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Today in plot twists
Retweeted by ollie mastersAm I hormonal or did I just read this beautiful one-two punch?
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Retweeted by ollie masters @CatherineCB8 Probably! @CatherineCB8 Not quite almost enough to justify this tiredness @ten_bandits This week has lasted a century so farHow am I this tired and it’s only Tuesday?Hearing Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover on the radio, it occurs to me that Paul Simon's exhaustive list misses out "…
Retweeted by ollie mastersAmazing how many people are sharing screengrabs of that supposed Independent story about failed actor Laur*nce Fox'…
Retweeted by ollie mastersI have this playing in an endless loop. So should you ... Evangelist Kenneth Copeland with Andre Antunes on guitar
Retweeted by ollie mastersPls share. Hello Most people don’t know that when they use @Spotify most the artist & songwriters don’t really ge…
Retweeted by ollie mastersAaaaaaagh!
Retweeted by ollie mastersAnother bloody belter from these ruddy rippers.
Retweeted by ollie mastersNot for the first time, one wonders where else but Brexit Britain such epic incompetence & base dishonesty would re…
Retweeted by ollie mastersHappy birthday to Terrence Malick who has mastered the funniest ways to be a recluse.
Retweeted by ollie mastersevery single day on this website everyone’s whipped into a furor by a harmless thought they could easily ignore fro…
Retweeted by ollie mastersi know what you mean. he started off funny. then went into action. then one day in his career he started whispering…
Retweeted by ollie mastersUK ONLY: If you are, or know of any fantastic Script Editors w/experience on big budget, 1 hour, episodic TV, with…
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We’re #AMA chatting the day of Judge Dredd: Control’s release - Dec 10th.
Retweeted by ollie mastersWoman baffled how the Windrush scandal happened when the Home Office is so nice and no one is racist:
Retweeted by ollie masters @mrjamesob My time on a well known TV magazine show quickly drew me to the conclusion that the vox pop is the lazie…
Retweeted by ollie mastersMassive majority of ‘expats’ voted to remain in the EU. I’ve seen it as high as 95%. My last tweet notwithstanding,…
Retweeted by ollie masters>> Not denying the mass murder, starvation and economic genocide. But hey, here's a railway.
Retweeted by ollie mastersMy memory is faded about this year, but didn't David Lynch say good shit was about to happen, then Trump lost and l…👇👇👇
Retweeted by ollie mastersI can’t stop watching this
Retweeted by ollie mastersWas going to take this down at about 1 my time but since it’s “Cyber Monday” I’ll leave it up all day. Check it👇👇👇
Retweeted by ollie masterswhat's the German word for when you're too weary to experience schadenfreude?
Retweeted by ollie masters @alex_segura tiredone day I will write an essay about how a protagonists thoughts and actions =/= endorsement by the author
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Retweeted by ollie mastersI’m so weakkjkkk why did they clown her like this 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by ollie mastersOut Wednesday! I am so very proud of this book.
Retweeted by ollie mastersWe are now eight months into Coronavirus restrictions and the government is still incapable of briefing the ministe…
Retweeted by ollie mastersI guarantee none of them were potential employers in the film industry. 🎬🎥☠️
Retweeted by ollie mastersHis Dark Materials✨ Commission A4 aquarelle #alacroiseedesmondes #HisDarkMaterials
Retweeted by ollie mastersThis is simply magnificent. “Too many to put here.” 😂
Retweeted by ollie mastersI love the smell of Napalm in the morning.
Retweeted by ollie mastersOn the 29th of November 1988, I am assured, the first issue of Sandman went on sale. Which means I started seriousl…
Retweeted by ollie mastersImagine being so utterly fucking desperate to be contrary that you openly insult the NHSJust for the avoidance of doubt... If you have a huge problem with the genetic material of crops being covered by…
Retweeted by ollie mastersClarinetist Doreen Ketchens performing "When the Saints Go Marching In" in New Orleans in 2012. @doreenja
Retweeted by ollie masterswhen you knew your editor was eager to clock out and you had this one thing that’s been bugging you for four years
Retweeted by ollie mastersThis YALL.
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Retweeted by ollie mastersYou would not believe how many middle names Kiefer Sutherland has.
