeldi love bee movie because you start it and you're like oh this is a film about a worker's relationship to their job… showed bee movie to my best friend who had never seen it before and wow what a treat that is
@AtomicRobots Brahams the Doll @AtivanHelsing you didn’t even mention the contact juggler or dinosaur @veryann0yed I didn’t have any friends when AIM was popular 😩 @veryann0yed I don’t know what this means @RezenatorZen foo fighters and coco jumbo! @kaffkarockopera wish he was on this tier maker, I love him @BurnoodTakedown all relative to his position in the story haha!Everyone, my wife will die without her anti-stroke meds & she takes her last dose at 9a tomorrow. Her meds cost $17…
Retweeted by Olive Rae Brinkernew jojo tier list! don’t yell at me @melstonemusic stay tuned for a rae the doe comic this week @AtivanHelsing baby stand polpo bed mikitaka binocularsif there’s ever a dave matthews stand in jojo its power should just be this:’m also bored! @AtivanHelsing I forgive youalright, that’s steel ball run complete. time to read jojolion @sidhe_solais okay in this instance I’m joking about something that is actually pretty normal in context lol(steel ball run spoilers ?) also I love that they get attacked by the actual state of new jersey itselfI love that steel ball run is like “what if going to art school gave you super powers”johnny was recovering from several bullet wounds and gyro was like “hey, I wrote a song about cheese—“I love that every twenty chapters or so johnny and gyro will stop dead in their tracks, regardless of what’s happen… then when all hope is lost, who comes down the mountain but the grinch himself
Retweeted by Olive Rae Brinkergood morning @KofiTheChee just got to chapter 65I’m a bit farther into steel ball run but it just still hasn’t grabbed me the way other jojo parts have. I don’t know what it is @PantsOmega he made a video on little women???? @Fawnduu I got close 😭I wonder if it follows the story of the book or if it’s just slice of life adventures with the march sisters... either way, I’m downmaybe I should watch the little women anime... (yes, that exists)feeling weirdly validated by the fact that I’m both jo AND laurie and timon AND pumbaa is the first time I’ve had a positive reaction to an anti-depressant (even though I’ve been on 4 over the cour…, I love wellbutrin. it feels amazing to not be extremely depressed all the time. I feel so much better than I d… @SheepGetGud I was playing all star battle and be activated made in heaven which made the timer run out super fast lol @SheepGetGud it’s the best part!!!! @ScribblerSys thank younew profile pic. i’m beans nowOh dear, Vince McMahon turned on a TV for the first time in 5 years and saw a Fox News report about "Antifa"
Retweeted by Olive Rae BrinkerI can’t wait for it to get animated. it’s gonna be SO GOOD @Mateba_6 oh this is so good @suezobeam that’s fair but I like that pucci was killed by weather report @suezobeam I loved itthinking about how great stone ocean was... truly the bestgarfield 5.30.1990
Retweeted by Olive Rae BrinkerPOWER’S BACK ON!
goodnight everyone! good luck tomorrowme, about to touch my pen to the tablet: time to draw my power company: not so fast, buddythere’s something kinda darkly funny about me finally feeling Not Depressed enough to get some work done that I’ve… @itslittletunny I’m so sorry for your loss ❤️ @jmweast I’m so fucking grateful for my patreon throughout this whole thingRae the Doe - 8.7.2020 Echolocation!
Retweeted by Olive Rae Brinkerwhen I was super depressed last month I learned the skill of being able to fall asleep whenever I want, which reall… @teaberryblue happy birthday!! @A_Fika_Monster lol np! @A_Fika_Monster climate change, economies tanking, 1,000s of people dying from our government’s abysmal handling of the pandemic, etc.not sure what it means but I’m pretty confident that I’m an Arby’s Wife it mean anything when you lose power days *after* a storm? like does this mean the power company probably inte… like I’m gonna be out of power all day’t believe we’re getting more alan wake content in 2020. feeling truly blessed just thought of the perfect cover idea for the complete rae the doe webcomic collection, oh my godif I say "I could eat" we’ve got about 32 minutes tops before I am flat out a different person
Retweeted by Olive Rae Brinker @AtivanHelsing the fucking smug dazai picture lmfaolost power again ??? what is going on @Lyraxian I demand you remake this poll with just remember this apeOur movements need places where we can gather, learn, and be in community together. We put down a security deposit…
Retweeted by Olive Rae Brinkeri am a colony of plankton given sentience through the power of a magical laserdisc.anime character i wanted to be as a kid vs the one i am as an adult, I just slept 13 hours @meakoopa relatable @AtivanHelsing I spent like five minutes trying to find a funny reaction image to this but nothing truly expresses… amount of shitposts on twitter dot com page is honestly directly proportional to my mental health. when i'm fee… @AtivanHelsing it's more that depression suppresses who my Natural State... which is that of The Posteryou can tell my wellbutrin is working because i've been shitposting all day today. i'm out of control. and i'm actu… @Renhoex don't challenge me i'll keep goingjay leno: folks, the other day i asked for yoshikage kira to take my hand in marriage. and he did! he took my hand!… leno: have you seen this stand in this news, everybody- king crimson? it can apparently ERASE TIME! martin scro… leno, on the hotel room TV: hey, have you heard about this? the guy who defeated the pillar men almost got take… my god I just spent like ten minutes turning my computer off then back on again over and over cuz it was stuck o… @AtivanHelsing anime @melodiusshark joseph is literally just bugs bunnyjohnny and gyro trying to get rid of all their money brewster’s millions-style and accidentally profiting because t…
@salty_rebel I know. I’m a fan of hers. I’m making a light-hearted joke about Netflix tweeting about it. no reason to be rude @plothole really? hahaha it doesn’t feel like a hot take @plothole just got past him @Evitron I don’t think so. the guy who can walk on raindrops just got shotI’m almost halfway into steel ball run and it really hasn’t grabbed me yet. does it pick up in the second half? I h… line made the dozens of hours of trudging over mountains with crates precariously strapped to your back 100% w… be so awkward for giorno to explain how he’s related at joestar family reunions