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Wait, its all jelly beans? @jukiokallio Awesome 👌 I get @mew vibes with the high-vocals! @EnemyOnBoard Looks pretty cool! @Tabulatelk15 They take about 5 mins, so 12 per hour x 4... 48?Just played Among Us for 4 hours straight! It was awesome - super replayable! Unfortunately, I was only the impo…
Playing Among Us for the first time! Streaming it on Twitch with: @MaybeRoo @soxbrooker @CherylWhant @Joe_Best the best strat
Just showing off some of my Pro Strats for Slime Climb We're still live over on: live on Twitch with @soxbrooker We're going to be playing that Falling Person game everyone has been talkin… @Nirual5 @HoggysArt Yesssssss, these are amazing, I'd be Waluigilol love it! I want that T-Shirt 👌👌👌 Thanks @HoggysArt! @GeorgeClothier @FallGuysGame can't believe I'm laughing at this heinzous crime
@ITZCORP1 @FallGuysGame Yes, it is me @soxbrooker't get a 4th win lol🔴 Going Pro in Fall Guys 🔴 [LIVE NOW] I JUST GOT MY 3RD CROWN Will I get a 4th??? 1 hour left:…🔴 Going Pro in Fall Guys 🔴 [LIVE NOW] About to hit 3 wins, let's gooooooo 🔥 Watch on Twitch 👌 @Chizzet @FallGuysGame Lots of cheaters were caught on their first game cheating More and more cheaters were getti… @cooldetat @MaybeRoo @liystykkk Its funniest when the game designers are beaten lollol I know it probably sounds biased coming from me, but I love this game and its community so much haha I didn't "kill" BeanBot, you can't "kill" an AI Besides, everyone has forgotten about him now 👀 @Chizzet @FallGuysGame Everything in that screenshot is true "Our current system automatically detects when player… @Chizzet @FallGuysGame We didn't lie about it - it was happening in 'most cases' at the point in which we said it..… @Chizzet @FallGuysGame • You didn't have to put in 50+ hours. Only had to play 1+ game • He was in the PC Beta • We… @iamconnorwoods @FallGuysGame I just asked - it's confirmed a legit variation! @Opalith Ahh, I was so focused on the spaghetti I didn't think about what to wear @451Pyro No, if you can play the game, you're fine There are a few things here to check, that could have caused th… @lomadia Might need to throw it a few times while you've got the photographer there @lomadia I've been doing some research @EstiOSRS Sounds like I need a new spaghetti supplierSo a PS5 costs £449.99...🧐 Did you know you can literally recreate this photo with that!?! - £10 for some spaghet… @451Pyro You are no longer able to play? Or you didn't try to jump back in? @RealSilentNinja @SpecialEffect You're a legend, thanks!!lol my second crown! Bad times though, I stole @InventorBlades' 550th crown lol And there was a beta costume at s…
@RealSilentNinja Thank you so much for the donation during my stream! I've re-donated it through to @SpecialEffect @ilikemee6thebot Yeah, I left Bossa in December 2019 to work at @mediatonic on Fall Guys. Feels like the perfect g… cool thread - It's something we definitely wanted to do! Reflect the game's positive and wholesome vibes in… @Seapeekay @FallGuysGame I AM BANNING YOU @Muny_Man @NewzooHQ Same!!!Amazing article with LOADS of VERY spicy marketing data Thanks @NewzooHQ! Guys is doing okay on YouTube lol
@itsDanBull They can't even make sounds though, pop culture lies and spreads myths that rats are just there squeaki… @itsDanBull It's too late to respond, it's like a student loan, if you ignore it, it just expires one day @itsDanBull Wow he looks like a real human already lol He's gonna be 24 soon @PotatoVerseVEVO @pizzahut Yeah free pizza @rickyberwick I thought you needed a license from the council of Vtubers and permission from the Vtubing community… @ChuckECheese just gave me a shout out on their official @Twitch channel while streaming @FallGuysGame, a fan costume of my rat, Freddie I love to see it 👏👏👏 I'd pay all 1 of my crowns for it 👑…
Retweeted by Oliver Age 24 | Fall Guys Community Manager 👌 @iamconnorwoods 5am your time? I reckon it's just the number of players at that time, unfortunately! @iamconnorwoods @antoan_s Not anymore - we patched that! If you're banned, you can't play at all now If you can p… @iamconnorwoods What time is it locally for you when that's an issue? I'm assuming you're having someone from another region host?If you never say "I HATE THIS GAME" while playing your favourite game... is it even your favourite game?
