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Senior Designer/Art Director working on films and TV at @TheEmpireDesign. Previously Art Editor at @EmpireMagazine. Described by the BBC as a 'Virtual vandal'

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🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jamescdyer @taylorswift13 I don't know why this has surprised me so much but welcome to the club! I feel like… I will be watching. Does this mean I'm now a 'Swifty' or whatever they call @taylorswift13 fans? @Felicitykate Haha thank you, just a bit intimidated by the talent around me! @Laure0901 Thanks Laure! @bossmew ♥️♥️♥️♥️ @BenIllustrator @Daniel_Bevis @McVities They are DEADLY. Should be a permanent addition to their line-up. @BenIllustrator @McVities The gingerbread one is the KINGTHERE'S MORE?! 2020 is getting better and better!
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@Neil_Druckmann For the most creepy sounds I've heard in a game/film/anything. Bravo.I very much stepped off that art train that's going on twitter when I saw who I was on the train with. Nope nope no… @TV_amyy YUP I remember the horrible wait. Loved the hatch mystery! @amblin @1917 @RecordingAcad It should win for 'The Night Window' and 'Sixteen Hundred Men' alone. Stunning moments… @jonathancou Taking up space alas, time for bye bye @goulcher Yeah I think I'll do that going forward. I just like the idea I can sell the game once I've finished with… to get rid of all my dvd/blu-ray/ps4 cases. Mad the amount of plastic and what it reduces down to (on the r… evening another new friend said hello the Oscar for Best Cinematography 2020 goes to: Mother Nature @sam_clements @empiremagazine @BenSTravis @samsummers0 Cheers Sam! Ps still need that bike ride!I appear to have made a new friend. podcast from @empiremagazine's @BenSTravis and @samsummers0 with artwork from me! Go check it out! @bill_mcconkey Yes Bill! Glad to hear it mate!2016: "Sunlit uplands" "I see no downsides to Brexit, only a considerable upside" 2020: "It's going to cause more…
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The three different variations of Storm Thorgerson's artwork for @Muse's 'Black Holes and Revelations'. I absolutel… over the old Empire Awards which were bucket loads of fun. The photobooth was an icon of the show. It's… @RichParisWilson @amplifyfilm @FilmBathUK @cinecity_bton @CornwallFilm @camfilmfest Sick, will keep my eyes peeled! @RichParisWilson @amplifyfilm @FilmBathUK @cinecity_bton @CornwallFilm @camfilmfest When and where can I watch it? @RichParisWilson @amplifyfilm @FilmBathUK @cinecity_bton @CornwallFilm @camfilmfest Congrats man! these little animations around Westfield Stratford. Fun style and characterisations. @Handsome_Frank It's ludicrously tasty. Dangerously so. @Martin_Izzard 100%I have never loathed a member of government more than this shrivelling weasel of a man. Somehow the Tories manage t…
@olimorriseliel I was about to message her 😂 @Oliver_Rankin Oo this great. Gonna get addicted to this! @SamBlonde Texture/pattern is a good shout! I feel like that will help bring life to the place. Thanks! @gawuffy Yeah I think that's a good idea. Got too many things I want to implement but not sure the harmony of them all! @Cakes_Comics Yeah I think there's that option of all white and allow the bits in the to do the work or properly st… @ItIsMaxRaymond Yeah that's a good shout. We're quite lucky the new place has pretty decent light so allows us to p… @Oliver_Rankin Never heard of houzz but will check out. Already started building ours in 3D!Doing interior design where do you even begin. Is there a starting point to consider? The floor, the walls? Does on…
@ChrisHewitt @FolaSalako This was a terrible idea. I now want fried chicken. @Thom_Baker @Felicitykate @BenSTravis @ChrisHewitt @FolaSalako Yes!! I love Iron Chef. That's another I want to binge! @ChrisHewitt @FolaSalako Oh amazing! Got Sky so that's me sorted, thanks!How it started: How it's going: @ChrisHewitt @FolaSalako Where is it?? I wanted to do this the other day!Recent new creatives: These were created with the work of Hipgnosis and Storm Thorgerson in mind who have been a hu… @rob_sheridan a normal rickshaw will a couple of unusual attachments and signage. 🧐 will cost you $20 to RT my work. I'll DM you my PayPal, ok..?
Retweeted by Olly Gibbs @cupkaykie Yeah I normally hold out on getting immediately anyway so in no rush! @clairemnash Yeah will work with any TV, 4K just means the graphics are a lot sharper and really maximises the devi… late grandad's genuine LinkedIn profile. Still love this. @Mike_P_Williams @James_Warren You need to look after yourself in these trying times, TREAT YO SELF @GuardedDon That did cross my mind hah!I want a #PS5 but also need a 4K tv. This is gonna be expensive. May have to wait.😬
HE'S ONLY RUDDY THROUGH TO THE SEMI-FINALS! GET IN @chefwebb1! #TeamAlex #MasterchefTheProfessionals #MasterchefUK @iancarrington @taylorswift13 All great tracks!The best thing that came out of 2020... cardigan by @taylorswift13 #NowPlaying @dreamyourealive Yikes!
It's certainly a look. How is this reality? @trafficman30 Oh man I wish I had seen this earlier!A 12 hour shoot all masked up - my poor ears. Props to the medical staff who do this day in, day out.
This is FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥 today's @GoogleDoodles and want to learn more about Fanny Eaton? Then take a look at my art history short, ava…
Retweeted by Olly Gibbs @thisnorthernboy I rewatched it the other day. Lots of great moments but can't stand the continuous screaming throughout!Fine trolling by @PlayStationUK at Oxford Circus for the release of #PS5. @JamFactory Came out great Gav!Because of @QueenieBlu's brilliant mini documentary on Fanny Eaton I instantly recognised today's Google Doodle! Wa…
Receiving some of the best feedback yet, Alex's brill was... well, brill! 😋 Missed any of #MasterChefUK The Profess…
Retweeted by Olly GibbsWant of ya bud! @chefwebb1 #MasterchefTheProfessionals Alex @chefwebb1, smashed it! #TeamAlex #MasterchefTheProfessionals ON. #TeamAlex #MasterchefTheProfessionals @The_Shiznit Lol is this the updated version? @miksullivan I have the Pixel 3 and adore it. Can't see myself ever changing back to an iPhone.T-Minus 30 mins!Dear @itv please recommission a new series of #Whitechapel.Can't wait to watch our man @chefwebb1 on @MasterChefUK tonight! Come on lad! 🤞 #TeamAlex @thisnorthernboy Yes mate!
@JaseCurtis Champion of the Sun!Dayman...I don't know why I made this. #Boris
Retweeted by Olly Gibbs @gray Beautiful work! @bossmew That is terrifying! 😂#Cinema4D users I need your help. Why is my model looking like this? I've tried adding a phong tag, a subdivision s… @x_MissLouise_x Ew @gray Nice! @ReviverKnight Hmm could be a nice challenge to try fabric!What should I model up next??This week has already begun with a complete twist and now I just walked past Emma Thompson!A 360° look at my #BobaFett 3D model. #TheMandalorian
Retweeted by Olly GibbsMy 3D render of Boba Fett's helmet. Another exercise in learning to model and texture. Still some areas I'm not too…
Retweeted by Olly Gibbs @MarkVonLukas 😂😂 @Gothlick I sadly thought the same!Dennis Cornflake