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The one who deserves all the love in the world and the one I will always protect @KYonZin_ also @taekook_aj is LITREALLY WORDS CANT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH ILY BOTH

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@RynkaChan I’m still here but this is kinda my final day here for a while😭
@SAB0LUVR Alr this is my last reply goodbye bro 😔 @TheDarkEater_ Congratulations also bye dark 😭😭😭Goodbye my friends for now @firefistsara BRO WHA😭😭😭make up your mind
@firefistsara ABSOLUTELY YESSIR😤 @firefistsara TALKKK🗣🗣 @firefistsara ICONIC SARA BACK @firefistsara Emelia one I’m such a late moot😭😭😭😭😭 @Mindyy_10 THX YOU SO MUCH😭😭😭 @nemesis_captain FR😭😭 @olminay I’m not rlly😔 @AniKarmaig It’s fine 😭 @pkpro16 I made it here?😭😭❤️❤️ @Ariluvsanime 🥺❤️ @olminay BESTIE😭😭😭 @luffysonlygf 🤗🤗 @luffysonlygf Aww🥺🥺 @luffysonlygf Thx you so much 😭❤️ @luffysonlygf BESTIE😭😭😭 @cantstoptwinkin Aww man 🥺thx you so much @KYonZin_ Ok bye! And I’ll def dm @KYonZin_ ALR BESTIE😭😭 @KYonZin_ 🥺❤️ @KYonZin_ I will😭 @KYonZin_ I am! @notcjounin Thx you so so much bro 😭 @Ariluvsanime Thx you very much @KYonZin_ I’m still attending rn @KYonZin_ BESTIE TRAVEL SAFE😭🥺 @KYonZin_ I CANY STOP THINKING OF HIM😭😭 @weedlechuu BRO THX YOU😭😭 @KYonZin_ Yea I ate some fish😭 @KYonZin_ You don’t understand how much I appreciate it😭 @notcjounin YOO HI MAN ima be gone for a while context my last tweet 😭 @KYonZin_ Yeah so many memories gone 😭😭😭 @KYonZin_ DONT worry abt late reply’s it’s ok 😭😭 @KYonZin_ BESTIE I WILL YOUR SO CARING😭😭😭 @KYonZin_ IDK WHAT TO Do💔😭 @KYonZin_ ILL DEF GO TALK TO YOU BESTIE😭😭 @KYonZin_ BESTIE THX YOU SO MUCH I REALLY NEED THIS BREAK😭😭😭😭😭😭 @KYonZin_ IM NOT GOOD HE WAS MY BESTRIEND FOR 6 years 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @KYonZin_ BESTIE😭😭look at recent tweet😔 @KYonZin_ 😭💔YUP IMA GO CRY NOW BYE 😭😭my friend who got in a car accident died in the hospital 💔😔ima be off for a while bye guys…
Retweeted by kisuke urahara 🐐 @TheGreatTotal BROO THX YOU💔😭 @iamasimplejayy Thx you very much 🥺💔 @AFUSIONGOAT BROOO ILY THX YOU SO MUCH💔😭😭😭 @LayersOfHomra Thx you sm bro😭 @sysekai DAWG THX YOU😭😭😭😭Hope you guys don’t mind me leaving for a bit 😔😭YUP IMA GO CRY NOW BYE 😭😭my friend who got in a car accident died in the hospital 💔😔ima be off for a while bye guys… @Grassyassassi32 YOOOODawg how did I miss that they have a bleach ex YouTube channel if they use the song in the vids for the ops 😎🔥 @iamasimplejayy SHUT😡😡YOUR HANDSOME @iamasimplejayy Where is it at handsome JAYY 🥺 @TheGreatTotal Ah I see @str6fes M-mommy Aidan scary 😭😭 @oyaoya_1 WHAT HAVE I DONE😭😭😭 you always put a smile on my face whenever we interacted you always would make my day so much better 🥺❤️ @pkpro16 14 @RailgunFan1 You mean your the goat @oyaoya_1 OFC IM SWEET IM WAY TO GRATEFUL OF YOUR EXSESTCE HOW DO I SPELL THX YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND THX YOU😭😭😭 @oyaoya_1 HII ITS BEEN KINDA A LONG TIME😭😭 ILY WAY MORE YK IM REALLY GRATEFUL I MET YOu @Aliban969 I MADE IT YAY👀 @oyaoya_1 GN ILYSM JUST REMEMBER YOUR SPCL @RailgunFan1 GMM😩😩😩 @Aliko_6 LUCK @str6fes 🤔 @iamasimplejayy FACEHeader was made by @taekook_ajNEW PFPPP!Now it doesNOPE Wait this doesn’t match @Shunko_Master YOUR WELCOME BRO THX YOU FOR BEING ON THIS APP @y0urqt Your welcome @y0urqt Great to hear @Astaux0 YES IM SO HYPED AHHHHHHH @Shunko_Master YOOOO SHUNKO MAN CONGRATULATIONS IM SO PROUD OF YOU GOAT😭❤️YOU DESERVE ALL OF THESE FOLLOWERS MAN IM… @Astaux0 Gm hru @bumassdude Rukia @Sayin_Adrian @bumassdude Noti+ LMAOOO @TheGreatTotal Gm Bro hruGMMM EVERYONE! @firefistsara WAIT WHAAAA??? @Shunko_Master DAWG THAT WAS MY REACTION AS WELL @y0urqt YOUR WELCOME AND YEAH I UNDERSTAND ALSO HRU @y0urqt THIS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD😭 @AniKarmaig Oh alr😭 @KYonZin_ YESSSSS YOU DESERVE IT HERE YOUR ALWAYS INTERACTING WITH ME😭❤️ @KYonZin_ BESTIE I CANT YOU always put a smile on my face😭 @dxrlingohxyo OMG WHA😭😭😭you also 😭 @dxrlingohxyo ILY SO SO MUCHGNNNN! ILY ALL @cantstoptwinkin YESSSSS 😂😂 @cantstoptwinkin BRUH🥺🥺 @Astaux0 Yw @Astaux0 You deserve it here @cantstoptwinkin YESSSS🥺🥺 @cantstoptwinkin THX YOU🥺
@Shunko_Master 2000 🎉🎉🎉