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Instead of telling children “kids in Africa are starving,” let’s say “some kids in your class go to bed hungry.” Th…
Retweeted by OLIVEgood morning. you will never see radical change come from the amerikan political apparatus. reform is politely aski…
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What an unhelpful and egregious headline. That number is since 1680. In contrast, more than 1755 people have died i…
Retweeted by OLIVEI will not be watching what that tiny awful man said, I will simply be ignoring him and streaming Meg instead
Retweeted by OLIVE @benewoo7 💖💖💖thank you!!!! @bekspen Thank you!🥺❤️A poem, by moi damn, Highsnobiety...
Retweeted by OLIVEToday black women, black girls, black people mourning: Take your moment. Take your time.
Retweeted by OLIVEi'm watching people's insta stories go from outrage over the Breonna Taylor case to jokes about Megan and streaming…
Retweeted by OLIVE @DeeGoksen 😮 I.... you’re... I love disssss!I need people to collectively understand that deplatforming celebrities who have been emotionally and physically vi…
Retweeted by OLIVEOmfg she so perfect wow
honor your grieving.
Retweeted by OLIVEusing black strippers & s*x workers to market a system that doesn’t value their life at all is not the wave.
Retweeted by OLIVEtake today for you!
Retweeted by OLIVE“You say, you believe that all lives matter. HA! I say, I don’t believe ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ you do!” — Mr. Stevie Wonder
Retweeted by OLIVEI'm saddened that almost two years on this cruel Government is shelving urgent reforms to the Gender Recognition Ac…
Retweeted by OLIVEIf its not about Breonna Taylor, keep it..... We dont wanna hear anymore about the disrespect of a black woman, c…
Retweeted by OLIVE @NicoleRaquel_D @theBBTAs @_RyanJesse YEEESSSSS!!!!!Today's card. May the force be with you means may you stay human in a world that will try to dehumanize & manipulat…
Retweeted by OLIVEIf you’re exhausted, drained, tired of it all, outraged, or numb, it’s understandable. Give yourself space and ti…
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Retweeted by OLIVE @lola____lolita Can confirm 10/10 kyewtCan we start another crowdfunding thread for black women and non binary folks? Leave your links and payment info in…
Retweeted by OLIVEEnjoy! 🎮❤️
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@chinnaaaay 🥺 tank youuu!I’m baby 🥺 friends are very special very kind very sexi very loving very iconic 🥺my roommates and i have an open room and need another person. we’re all chill. serious inquires only
Retweeted by OLIVEIf you ain’t voting alongside LGBTQIA+ people, Black people, immigrants, BIPOC to help bring equality for them you…
Retweeted by OLIVEfall begins and we all start exclusively listening to Fleetwood Mac. I don’t determine the rules of the universe
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TICKETS NOW ON SALE 🖤 13th - 16th October #LFF @BFI #LFF2020
Retweeted by OLIVE‘Euphoria’ Star Zendaya Becomes Youngest Emmy Winner For Lead Actress In Drama
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Emotional unavailability is the biggest turn off honestly that and poor communication. You’re not gonna treat me li…
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the statue of liberty could never! 😫 smh
Retweeted by OLIVEOnce Talia told me to notice around a person if you feel a +/positive gain from seeing them, -/drained or 0/neutral…
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imagine you lactose intolerant & alicia keys puts milk & cream in your hot chocolate without asking cause she got a…
Retweeted by OLIVENot Kanye crying about the music industry being slavery. I thought slavery was a choice?
Retweeted by OLIVE @claytonpettet It was meclap for the heavyweight champ
Retweeted by OLIVEif you keep treating me as who i was in the past, you’ll stifle my growth.
Retweeted by OLIVECrying were no lies detected.
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#OnThisDay in 1819, the composer and pianist Clara Schumann was born! Today's #SundayStream is @IsataKm's wonderful…
Retweeted by OLIVEBrilliant.
Retweeted by OLIVEcharlie is a non binary icon
Retweeted by OLIVEBeing toxic is not cute. Grow up and learn how to love properly....
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Intuition can see through elusive intent, listen to itNoYou can’t come to my house with demands
Retweeted by OLIVEFoolishness, circustry, performance.
Retweeted by OLIVEjustin & gaga after yummy and stupid love didn’t go #1
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Remember slavery still exists. They're literally putting out fires right now
Retweeted by OLIVE @melanatedmomma Feelin attacked w this one 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺They’re giving very Scorpio Venus as a look you love black dykes so much pls share/donate so my love can recover smoothly w/o without financial strain 🧸🧸
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May waves of inner-peace, love, and soul-nourishment, wash over you now.
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Retweeted by OLIVE @claytonpettet Hate this tweet but y am I listening to this on repeat?Since Marilyn Manson released a new album today, here's a nice reminder!!
Retweeted by OLIVEAll I do is worryyyyyy🥺I lost my dad - pictured here as a cheerleader - to suicide in 2014. One of the biggest risks we face in suicide p…
Retweeted by OLIVETRAILER!!!!!!!!!TRAILER FOR ROSE!!!!!!! A Love Story follows an isolated couple who must keep a dark secret hidden at all costs in this quietly unner…
Retweeted by OLIVEStill thinking about you #BreonnaTaylor. 181 days.
Retweeted by OLIVEa friendly reminder <3
Retweeted by OLIVEi miss when men went to war and died
Retweeted by OLIVEAutumn is for growing, healing n being cozy with myself 🍂🍂i’m like not depressed but i’m def a little like . deproinky
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Feel like I’m in the stage w vulnerability where I’m still terrified but it feels like skydiving and when I jump in… me vulnerability has meant vocalising my boundaries and feelings and being willing to walk away if they cannot be met/acceptedVulnerability isn’t being boundary-less, it’s about stepping into the arena n accepting that pain/loss/joy/all of i… is the most powerful thing @h__smart 🥺❤️
today’s mantra: my soul is pure & beautiful. i am full of understanding & love. my purpose is greater than i know.…
Retweeted by OLIVEGolden hour in florence ☀️ can’t believe I’m about to say this… Our debut feature, Rose: A Love Story will have its World Premiere at BFI L…
Retweeted by OLIVEWe’re beyond thrilled to announce that our debut feature, Rose: A Love Story will premiere at @BFI London Film Fest…
Retweeted by OLIVE❤️info❤️ film ‘Rose’ will have its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival 🥺 very proud n very happy !! @BFI #lff @kedacapulet Omfg kedaIt's here... the #LFF 2020 trailer!
Retweeted by OLIVEWhat are you waiting for? There's plenty more to discover in the full #LFF programme! ➡️
Retweeted by OLIVEabundance returns where abundance is recognized. things come back where they’re welcomed. 🤍
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very happy n grateful for my life - pt 1000Grateful for all of it🥺❤️I’ve noticed that mandem feel like women are sometimes being too harsh to them when discussing certain issues. Espe…
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THIS!!! anytime we go to the doctor for anything the FIRST thing that they say is to lose weight. i’ve had so many…
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@claytonpettet Adopt mi plz 🥺Waiting for that Big Mac truck space between ur ears is barren land... so sorry about itTHE PATTERN IS MAKING A DATING APP. AN ASTROLOGICAL DATING APP!!! THE GAYS WONNNN
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SZA makes music for ppl who’ve sent the text “I won’t bother you anymore” on multiple occasions
Retweeted by OLIVE @claytonpettet eats his liceHey did you know about the time the British empire illegally trafficked tons of drugs into China and got people hoo…
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It is a little bit worrying that a lot of cishet men on here are learning language and concepts that helps them see…
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