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INZANE JOHNNY @olsonpower Michigan, USA

Rich & Johnny lay out the complete output of the unique UTOPIAS from Detroit 1966-7. =

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Lots of folks don’t know I’m a Classical musician and been playing Bassoon since 2007. It’s not something people no…
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Why are there so many pics of them together
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYI agree, we don’t need Saxophones in movies
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@ConorHaloReach @olsonpower
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYEverything about this just screams @olsonpower to me. Apart from the music.
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY @olsonpower excuse me feet on vinyl cuh
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Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYSome choice Joel Rash Fryday bangerz here: Youth & Lydia Lunch: Death Valley '69 via @YouTubeThe Slowest Lift "I'm Born" on Plutonic Shine New vid to celebrate our album coming out tod…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYHBD TO THE HEAVYWEIGHT KING: LEE MORGAN Lee Morgan - 1966 - The Rajah - 05 What Not My Love via @YouTubeWE OUT HERE @chuckhatcher_75 amazing lp @olsonpower
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYI still have no idea how this is physically possible. @Spotinator @olsonpower #SoundsOfTwoEyesOpening 🛹
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYWhy You Never Became A Dancer by Whitehouse but played on piano and sung... via @YouTube
presented without comment. nicked off @olsonpower who quite possibly nicked it off another nicker
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYHyuk hyuk hyuk. Stolen from @olsonpower
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYNTS is for lovers
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYThis is utterly deranged, love it. Attn: @olsonpower, proper weird Joe Meek gear discovered by @the_brogues
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYRich & Johnny lay out the complete output of the unique UTOPIAS from Detroit 1966-7. STRENGTH BDAY TO THE UTTER POWERHOUSE = FRANK WRIGHT The Moon via @YouTubeThinking about when @olsonpower reposted my one good meme
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY man driving stolen car crashes into woman driving another stolen car via @nypost
Available soon via Simon & Schuster, this updated 2020 edition of "There Was A Light" contains new and archival int…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYNew episode 🔥
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYMichael Imperioli takes over for the next hour, presenting 632 ELYSIAN FIELDS, featuring music from Charles Mingus,…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY @Rubber0Cement @olsonpower Relatable. I too needed a quick rinse after listening to Black Vomit with Anthony Braxton for the first time. ⚡😈⚡
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY*sees "Kanye Finally Dumps Trump: ‘I’m Taking the Red Hat Off" headline* Sure....
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Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYHBD ARTHUR WILLIAMS Arthur Williams – Forgiveness Suite (Part I) via @YouTubeSpaghetti post-flex ⚡️
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYLmao one of the best wrong pic band memes #portlandshit via @olsonpower
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY @olsonpower Only been on the ladies side but that has strong Now That's Class energy
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYThis is the best h/t @olsonpower
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The massive Charlie Nothing book just arrived in all its glory
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYBetween ‘Fun House’ ELECTRONICS KZOO STYLED INZANITY ! Rich & Johnny have an intense midday chat with Kalamazoo Electronic music… @felipezenicola @olsonpower Já tinha visto! Mas ninguém tinha me marcado ainda, haha. Me identifico com mais de um,…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY#thirdmanbooks now offers e-books by Sheree Renée Thomas, Caroline Randall Williams, Ciona Rouse, John Olson, Jeff…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYi found another version of the letter signed by the greatest writers and intellectuals of our time in @Harpers
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Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYLife Is A Rip Off gets the (Volcanic Tongue RIP patented) "highest possible recommendation". Worth the price of adm…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYLIFE IS A RIP OFF DOWNLOAD BOI= @thirdmanbooks HANK MOBLEY Hank Mobley - No Room For Squares via @YouTube @kbloggins @olsonpower @NotAnotherSteve @ThatBoysGood @WRFL I don't know what half of that jazz means, but I know t…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY @NotAnotherSteve @ThatBoysGood Nappy Roots cornered the street fest market at that time, absolutely. SAB was more i…
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How fearless stuntwork and a load of tranquillisers created one of the craziest moments in horror history.💔he wrote his own obituary starting with “I, Ennio Morricone, am dead” and goes on basically as a declaration of lo…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYThe Time a Scotsman Played Bagpipes for a Penguin in Antarctica via @PocketMe: Trying to check Twitter to make sure Frosted Flakes isn’t trending for somehow being racist, running for presid…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYSaw Frosted Flakes trending and I thought something happened to Tony the Tiger.
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYDocumentaire : "Bernard Parmegiani" via @francemusiqueKINGS OF KINGS :RIP ENNIO MORRICONE Veruschka - Ennio Morricone (Full Album 1971) OST via @YouTube Ali Quartet "Leo" live 1972 via @YouTubeLive now til midnight BST, picks from The Cramps' "Lux & Ivy's Favourites Volume 1" playlist - listen now:…
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2020 @olsonpower It's Shirley Collins' birthday today too
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Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYHBD SMILEY LEWIS Smiley Lewis - Greatest Hits (FULL ALBUM) via @YouTubeSUNDAZE OLZONE #40 #NowPlayingFully excellent and singularly unique new 12” EP from @danieldimaggio’s long-running HOME BLITZ project, now availa…
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Really really want to mute “Hamilton” forever, very badly, but I don’t want to miss any important news about Hamilton, Ontario
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Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYShit The Gonz Says - Mark Gonzales-isms Supercut via mean WOLFS ICE?@olsonpower
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HBD JOHNNY HARTMAN John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman - My One And Only Love 1963 via @YouTube @MaxTundra @olsonpower yaaaas - finally we are work colleagues!
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Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY @l_calzo take the three minute offi guarantee you NO ONE listens past the 3 minute 30 second mark of Tubular Bells
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2020 @weirdingmodule @thepalaceat4am BAISE WAS WRONG THATS THE CORRECT WAY 2 SAY IT CUHWhenever I want a little chuckle, I just recall the time outside of Zoot's when @thepalaceat4am scolded me for pronouncing Can "Khan".
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYHBD AHMAD JAMAL jamal at the pershing vol 2 (1961) FULL ALBUM ahmad jamal via @YouTubeINTENSE Kraftwerk Interview Ralf Hütter BBC2 England 20090708 18:59 Culture Show via @YouTubeRICH & JOHNNY + NTS LIVE THIS EVENING= TNT @richtupica @ntslive NTS Supporters. Help us bring you even more forward-thinking radio. Support NTS from just £2.99 a mont…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYToday on NTS 2: @rossallenmusic @sahelsounds @olsonpower @djoctober @sawilkes2 @budgiefirebeats @Spinorita
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@olsonpower Lady Patton Choco Dyno Pebbles of Backpack
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYI GUESS KEEP SENDING ME THIS ISH OKAY 4 NOW killer Rudolph Grey piece by @olsonpower in the latest @thewiremagazine inspired us to dig this 45 out, absolut…
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY @tabsout THEY GET PAID
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYThe ultimate long game
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNY🙏🏿🙏🏿
Retweeted by INZANE JOHNNYThank you very much @olsonpower and richdontmind for chatting with me about my career and my label @djamir70 🙏🏿❤️…
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