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Olivia Nuzzi @Olivianuzzi Washington, DC

Washington Correspondent, New York Magazine. Writing a book with @RyanLizza for Simon & Schuster’s Avid Reader about the 2020 campaign. IG: olivianuzzix

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Everybody needs a copy editor: Trump campaign fundraising pitch uses the word “livelihood” where I believe they mea… @jdawsey1 story about Rudy Giuliani attempting to advise President Trump during the pandemic reminds me that o… Inside the White House Situation Room yesterday, economic adviser Peter Navarro got into a heated dispute with…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziFauci has repeatedly warned against anti-malaria drugs, battling internally & offering public skepticism. Giuliani…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziTrump didn’t let Fauci, who has argued against embrace of experimental drugs internally, answer question at the pod…
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Does Andrew Cuomo have nipple piercings? @Olivianuzzi searched for answers
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziDoes Andrew Cuomo have nipple piercings? An investigation, by @Olivianuzzi
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i’ve been at @outline since before it began. editing it was the best job, and with the best team. hire them, give t…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziA woman in Brooklyn was arrested for allegedly failing to maintain social distancing. She was "taken to the local p…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @EmilyGould CLICKI love music. If you do to, support @MusiCares w/ our Mixed Tapes zine: stories & visual art inspired by music from…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziI wrote about influencers fleeing NYC for greener pastures
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @karaswisher 🥰First hand sanitizer, now 00 flour? 💔🇮🇹 @maxwelltani This is probably me being brainwashed by capitalism or whatever but my god it sounds so boring to retire before 40 @scottbix @RichAzzopardi @Lis_Smith I’m divorcing youStop encouraging this @nytimes Andrew Cuomo have nipple piercings? An investigation, by @Olivianuzzi
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @Olivianuzzi @Lis_Smith @scottbix With all the tact of an industrial cement mixer! I respected it.
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @PhilipRucker @AshleyRParker Somebody option these tweets @HBO @Showtime @BarackObama @katiecouric @AaronSorkin @Lis_Smith @scottbix @RichAzzopardi did I manage to do this or do I have email dysmorphia? @RosieGray Do I want to know what that isThese sorts of replies are really annoying. People are allowed to have fun in the middle of a pandemic and talk abo…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @Lis_Smith @scottbix I thought I did so rather artfully @JessicaKRoy @mollymulshine 😕
@carolinecaloway I will investigate that next.Does Andrew Cuomo have nipple piercings? @Olivianuzzi searched for answers
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @jerrysaltz @intelligencer 🙏🏻🖤 @mckinneykelsey Yes?Every day is the right day to recognize the extraordinary people who take little credit for keeping integrity in ou…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi.@Olivianuzzi with the hard-hitting journalism we need in these dark times
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziDoes Andrew Cuomo have nipple piercings? An investigation, by @Olivianuzzi
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziFinally, a story about a Cuomo that does not erase Sandra Lee from the narrative, by @Olivianuzzi, my isolation sav…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi.@Olivianuzzi uses the word “nipple” twelve times in this story which is, I assume, a personal record.
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziDoes Andrew Cuomo have nipple piercings? @Olivianuzzi searched for answers
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziThe competition for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting is over already.
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziMy conversation with my editor about this story. @katierogers 😘What’s the Deal With Andrew Cuomo’s Nipples? An Investigation. ⁦@Olivianuzzi⁩ reports
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @darth @NYMag What darthAN INVESTIGATION for @NYMag: What’s The Deal With Andrew Cuomo’s Nipples? Beneath the New York governor’s thin whit…
@Olivianuzzi He’s running.
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziToday, Barney Frank and Patrick Leahy both turned 80. Frank told me he sent Leahy a birthday note that said they’re… how civil libertarians and privacy advocates are grappling with the coronavirus response - and some are comi…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @CaroRCummings Lmao
(Via @grapejuiceboys) cancelled was amazing preparation for being quarantined for two months
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziMarco Rubio is one of the dumbest, worst people in America.