@T_Blatt @RealBeanBot That wasn't the real beanbot - is just a fan roleplay account, but I'm the real Community Man… @MarkAssBrownlie @ThorB3D @FallGuysGame Looks awesome though! @MarkAssBrownlie @ThorB3D @FallGuysGame Can't unfortunately, has a swear word in the post 👀 @EireneShell We have almost 300,000 people in the discord server now It's almost entirely DMs, I'm not sure if it… hitting almost 10,000 unread Discord DMs even though your status says "Do not DM" 😂😭 @beckyfr0st Or... 🔵 Take another holiday 🔵 Holiday forever 🔵 Outsource whole job to BeanBot @beckyfr0st I just need to work out what the ??? is 👀
Me logging into @FallGuysGame on Monday @FallGuysGame Yikes @Ivibites Most of it is actually bots - but in this case - it was an actual human @Ivibites Every time we tweet we get spammed by people saying "dead game" Then other people see that and think "wh… @TheZackShack People have been spamming "dead game" on our tweets since the day we launched, it's not related to the cheaters
I don't often unblock people, but when I do... @_amandelion @FallGuysGame @vixzens Oh no, that sucks! Without revealing anything about how ours works. We've come up with a way that won't have false positives! 🙌 @JustABoiBoi If you write on a piece of paper 24 lines of: "Fall Guys is not actually a dead game and I like to see their tweets"Another 2,142 cheaters banned! You love to see it 👏👏👏 @ThePhilWarner Yessssss more artistsThanks for the follows. Nice. 👌 @itsDanBull prefer your older tweets @MudManCampbell @AllMaverickNews That video was really funny, do you reckon you'd have done a better job drinking it if you'd won? lol @MudManCampbell @AllMaverickNews You're an evil man lol @markhoppus I still can't believe this is a real thing I love to see it 👏👏👏
@annahighwind If you are playing the game without cheating, you won't be banned, and have nothing to worry about @EatingPie24 @icanlevitateoff Neither of those things would flag you, no need to worry there! :D @EatingPie24 We're super confident that it's not possible to be falsely flagged. It's difficult to look into any o…"Everyone else was cheating" - If you can't beat them, join them - The game was ruined for me, now I will ruin it…"I didn't read the EULA" - I didn't know it wasn't allowed - Give me one more chance, I'll never cheat again - How could I have known???"I was trying to help you" - I was cheating to see what was possible so that I could help you fix it - It was just…"I can barely even use my computer" - How does cheating even work? - What does a cheat even look like? - I can bar…"I DIDN'T CHEAT" - I refuse to admit it - Now that I think about it, there was some unusual activity on my compute…"I didn't think it would work" - I didn't think it would be possible - I was only trying it once - I didn't even win"I only cheat in other games" - I just happened to have cheat software open whilst playing Fall Guys - It wasn't f… lot of you are asking to see the emails we're getting from banned players. I won't share those, but here are th… @Nxd1me We currently have no appeal process. Most of them either lie about it, blame us, or blame someone else. I… dev team are working so hard on the anti-cheat features and banning players, tough times, but they're making aw… @robleane @FallGuysGame I'm sure you were very funny
@sneakyerz @FallGuysOwl As well - It seems that it is against the terms of service with Valve to share your steam a… @sneakyerz @FallGuysOwl I don't really wanna get into family advice, but I would try to forgive her. Just because… @sneakyerz @FallGuysOwl "I'm just sad it happened to me honestly" What about all of the legit players who lost mat… got 'em 🤡 @Long_Haired_LTN @DarkShitPpost Steady on lol @koolaid Oh yeah?"We’d imagine that having zero crowns has been a constant source of disappointment for many fans, especially those…
@rickyberwick How many crowns do you have though? @rickyberwick Always feel like a VIP when Ricky Berwick repliesI'm happy for console players with their new Xbox and PS5 But when will PC gamers get a PC 2?