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Holli B @OlliHey Illinois, USA

Self proclaimed Geek 🖖, World Traveler & Knower of Random Facts...also live tweets #allstartrek & #Svengoolie and random other shows...

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@RBrownKCfan7 Better than saying I don’t know.How do you explain that David Vincent is an architect to a newbie? #metvinvadersWho narrates for #metvInvaders?I like when the opening credits tell you how the series begins. #metvInvadersDude burned up. He just disappeared. Ummm...did you put him in the fire? #metvInvadersOh No! It’s architect, David Vincent, and...#metvInvaders didn’t Even realize that show actually ended. #MeTVBuckRogersWas this guy in A Christmas Carol? I think he wore the same outfit. #MeTVBuckRogersMan #MeTVBuckRogers is getting deep. Does anyone have a shovel?Geez, #MeTVBuckRogers. Way to point out all the bad aspects of Hawk’s life. #debbiedownerI am waiting. But I cannot fly so I will wait up here. #MeTVBuckRogers @themindofscottx Ha! Me too!#MeTVBuckRogers more like the Hawk hourThere’s no thing as death, there’s only shame. #metvBuckRogers #misheard that guys eyebrows or nose fake? I couldn’t tell. #mebuckrogersThis is the fanciest hibachi grill restaurant I e ever seen. #metvbuckrogersSo bird feathers glued to a swimming cap. Halloween is a’comin. #metvbuckrogersAunt: I feel like I’ve been watching this for 30 mins already and they’re only now showing the opening credits #metvBuckRogersI’m kinda embarrassed to say that I saw part 1 of this episode last week #MeTVBuckrogersThis #Shatnering has made my night complete #metvstartrek’m sensing a pattern#metvstartrek @Tommy3Tilley 😂☹️#metvstartrek Kirk’s literally putting words in her mouth #metvstartrekRed Shirt Down! #metvstartrekDoctor McCoy is me at my desk everyday. #metvestartrekLife tip #745: You can’t get Doritos out of a pillow.Does your doctor check your glands? #metvstartrekIt’s like Freaky Friday all over agin. Or Big. #metvstartrekFrom #svengoolie to #metvstartrek werewolf’s look better in Black & White #svengoolieWhy do werewolf’s seem to prefer strangling their victims? #svengoolie #lycantrophyWell that flower bloomed at the most convince my time, didn’t it? #svengoolieAnd what was he warming his hands on?The werewolf is praying? How’s that work?! #Svengoolie @sym4dvl Very demonicIs he wearing a jumpsuit?...oh it’s a robe #SvengoolieHe was a very dapper werewolf #SvengoolieMy aunt guessed: werewolf penis 😅😂🤣😂🤣😂Fun with #Svengoolie tip #72615 Coozies are not just for beer. #Svengoolie #LifeLessonsHonestly she looks like she’s wearing a bed skirt #svengoolieOnly 1 flower... There can be only one... One flower to rule them all... #svengoolie @NubaumMichael I think about this often 🤔😂Is she holding the Lorax? #svengoolie @IndyCacher Great Minds, Rick. Great minds. @butterflytatus We actually looked it up and there are camels in Tibet but it didn’t say if they could be found in the mountains @katnahat7 Must be hump day 😂🤣😂🐫A Ring doorbell...and what year is this?! #SvengoolieHe brought the whole mountain along with the flower?!? #Svengoolie #wolfbaneWell he is sure persistent #SvengoolieIt’s Eddy Munster #SvengoolieHe made it! #Svengoolie college on the mountain #SvengoolieSomething is holding his feet...and yet he walks...#Svengoolie @Wesc72 I prefer the stars but I like the little plane.A camel on a mountain in Tibet? #SvengoolieThere’s a werewolfery afoot. #Svengoolie
It’s Saturday and I’m putting the Super back in #superscifisaturdaynight Thank goodness for the complete…
On the next Friday Night Theme Event, @DKUTV is celebrating 2 daikaiju-sized anniversaries. First at 7 pm ET, we h…
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I don’t always remember that I have a backscratcher at my desk but when I do... original pyramid scheme
@redditSpacePorn #BUCKETLIST
I just found this gem included with #amazonprime Merry #ChristmasInJuly
Just me or is anyone else getting “Lassie” vibes from Worf? 🤷‍♀️ #allstartrekGreat foreshadowing Jean Luc! I just tuned in and I already feel as if I know what’s going on. #allstartrek
@sym4dvl @jmwm9 Same except the pizza is in the freezer, I’m out of beer, and I don’t watch baseball. But other th… @7Trekkie Girl you know it 😜😂🤣😏Note: If you are a young person in crisis, feeling suicidal, or in need of a safe and judgment-free place to talk,…
Retweeted by Holli B @DerMudeTude not make it due to Christmas In July festivities 🎄 So you might need to party harder to make up for my absenc… like to think he was having a very in depth conversation with his reflection. @kenmc0219 @godwhatamess @jntweets @DerMudeTude @parilani @wallacegreenway @cellytron Love that they stayed true to the chest hair.
@kenmc0219 @BKinDetroit Trust me, I am not over invested. I right? 🙄 @ChilliHotGirI @Funny_Truth If you come into the doctors office wearing a respirator mask you will be asked to plac… found in the bathroom, patients being transferred to my cell phone and not a single pen that works. What a w… @JanelleWaz
Cardassians sure appreciated their housekeepers. #allstartrekAs a kid, those Chinese finger puzzles were my favorite prize from the dentist. #allstartrek
@sym4dvl @Wesc72 @Wesc72 Right?!’m ready for fall 🍁 Hot beverages ☕️, baked treats 🍪, sweaters & blankets 🧶. @JanelleWaz Siskos as mad as a hatter think Odo just had a splitting headache. #AllStarTrekKirk always get the credit for being a ladies man but Bones is quite the smooth operator. #allstartrekA human zapper. I could use one of those at my desk at work. #allstartrek
I do enjoy the #metvBuckRogers theme song.Surak’s war strategy’s to kill them with kindness. #metvstartrekMaybe Lincoln is a space vampire and he has to be invited in. Just sayin 🤷‍♀️ #metvstartrekSo Bela was a werewolf and looked like a regular wolf when he turned. He bit Larry and turned him into a werewolf.… to the musical recap, I see that Larry had his clothes in the whole time he was a werewolf. His werewolf si… did he take off his clothes and then get dressed or is he like WonderWoman and his clothes magically change on t…! #Svengoolie Forever. @svenfan87 That’s awesome! I still have my Bozo pin! @shaboopy Wizzo was my favorite. I got to go to the show twice with the GirlScouts.Bozo! Was anyone else on the #Bozo Show before? #Svengoolie #ChicagoThey make evening wear canes?#Svengoolie