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Olivia Nuzzi @Olivianuzzi Washington, DC

Washington Correspondent, New York Magazine. Writing a book with @RyanLizza for Simon & Schuster’s Avid Reader about 2020. 📩

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I loved talking to a longtime Elvis impersonator about marrying people in Vegas during the pandemic. Featuring: for…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @shaneharris @washingtonpost Put 👏🏻 Shane 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 charge 👏🏻 @GMPaiella I am interested in reading a comprehensive list of their flaws @sydneyelainexo @ivadixit That’s beautiful @elongreen @vulture Tbh this would’ve been the ultimate GeraldorollAn excerpt of my book, LAST CALL: A TRUE STORY OF LOVE, LUST, AND MURDER IN QUEER NEW YORK is up on @vulture:
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Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi“The human drive to socialize is not just the desire to connect but also the desire to observe. To witness, and thu…“High-minded taste in design is a new form of flexing. If you assert that you love Phoebe Philo’s Céline or the Dun…’s kind of cute, no?
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Disabled fish gets special life jacket made to help him swim
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziNews: McConnell to support Garland for attorney general via @politico
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziYour periodic reminder to keep your Naomis straight. 🤷‍♀️
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziI too found the Free Britney documentary a little too neat, a little too certain, but the nagging buried part I cou…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziIt's the most important detail to me, I should say.
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziNot the most important detail here but Graham uses a flip phone.
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziMike Lindell wanted to count cards in Vegas. But he faced a potentially ruinous lawsuit in Minnesota for allegedly…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziPlaybook is live! A big Biden personnel move on tech policy: TIMOTHY WU, the Columbia University professor and a…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @scottbix I sewed it a tiny camo jacketthe folks at @Slate edited a bit of my book into a chickenpox love story, which you can read here:
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziIn political journalism, every punch is a “gut punch.”
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @chrisecrowley @yoloethics LOL this was your first?The book in question is @mckinneykelsey's upcoming novel God Spare the Girls which you can and should order right t…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @yoloethics @chrisecrowley Easily top 5 grub diets in historyI could literally never write something as funny as CPAC did so effortlessly here
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziAt the White House, Joe Biden pulls out the piece of paper he says he carries with him every day-- the number of Am…
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@DJJudd ❤️ @jbarro 🥁 @rubycramer You look great! @rubycramer Omg LOLBecause I don't understand, I entered Doug Emhoff's name while signing up to find his yearb…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziObviously this is not a real thing, it’s just a fundraising ploy, but by definition I don’t think any project relat… the Republican National Committee fundraising by marketing a “Trump Legacy Membership”:"Bagels over Bannon. Church over covfefe." @katierogers
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @daveweigel @AlexThomp It’s like my father always said: Joey, a job is about more than just a paycheck. It’s about… @daveweigel @AlexThomp Folks, I’m Not Kidding Around: His Word As a Biden, by Alex Thompson @daveweigel @gdebenedetti He’s fuming, but it’s all a part of his process as he makes his great journey to the pivotgolf should remain banned. nothing to do with covid, it just should be
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @gdebenedetti Hearing from my sources that he is going to made a presidential pivot5+ years into this, people around Trump still say things like this, presumably with a straight face: "Trump is goin…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziBREAKING: Sen. Susan Collins says she will vote against Neera Tanden. Her statement, first in @playbookplus:…
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“The living find themselves amid vacant places once occupied by their spouses, parents, neighbors and friends — the…
CUTE asked me what my day to day is like recently and honestly i wake up, open an email, and absolutely black ou…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziI’ve always said the story of Washington should be titled “Smart People Doing Dumb Things.”
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @ShawnMcCreesh Whose boot is @maureendowd signing 😂Wow, a cow made of butter. My girls would love it. In fact, the first sentence Caroline ever said was "I like butter"
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @WesleyDietrich @SopanDeb GhostI honestly think it’s so sad that someone would be mean about a dog 🥺 is tremendous, the purest distillation of modern activism
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziWho was the first scientist to start catching little creatures and putting them underneath UV lights to see if they… reporting here from @meridithmcgraw and @GabbyOrr_: you can’t handle me at my kicker, you don’t deserve me at my lede. Cc: @jdelreal
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @AshleyRParker @jdelreal Actual LOL omg AshleyAlex Dimitrov
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzziomg
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziAnd would note that leaving a viral tweet up that you know is totally wrong is not a correction, it's collecting clout based on a lie.
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziLate to this, but how on earth did @tedcruz not make the wood of the ⁦@nypost⁩ today??? Are they ok?
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @ebruenig ❤️Ted Cruz named ranking member of the Senate aviation subcommittee
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziPennsylvania cop charged in Capitol riot: 'FBI may arrest me'
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziSorry but I just noticed this great Ken Burns very graciously answered every single question I had about his hair
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Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @ConnorLounsbury Such a good documentaryEvery time I see the name Ben Stiller I involuntarily hear Joan Rivers with her devastating one word review of Stil… what would have a better understanding of lots of controversies if instead of using the descriptor "toxic" the write-u…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @nickconfessore I think there was a made for tv John Travolta movie about this onceThis caption and photo...
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziWSJ: "Mr. Trump didn’t lose to Joe Biden. He lost to himself."
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziHistoric: Andrew Yang @grubstreet Diet, as told to @NYMag’s @WklyJDrinkard: to Yang about his quar diet. Shout-out to @EvelynYang for her excellent taste in takeout!
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzziclick to find out if he goes to a place you don't consider an authentic bodega
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziSent this to my editors like a psychopath. By @laurenoyler: @jerrysaltz Happy birthday Jerry! So grateful for you 💖I have an important new story out today about why it's so hard to figure out the side effects of medications before…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzitherapist: a lot of my clients are feeling that way right now me: ok rank us
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @frynaomifry My brain: “dad I’d d... ??” @KFILE ❤️ beautiful @karaswisher @hilaryr @haddadmedia @SRuhle @katzish 😝"In the past dozen or so years, I came to think he was not trying to lead people through thought but simply to divi…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @Bencjacobs @zengerle It’s the “thereafter” for me @ShawnMcCreesh @Olivianuzzi @bariweiss Confucius also once said if you don’t want it on page six, don’t do it
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @bariweiss @Lis_Smith @ShawnMcCreesh You’re both wrong!!!!!That quote ... has a familiar feel somehow
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @Lis_Smith @BruceEllerstein LOL @Lis_Smith Tell me about it! @Lis_Smith OmgCruz knows that the people listening to what he says on Hannity don’t care about what he said anywhere else. astute observer notes that Cruz came back and...immediately set to work doing media.
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @evanasmith @JFKucinich @secupp @TexasTribune 🙏🏻thank you @JFKucinich @secupp @Olivianuzzi + so many others for supporting the important + amazing work of…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziJust donated to @TexasTribune because the service they are doing for their communities during this crisis is invaluable.
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziHannity begins his interview with Ted Cruz by talking for a minute straight in an effort to absolve Cruz of any wro… @stevemorris__ This brought me joyTed Cruz Me 🤝 Blaming my girls for my bad decisions
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziTfw when you’re leaking the group chat
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi8pm hour on Fox: Ted Cruz is an asshole. 9pm hour on Fox: Ted Cruz is... Joe Biden is “cognitively struggling.”