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Follow the joy & struggle of a pure VR developer trying to survive & give birth to his Musical Universe. --- Full time VR since May 2013.

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Looking forward to try it out! VRnerds is a great Dev team. Anyone here is playing?
@EmbodyAudio @8bitdots Excellent! Thank you for being reactive here. My VR Universe is audio focused (It's a music… @shen Japan: XL @mixedrealityTV @ZbyHP @HP Here the real question: Is it good enough (Resolution/comfort) for a screen desktop repl… @IronStomachLLC @EmbodyAudio Free tool is going to be very difficult as the profile needs to be attached to headpho… @IronStomachLLC @EmbodyAudio Exactly, this is so confusing. That kind of software you would expect (the hardware ma… @8bitdots @TyounanMOTI I see, Wwise is good, but I stopped using it as UE4 caught up on the features I needed. PS5… @TyounanMOTI @8bitdots I have no idea, we need people with these headphones and HMDs/VR to test this and report back! ^_^ @8bitdots I wish for a #UE4 integration with common #VR HMDs... but only the Valve index is worth it. HP reverb G2… annual subscription is just very... off putting: Monthly $2.99 USD Annual $14.99 USD 5-Year… for (logitech) "G231 Prodigy, G233 Prodigy, G331, G332, G431, G432, G433, G533, G633, G933, G635, G633s, G935, G933s, PRO and PRO X"Anyone here (With a Logitech G & Pro) wanna try this? HRTF profile generation from you ea… @8bitdots Embody Logitech exe: @8bitdots Is another provider, but it's 500e to get your ear profile... More about it: @8bitdots Embody? YES indeed: Nice find @8bitdots They have an exe, but not universal: it'… @TyounanMOTI @cerny YES! So interesting! I want to test this ^_^ I guess I have to become PS5 Dev and get a SDK...… to resist a high speed racing game! #SteamSummerSale there any HRTF generators from ear pictures available today? (As @cerny announced for PS5 a few weeks ago)… @JamesNyeVRGuy @madewithUnreal @UnrealEngine There is me and SU, but you already follow me, so let me follow you to… your radar... and in your game library too!
#SteamSummerSale -Story Episode 00- is at -40% Off! #VR Now is a good time to buy it if you are very short on funds…
Great event for supporting LGBTQ communities: @bbhart_ca You don't have a dash cam??
One of the earlier VR game that keeps getting richer. A must have! Support your favorites Indies: @SkarredGhost @eminus @jeanmicheljarre @_VRrOOm_ @VRChat @Scobleizer @GAMERTAGVR @MartinRisbyVR @vrgamerdude @SkarredGhost @eminus @jeanmicheljarre @_VRrOOm_ @VRChat @Scobleizer @GAMERTAGVR @MartinRisbyVR @vrgamerdude @SkarredGhost @VRChat ...disaster is probably due to the lack of bridge between the event organizers and vrc dev te… @SkarredGhost @VRChat My strength with VR chat is the time i spent & the relationship i established over the year w… @SkarredGhost @eminus @jeanmicheljarre @_VRrOOm_ @VRChat @Scobleizer @GAMERTAGVR @MartinRisbyVR @vrgamerdude @SkarredGhost @eminus @jeanmicheljarre @_VRrOOm_ @VRChat @Scobleizer @GAMERTAGVR @MartinRisbyVR @vrgamerdude @BondBurner Same, but it was not a server issue, it's not VRchat fault. They did a room/world that was unoptimized,… @vrgamerdude @eminus @jeanmicheljarre @_VRrOOm_ @VRChat @SkarredGhost @Scobleizer @GAMERTAGVR @MartinRisbyVR @vrgamerdude @eminus @jeanmicheljarre @_VRrOOm_ @VRChat @SkarredGhost @Scobleizer @GAMERTAGVR @MartinRisbyVR @eminus @jeanmicheljarre @_VRrOOm_ @VRChat @SkarredGhost @Scobleizer @GAMERTAGVR @MartinRisbyVR @vrgamerdude
Very interested yes, but I am going to be very blunt as usual: Why was it so amateurish? It's like there was zero…
@BOLL7708 @UploadVR For my upcoming game i use motion controls in cockpits but the pilot has fixed arms/hands while… @BOLL7708 @UploadVR All based of course on user height and body propotions... Also the many types of real HOTAS, yo… @BOLL7708 @UploadVR Here the problem using motion control for cockpit games + in game HOTAS: You can't account for…
@vr_oasis @Anticleric @Retroarcade6 You haven't played Technolust either?? @grooviak @David_Jagneaux @FeelThree where are you...? @reverendkjr @trebu_chat Haaaa.... hearing your voice, it's been too long. (OC6...) I miss you! Let's hop in @VRchat soon ^_^
Since DK1 always dreamed exploring fractals in VR, it's finally there. Generate, mix, combine (really cool process)… ONE of you mentioned this incredible VR fractal laboratory! Too many Creators/Indies are in the shadow, this i… @DevRelCallum Joyeux anniversaire, happy birthday!
