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@JakeParkerLIVE It's my daily battle so I understand. Im glad you are taking advantage of it. @Legendaryladman Reminds me of the weak ass bitches that always got shitty duties and were in 16 years as a SSgt. N…"we’ve tended to aspire to the American dream,to whiteness...Latinos have a real active role to play in this fight.…
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonIt's not that hard. Born and raised here. If you can open a door for someone, if you can say "Thank you ma'am or we… y’all, be honest. Since my hair was falling out anyways, I decided to cut it all off. How do I look?
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @JakeParkerLIVE The good ole brain housing group has a mind of its own. The subconscious is incredibly powerful. Ta… @JakeParkerLIVE
As a 12 year old slave, Edmond Albius, invented the technique that made the vanilla industry possible (still used t…
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@A_dmg04 @PaulTassi @RareDropCo @kevinxvision Do over!!!Star Wars & Scotch | Episode 4: Revenge of the Fourth is available now! Is Disney resetting Star Wars? Are we get…
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @joeymonda @britneyspears @Gladd @vNogi @GernaderJake @ZkMushroom @vNogi You can create that burn with less reps and concentration on the ,muscles you are contracting creating a str…年自分が選ぶ今年上半期の4枚 上半期いっぱい描いたから選ぶの難しかった! 下半期もたくさん描きます!
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @ChetOnTrovo @trovolive Bleed Green! @kevinxvision Do over!
@AdamSessler Im puckering... @theLLance @TryhardTristan Video has my voteReal transformation starts with reinvesting in our communities. Share our newest graphic to show people what it loo…
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @vNogi replace slap you with chankla for me🤣 @Mark_Stockley @RyanUzumaki period in lockdown when there was no food in the supermarkets & people were fighting for tissue doesn’t even seem real
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @WhyBLEACH @vNogi A month later the same people were out in force at Memorial day parties...
@cookie_iwnl @GMZ_R6 @PhillyD They missed "A fucking nightmare" in there... @santiagomayer_ Everything's than 5% of Americans know #TrumpIsARacist and don't care one little bit. It's time to #VoteOutHate so we can…
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @PhoenixInfyrno @Vide0Gains @Arekkz Nioooooce sqwat barrrr. @Gothalion Me trying to take all those banana peppers first... @RyanUzumaki @TheCDJohnson @Mark_Stockley @dadgotgametv @TheCDJohnson This right up your alley bruuuhhhhh... @AndrewKochie @JudgeClayJ Dont forget the County Clerks office has been too. You have to go to Tarant county to get anything done. @TroyHD_Twitch @Mark_Stockley @BVDavids Theres so many dope places off of Fitzhugh and of course...Harry Hines. Get some real Tortas. @MaruIRL @miconomicon @miconomicon @BrookeBellido Love this version of Usagi. Check out all his MHA art! @MaruIRL @miconomicon Bro I cant wait till I can create art like this. #plusultra @JakeParkerLIVE @PrincessLeah727 @PrincessLeah727
@Bmoretimore12 @ST3AM_BOAT whats with the bow to instant primary fire glitch thingy? it go thawng den boom. @vNogi It works in anime. Some of the best characters are female even when they're NOT the protagonist.
@Gothalion You arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee The Nav-i-gatorrrrrrrI can't tell you how many members of the Black community, Black leaders, Black-lead organizations, have come out in…
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how to create billie eilish's "bad guy"
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @JakeParkerLIVE Im in“Before his death, Mr. Lopez is seen handcuffed while pleading repeatedly in English and Spanish for water and for…
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @Gladd @ST3AM_BOAT The spelled Stork Markley wrong...👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
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@JakeParkerLIVE pong @PrincessLeah727 @PlayOverwatch Why do I do it to myself!?!?! I havent even done all my placement matches since th… @PrincessLeah727 @PlayOverwatch So much rage!! lol We had a mei go to the opposite side of the map and just emote o… @PrincessLeah727 @PlayOverwatch You are brave! OW has been filled with smurfs and tankers lately. Try not to rage too much! muahahahaYou might have heard about Shake Shack employees "poisoning" cops. You probably didn't hear the cops never got si…
Retweeted by OleJackBurton#BREAKING: A magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes Mexico. Look at this video of a building in the area where the earthq…
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonAlameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley investigated a controversial death in Santa Rita Jail and cleared s…
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@Gothalion It works. @Mark_Stockley Always refers to himself in the 3rd person anyways...A rule of thumb: If you're lying about nonexistent voter fraud, if you're limiting polling places, if you're forcin…
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @Gothalion Time to get a FB acct again @Mark_Stockley Respect @JakeParkerLIVE Time to kick cancer's ass...'ve got three beanbag guns out
Retweeted by OleJackBurton"I think sometimes white collar criminals are more dangerous than violent criminals and more often than not, they g…
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonMixer: The Black Experience Read:
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Here's my story. It's long.
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonThey shot him 7x in the back as he ran away. He was working as a security guard at an auto body shop. Police pulled…
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@Cozmo23 @Seamfull @Bungie @BungieStore do not want to be heroes. We want to be inspiration. We do not want gratitude. We want assistance. We do not wan…
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This is what is left of the Inter-Korean Liaison Office. (pic from state media)
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonInter-Korean Liaison Office (pic 2).
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @vNogi Did you get that shitty message in your chat too or are you just saying in general?I rarely get as angry as right now. Watching a healthcare worker, our #COVID19 "heros" being battered by what essen…
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonThis tweet has the Kremlin harassing our account & pushing for an 'unfollow' campaign using their various propagand…
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonLA County Sheriff was blasted by Palmdale residents for immediately concluding 24-year-old black man Robert Fuller…
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @Gothalion @vNogi Im tired of these fake ass bitches. I havent seen much from popular IG veterans saying shit about this or much else lately.This is physical proof if the “monkey lover” claim. This is literally why some people won’t say shit. This is disg…
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @realDonaldTrump Raise your hand if you think that Donald Trump needs to be removed from office immediately.
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @lil_Bionic @TheCDJohnson I def need to grind this than @TheCDJohnson Need to get it...White Americans — this is the fear your children don’t have to live with.
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonOne of these New Mexico right-wing militia members just shot a person. Notice how calmly they’re all being detain…
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Today is the LAST DAY to REGISTER TO VOTE in Texas so if you wanna flip Texas blue or even take the…
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonHow correcting a typo got Maria (@mariaressa) into trouble: The cyberlibel case vs Rappler. We need to stop journ…
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonThe #BlackTransLivesMatter protest in Brooklyn right now is stunning.
Retweeted by OleJackBurton @Gothalion @CharOnTwitch This is @BrookeBellido and I watching MHA or Seven Deadly Sins.happy birthday
Retweeted by OleJackBurtonAre you ready?
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