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@SwamiNetero making the state more accountable to its citizens should be the #1 political goal imo @Giridano i’m pessimistic about the likelihood of that ever happening, but i don’t see see the pursuit of that goal… @Elecks441 @DMdzinarishvili exactly. i find the idea of the state withering away extremely unlikely, unless humanit…’s odd to see self described liberals and marxists on twitter implicitly accept ridiculous anarchist notions, lik… @Slave1One lmaooo @Brodie_XVX if they were trying to harvest hate clicks they couldn’t do much better @Brodie_XVX honestly most of what PETA does makes more sense if you imagine that they’re a psyop to make vegans look bad“let’s make an infamous human trafficker and child rapist, who’s worth millions of dollars, the face of the fight f…
Lefties stop attacking bad people based on characteristics that have nothing to do with them being bad people challenge 2020
Retweeted by mike @Elecks441 the main riff sounded like rammstein imo @Elecks441 the first single was at least okay but the new one blowsNormalize portraying vegetables as having the possibility of redemptive relationships with god
Retweeted by mike @kingvermin_ honestly hilarious @boatxfeet i was top 0.3 lmaooo @JarradTX respectgood grief @cubsoup @koaleszenz more diversity is always a net positive when it comes to hypothesis-making imo, people from di…
@koaleszenz @cubsoup agreed, same is true of vanilla psychology, specifically intelligence testing. it’s a pretty s… @cubsoup @koaleszenz sometimes, sure, but many fields are prone to confirmation bias. imo the controversy around ev… @koaleszenz yes evo psych is infested with trash, but compared to vanilla psychology, it looks downright scientific… @koaleszenz i think we likely agree here, but i will say that when evo psych is done well, and brings the tools of… hitler literally killed 17 million people, but sure, it's "problematic" when i take my cock out in the produce section 🙄 @milfnokids nocan someone please get my boyfriend to stop referring to our monogamous relationship as “exclusive rights to sucking me off”
Retweeted by mike @TecmoSuperDuper damn you were right on the money with some of that eh @GarbagePailGrrl I had heard about that actually, absolutely insane stuff @GarbagePailGrrl no tell me @camwhiteastro love the genre of tweet where someone asks why science is ignoring a phenomenon that has been both thoroughly inv… @camwhiteastro did you maybe try googling astrology + science? else?
Retweeted by mike @AusKinski that book is very good. together with rogue one, those two books make a great trilogy about that family actually. @matthewaraven yo same @ExistentialEnso it's okay, i lost 40+ followers earlier directly after tweeting about how we should use the means… the tankies way off today just pointing out that both Marx and Lenin had favorable views of the American Rev…
Retweeted by mike @AusKinski have you read Rebel Rising? absolute gut punch of a book, especially knowing what happens to her in Rogue One. @matthewaraven alright, that could have been tight @ExistentialEnso i was thinking about this today. some MLs do read, but the problem is that they view philosophical… @matthewaraven fair enough, but if there really was an addiction that made you do war crimes, i think society would… @matthewaraven i just don't know how you can plausibly redeem the guy after everything he did, he'd have to spend t… @TecmoSuperDuper i like the shit with luke a lot, it reminds me of old king arthur on avalon, which is appropriate… @scottjenks i dig the climax, palpatine's return and ben as a good guy @TecmoSuperDuper i love tlj, to me it's the most lucas of the new movies @AusKinski i think it's the second most emotional star wars movie after rots for sure @xcloudbustingx gotta be ROTS for me, but RO is damn goodinterestingly my opinion of the rise of skywalker has become slightly more positive since release. it's not as good… feelings about rogue one get more positive all the time, it probably doesn't hurt that the soundtrack is an abso… @orionn___ the most ideologically interesting star wars movie is revenge of the sith, hands down. the rest are fair… @AboDaffy oh it's definitely multi-cultural, i meant that it's celebrating tradition in the context of its existenc… @orionn___ imo those movies being "political" has less to do with anything ideological intentionally put in them by… @quinebot_ i agree with this for the most part @ProgPro holy shiti mean one is a celebration of tradition, one is a pretty out-there deconstruction, and political orientation is la…'s insistence on keeping his old goofy tweets up is refreshing in a world where we all pretend that that we cam… @quinebot_ conscious would basically require the belief that consciousness is magic imo. they don't have almost any… @quinebot_ intelligence is very hard to measure observationally, but unless you're a panpsychist, it's reasonable t… @100INARI in my original tweet i did say "a subset of ethical vegans" because i don't think the majority would ever… @ennakin27 there's definitely a good argument to be made for abortion, even if we grant a fetus full personhood, li… @100INARI i think it's pretty unlikely that crickets have much of an experience, and i think there is a pretty big…
@AboDaffy so smart. some birds are shockingly smart too. magpies are some of the only animals to build and use some point, when we're talking about fetuses or very small animals, the neural correlates of consciousness no lo… am very sympathetic to ethical arguments against animal suffering, especially on the high end of the intelligence… hot take i have been expecting to drop for years, is the revival of hardline anti-abortion sentiment among a subs… day we crawl, inch by inch, towards the Pre-marital sex is bad take. It will be upon us soon.
Retweeted by mike @thefutureisfuta unbelievable @100INARI good question. i weighed in at 250 this morning, so hopefully i’m in this chick’s good books.blocking all my friends who lose weight for their internalized fatphobia @l0gicth0t i am really bad at selfies and it’s not in a way that’s hotif you wanna make gains at the gym you gotta get on the Triple P Program: pizza, pierogis, pasta @alexsoupertramp i’m not gonna lie, i did consider this, respectsocialist art vs. capitalist art my state will follow Marxist-RickSanchezist Thought @EricWilzon same, i’ll do some genocide apologizing for my boy Rick Sanchezunder communism, the state will provide funding for a new season of Rick & Morty every monthsocialist art vs. capitalist art @thefutureisfuta @milfnokids time for lasagna and liberalism @EricWilzon these labels barely even have content anymore, they’re so disconnected from their philosophical traditi… who think they’re too “radical” to be liberals, please read about the French Revolution/what John Stuart Mil… reason i think this, is because the ideological battle almost always occurs squarely within the bounds of liber… theory, marxists and liberals share the same humanist values, they differ in how best to realize them. i think m… @ryanxvx_ holy fuck 😂twitter rules because you can tweet shit like “we should use the means of production created by capitalism to reduc… @break2bits I think there’s probably admirable qualities from every culture that’s ever existed, but those lessons… @Attila_returns fruits are the good parts of the plant, as opposed to the thorns for example @SockbatReplica agreed 100%the fruits of capitalism rule. the project should be to distribute them more equally to eliminate hunger and povert… don’t trust any “leftist” who advocates for a return to tradition. oh, you pine for an idyllic past and you hate… is the same genre of Reject Modernism, Embrace Tradition meme that conservatives and nationalists are always posting. very sus.everything i like is socialist, everything i don’t like is capitalist, these categories definitely aren’t just post…
@l0gicth0t dog i am crying, holy shit @JosherGrobin exactly, that part of the logic here just doesn’t hold up at allif anything, coronavirus has convinced me that the theory that an impending alien attack would unite the human race… @zilchpilled “the state is fundamentally evil, let’s replace it with... lynching people”oh my god
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Today Ukraine honors and remembers victims of the 1932-1933 #Holodomor genocide, when Stalin & his comrades organiz…
Retweeted by mikeif i were a marxist in 2020, i would simply not defend stalin, knowing that historically, wide swathes of marxists… idea that historians are all lying about atrocities under Stalin, on behalf of the CIA is laughable. go ahead a…