The brilliant return of one of the first VR game on Quest! @BenKuchera Would love to see examples of what you were talking about. What would be the best practice to having s… - Arena -
@deep_rifter Yes one of 6! Thank you!oh... Hi! #SynthesisUniverse -Arena- #indiedev #UE4 #indiegame #art #CGI hello to your new pilot! #SynthesisUniverse
@_its_no_good_ Oh wow, that is pretty and engaging indeed!
@xMEprof @oculus Thank you! That review is definitely a flame of hope. It's just... one review on Oculus store thou… Hayden! (& team) @Therealpeterden @germanrifter Things have been good so far, I've been expecting the first death in VR from falling… @germanrifter To a new user, a fun aspect is when you talk to them (& move around) they are experiencing for the fi… @germanrifter Even touching is very intrusive, it's like a ghost touches you: people get jumpy. When demoing to pe… you want to apply for #Musv or #comv you have less than 6 days left! If you want a chance to exhibit at these gr…
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@PixelStrikeInc @oculus ah... if only I could hug you right now... Merci my dear!Today, I cried. A user review on Oculus store: Some user do gets the blood & tears in SU -Story Ep 00- Thank you…
Do you like Mecha? (I certainly do...) Hope you do too.It's a comfy & very secure chair! Designed for high velocity Mecha combat movements. MECHA...??? yes...! ^_^/(clic for full image) ...and yes, this is Art. True low poly, all about shapes, edges, colors & shading. In the ne… chair design: Custom fit to pilot armor/skin. You see it? Everything in SU has a reason to be here, colors,… a seat...? #UE4 #screenshotsaturday #SynthesisUniverse @UnrealEngine @SteveTalkowski #UE4 #screenshotsaturday #madewithunreal #SynthesisUniverse #screenshotsaturday #SynthesisUniverse #screenshotsaturday #SynthesisUniverse
@HanneyChris @kentbye @MuseumOR @Cabbibo Oh Cabbibo is in there! Nice! I am curious to discover if they care about… @HanneyChris @kentbye @MuseumOR Merci Chris! I bought MOR but still haven't got in. We should visit it together ^_^…
@kentbye The timelines make it hard too,the pieces will never be visible to the general public. Every year so many… @kentbye That article highlight once more my failure as I am not mentioned in there. Too much to talk about in twe… @kentbye Nice, I'll read it and thread here. Looking forward! These pas few months have been very difficult for me… @kentbye Synthesis Universe Story 00 has been made as a a musical Art piece yet it's ignored as one. Oh it's Art?…
@azrail13 @IronStomachLLC @PixelStrikeInc This is very cool! If any of you want a true high res of this to print fo…
Buy? Support a true Indie? "B99 is very impressive" "pop culture references" "no walk in the park" "enjoyed it imm… @IronStomachLLC Oh and by @brains81 too! Awesome! A true review. What a treat: "B99 is very impressive" "pop cultu… your #VR appetite:
@deep_rifter @shawncwhiting While working... of course ^_^ 4.40 am here @deep_rifter Yeah, @shawncwhiting just ended his live stream from Seattle. I follow every steps of these events.
@JonVirtual Don't be sorry! I have been worried about you (& my other friends). (It's so hard to answer & not to go… always stay from Politics & keep focused on VR... BUT, even with heavy curating, my feed today is overflowing wi…
@timoni @ARealityEvent @GregMadison I love everything Greg is doing & showcasing, there are way too few people like… @timoni I looked for info on Greg feed about the indie aspect of it, didn't find but he clarified directly with me.… knew that over the years the term "indie" became deformed to mean "Small team" & the independent aspect of it blu… this a joke? @GregMadison is NOT an Indie dev!!! Greg is working for & at @unity3d The definition of indie is…
@AldinDynamics @oculus @VRFocus It's more than that dear @AldinDynamics , it's also fun ^_^ Congratulation on making this!Looking to promote your VR game? #vr #gamedev
Retweeted by Synthesis Universe @VRFocus Yes, very soon indeed!
Designing (& making) a Final Boss level is an incredible process that I am enjoying tremendously. The kid in me pla… @PixelStrikeInc @IronStomachLLC If you don't have Lightsabers, guns, zombies, violence, dinosaurs: you are pretty m… unusual Gamepad indeed, I haven't seen it even though it's like a "VR friendly" design in a way. I wonder if… @raktorxr I couldn't find a steam page. (Via Google) @raktorxr @IronStomachLLC as I don't want to taint your Presskit post: New thread About press, just so you know, they don't… @IronStomachLLC oh I am " like an addict" these past weeks it's insane... I can't even take more than 10mn break...… on that step! I reaaaally have to stop working to try the latest ^__^ is our other big announcement!!! On the 3rd floor of Gugenka Virtual Shop #Gugenkaバーチャルショップ, VIVE VR Store wil…
Retweeted by Synthesis Universe @IronStomachLLC What VR you have? Index? Quest? Rift? All of the above? ^_^ I am not test ready yet, but I'll defi…
In the past months I have completely overhauled the working pipleline I designed for SU, reducing draw calls by at…