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Amateur director, movie buff, movie collector, Godzilla nerd. If you don’t agree with what I say on here, then don’t follow me.

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@emmasrobbery I watched it because it’s a great movie. @KumongaTheBrave @jurassicdragon1 @Russell_Maddie4 @Griffin97980888 @jackifier96024 Joined @TheCinemaTicket TimecopTop 5 godzilla movies 6 tags The Return of Godzilla Godzilla vs Mechgodzilla Godzilla vs Destoroyah GMK: Giant Mo… of the day: Chinatown (1974) Directed by Roman Polanski. @KumongaTheBrave Really good
2021 @georgendebele22 What mf? @BertzTriscut @KillerfromSpace Yeah I know they’re not exactly alike, but they do share some resemblance. @KillerfromSpace I am I the only one that sees this resemblance? @ReturnofR EddieNow watching The Untouchables @Pander_Bear28 Yeah same @Dark_Crowe_ @mrandrewhawkins @TheHorrorMaster @puritythrufire @RotatingChair @ReelJeffEwing @GeeNye7 @KZvonaric @breannimator Next time he does that, turn the music up louder. @girlfromcanada My favorite video game protagonist is female.Now watching The Shining #CinephileDogpile @ziziofthedead Yeah, people seriously need to stop saying that shit. It’s an opinion, there is no right or wrong. T… @AnothermillennR The movie. Other than Tim Curry, the movie was pretty bad. The newer movies are more accurate. @Sowrender1 I’m strait, but I’m not on film Twitter @DerCryptaxis @TheHorrorMaster Didn’t he write the movie?
@Dont_Ask_Me_Pls Instantly fell in love with this movie. do my letterboxd favorites say about me? @LeoRydel #TeamGodzilla @encyclophobia @KristinaArntz_ @KillRecord_ Both are equal in my book @georgendebele22 @Verse_Films John Carpenter’s Vampires, In the Mouth of Madness, Tom Savini’s Night of the Living Dead, Bride of Re-Animator. @salemmohalesh75 Loved it, good campy fun. @TheRealMattC @georgendebele22 I simp @leftforfed65 @Damienx247 *acts like a douche to everyone* 5 minutes later: “wHy dOeS NoBoDY LIkE mE!?” @cam_junge Theaters. They reopened where I am. @HReview73 Both are pretty bad, but at least Deep Blue Sea is entertaining. Alien Resurrection is unwatchable. @Damienx247 @leftforfed65 I would 100% go. @leftforfed65 @Damienx247 She wants to ruin everyone else’s fun. @leftforfed65 @Damienx247 She’s just jealous because she doesn’t get to sit on a motorcycle when getting a haircut. @blackbeltx21 All these old sci-fi shows and movies thought leather looked so futuristic. @Jeanna350 This dude is pathetic @NickMacGuffin It doesn’t get nearly enough love. @HReview73 Evil Dead II @_CineSmith_ The Lighthouse, Knives Out @NickMacGuffin Hell yeah, The Wraith is awesome.Which game had the better line-up? Mortal Kombat or Mortal Kombat II. @HReview73 Escape From New YorkHappy birthday to Hammer Horror queen, Caroline Munro. @1NormaBates @msideeric @LizPhantasm @PhantasmM @FaithLehaneMor1 @AngelusMside @TheCampSurvivor @morningsidejerr always think of Repo Man. @georgendebele22 Forest GumpIn honor of his birthday, here is my ranking. @Y2John84 Sounds like they need to be taught a lesson. @HmJileswrites Andy BernardHappy 73rd Birthday to the one and only John Carpenter. @creepshowens Horror Fan but I didn’t sexually harass people. D.V Essex seriously needs to be kicked off Twitter. @CiaranLawlor313 @georgendebele22 Yes @jamesrai100 Damn good movie @spookirih My favorite movie of all time was directed by a woman. That movie is brutal. @Jawsman206 @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls I can’t tell you how many times people have mistaken me for a 21 year old. @BertzTriscut Just wondering. I might wanna play with y’all sometime. @Jawsman206 @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls It’s pretty accurate. This is my high school graduation picture. My hair isn’t this le… play PS4? @MikeVanderbilt #DontCancelMike @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls predicting our future with technology and her tech knowledge. Her psychic power showing up.
Retweeted by Oliver @CinemaCoIIector Thanks @XFQuotes @MrsSpooky_Dana What episode is this? @shudder_fan @driveinAgain 70sNow only if we would get a trailer. @MrBlindPenguin I know. People get mad over the dumbest shit. @AnusGravy Yeah, I noticed that. Kinda funny watching all these people getting mad. @AnusGravy Lol. People are so damn sensitive nowadays. @MrBlindPenguin You’d be surprised. People get mad over my opinions. They tell me I’m wrong. They get butthurt over them. @AnusGravy What’d you say?A reminder to my followers. @MidnightJury I said what I said.
@ReturnofR Keith @NOFSpodcast 1985- 10/10. 2011- 2/10.If you had the chance to add any 4 movies into the Criterion Collection, what would they be? @MoviesFanaticz 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, and 1993. @georgendebele22 Blue @TheWooChick His tweets are so perverted @TheWooChick Yeah I just reported him. @TheWooChick What a scumbagI need to address this again. If I catch any of you harassing anyone or making horrible awful statements, I will…
Retweeted by Oliver @AnusGravy True @Sheena_655321 @indifferentnick @ZackPuckett6 @Jawsman206 @hauntedMichelle @edinagerbear @Naomisp22562993 @Madonna Horror > 80s Horror. Don’t get me wrong 80s horror is good, but 70s horror is just a little better. @Sheena_655321 @indifferentnick @ZackPuckett6 @Jawsman206 @hauntedMichelle @edinagerbear @Naomisp22562993 @Madonna @cam_junge I had really high hopes for Doom Annhilation and that turned out to be god awful. It makes the 2005 Doom… @Sheena_655321 @indifferentnick @ZackPuckett6 @Jawsman206 @hauntedMichelle @edinagerbear @Naomisp22562993 @Madonna @cam_junge Looks promising, but I’m not getting my hopes up. @cc_shadow @houseofchaos18 I feel 70s horror was just a little better than 80s. @houseofchaos18 Personally, I’ve always found 70s horror movies the best. They were crafted better. I love 80s horr… @Sheena_655321 @houseofchaos18 FactsFour movies I’ve loved since I was a kid. @neilbelieves Underrated @RafaelAlv2002 @lizslayed Gotta prepare for the apocalypse @Jessie_theAlien