The idea that journalists are cheering on the coronavirus pandemic is extremely stupid. Our industry is about to ge…
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"The contrast, I think, isn’t only between what it feels like in a hot spot and in a place like this, but between w…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziThank you @Bencjacobs for asking @PeteButtigieg the difficult questions for @NYMag. spent a lot of time talking to Biden people this week and wrote about the unprecedented weirdness of running for…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziThere are countless stories about Biden reaching out to people he barely knows, or does not know, to talk to them i… Biden, talking about grief and people who are unable to say goodbye to their dying loved ones, almost said his…
“ I don’t think the public wants to hear criticism of Trump right now,” said an informal adviser to Biden.
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @Emily_Sundberg @JessicaKRoy @FOIAPostNEW from @RyanLizza: Inside Joe Biden's coronabunker
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @Lis_Smith Off the record—no comment
Stop. Booking. Dr. Oz. On. Your. Shows.
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziSome of the best coverage of the pandemic has come from @NYMag’s @grubstreet. Here, @chrisecrowley speaks to an und… are successfully creating a near-infinite stream of entertainment, they are largely failing at providin…
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@jerrysaltz And so proud of you 🎉🖤 @jerrysaltz So proud if you 🎉🖤“How To Be an Artist” is on the Non-Fiction New York Times Best Seller List! I’m speechless, floored; so grateful…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziWe’re committed to keeping our readers informed. Become a subscriber to support our journalism…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziNew from BORDER/LINE's: @gabydvj and I found ICE is using deportation flights to take Americans out of Honduras an…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzithe passengers weren't initially told the plane that had been sent for them was an ICE Air plane. after some proddi…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziSCOOP from @FelipeDLH and me: ICE evacuated Americans out of Honduras on a plane that, hours before, had been used…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziThis isn’t true; and there are few things more dangerous than a president or top official saying something like thi…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzidefinitely miss when politico scoops were like “this senator has a book deal,” not “the morgues are overflowing”
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @kaitlancollins Nice of them to want to do this in time for your birthday @oliverdarcy Oliver what are you trying to say all seems well here to me I do not see the issue
@Emily_Sundberg Lmaoooo noooo why do u ask hahaha :).@scottbix + I spent the last few days exploring why Biden has such longtime loyal staff - it’s picture of a highly…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziSEO headline idea: "When is Easter?"
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @kasie Sometimes, in moments of distress, people try to find things to make jokes about so as to not succumb to despair.Some television anchors have been doing their own makeup and it shows.How Fox booked Betsy Devos: "Ps remember any question she doesn't feel comfortable answering — she can choose to no…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziThis is just the loveliest piece. By @heykmenz for @grubstreet of all White House pool reports in the Trump era read like scripts for Veep. positive thing about the very weird thing we’re all experiencing is I’ve had more time to read. Next on my list… w/ @maggieNYT: Oracle is talking to the White House about an online program that could track patients taking…
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @PastaVersaucy LOL
Scrolling past the 600th photo of homemade bread on my timeline
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziThe entire world is going to be on fire and everyone dead and I will still be receiving emails like "Coverage? INDI…
Retweeted by Olivia NuzziMe, an ardent ethical vegan, every time P*TA tweets
Retweeted by Olivia Nuzzi @ebruenig Tell me more about the Italian bread
@amandamull YES omg I’m so excited for you
@AlliemalCNN It makes me happy to hear they were thwarted 🥰
@RyanLizza Yes?I can’t explain why but this is actually anti-Italian. @taffyakner Lol taffy @GMPaiella @ebruenig 😭💖“The market has looked upon the people it serves and said, ‘Let them eat cupcakes.’” Late to this fantastic…“Summer Mossbarger’s self-imposed starvation was one quiet, anonymous moment amid a national crisis, and one sign o…
One malicious, unstable person making baseless, anonymous accusations—and boom—your life may never be the same.…
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@NinaStrochlic @hels Never again. @amandamull That’s so sweetLast night at the Lincoln memorial. Hardly a soul around.
This morning a White House official referred to #Coronavirus as the “Kung-Flu” to my face. Makes me wonder what the…
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