Retweeted by ollie mastersDid you like Hellblazer? Do you hate that it finished too soon? Let them know how much you loved it. 💜
Retweeted by ollie mastersHaters will say it's not the real @TomCruise! 😁 I made this #Loop for @ARTEfr Watch more on
Retweeted by ollie masters @LenaLongstream They’re forced to make an album together and it becomes a psychological battle in the studioRewatched Moonrise Kingdom today, and was struck by how many Wes movies involve kids acting like adults, while the…
Retweeted by ollie masters Piers Morgan has the moral high ground, you really have to wonder how much you’ve fucked up in life think I’ve found my new style a lanky streak of Privileged Piss.
Retweeted by ollie mastersFuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck of…
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I’m on Twitter for the high-quality conversations.
Retweeted by ollie masters @MattTaylorDraws this dinosaur is you @elevenafter Happy Birthday!!! @m_gearoid Well I wouldn’t want to break the rules.... better pour another glassVery happy with my Columbo print by @bobgoblynn! Will get it framed next week
Retweeted by ollie masters @AdlaiM This is why we’re friendsIt’s okay to drink port at 11.30 if you’re putting up a Christmas tree, right?The annual holiday sale on at Cadence comic art is now on. Lots of artwork on sale from a variety of artists includ…
Retweeted by ollie mastersRupert Everett writes the best corrections and clarifications. This is from the start of the 2007 edition of Red Ca…
Retweeted by ollie mastersErnest Dickerson x Spike Lee appreciation tweet 🐐
Retweeted by ollie mastersHere's what my work looks like, someone please hire me to direct shows like The Queen's Gambit
Retweeted by ollie mastersMinisters: The liberal elite think Brexiters are too stupid to know what they voted for. Also ministers:
Retweeted by ollie mastersUnless it’s a scene where Charles imagines being Camilla’s tampon then you can safely assume everything you watch i…
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2020 of interest is magnificent television
Retweeted by ollie mastersI’m not a big Star Wars person but I’ve been loving The Mandalorian so I’ll have to take all your words for it that… have written to Home Secretary, Priti Patel, to demand the cancellation of a deportation flight to Jamaica on Dec…
Retweeted by ollie mastersUPDATE: some people argued the below is a summary of the evidence and not the evidence itself. SO I read all the pa…
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Retweeted by ollie mastersA government built entirely on persuading people to ignore experts, evidence & observable facts is now charged with…
Retweeted by ollie mastersIt has come to my attention that works by Edgar Rice Burroughs, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Rube Goldberg enter the pub…
Retweeted by ollie mastersIntroduction Of Giancarlo Esposito Suggests Main Character Now Totally Fucked
Retweeted by ollie mastershappy one year to this iconic line
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Can’t help but feel the relaxation of restrictions for Christmas is to give a wee distraction from a certain self-…
Retweeted by ollie mastersBrendan O’Neill, you utter, utter shit. That’s all.
Retweeted by ollie mastersBe sure to take advantage of the 15% off sale across the store at this weekend only! Includ…
Retweeted by ollie masters @AshcanPress yep. I still need to check out that doc about him @AshcanPress every film he was ever in got nominate for an Oscarwhen david fincher predicted knives out.
Retweeted by ollie mastersFuuuuuuck yeah @AdlaiM @j_partridgeIII @AlexPaknadel That was an amazing day of music @AdlaiM @j_partridgeIII @AlexPaknadel So many bottles......on a related note, Ted: remember when Trent Reznor nuclear-owned you onstage in Texas for trying to get on NIN's VI…
Retweeted by ollie masters @AdlaiM @j_partridgeIII @AlexPaknadel Yeah, that was a fucking awesome dayRoses are red, Trees are for logging...
Retweeted by ollie mastersOther countries. Yes apparently we really are this pathetically insecure as a nation... ‘Exclusive: No.10 ‘Demanded… scene of Big Night. One 5-minute unbroken take. Stanley Tucci makes eggs.
Retweeted by ollie mastersSpace Jam by Francine Hughes
Retweeted by ollie mastersTHE INTERNET HAS GONE TOO FAR By
Retweeted by ollie mastersI just ordered some books from @TKOpresents to get caught up on their latest titles. Everything is 25 percent off t…
Retweeted by ollie masters#Elf End of tweet
Retweeted by ollie mastersGift buying, comics-loving humans! Teen-havers also! Please consider checking out ALIENATED. It's bloody beautiful…
Retweeted by ollie masters @JoeBarton_ it would be impossible to not do a little dance @JoeBarton_ I like to think you said this out loud to yourself as you squeezed the lime @IanDunt congrats man!