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Macling @Omega_Macling Switzerland

Swiss cunt that argues over anything controversial

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@Hai_Seas Is that guru making some of those noised ?My mail reminding me I'm a simp @Spideraxe30 Ah yes, I too like to wake up glowing red with 2 swords in my hand too!Yesterday I found a new light novel called “There’s No Way My Sister is a Caliph!” So then I had to look up what a…
Retweeted by Macling @serinide You just answered yourself @IreliaCarriesU Well you're pretty hot, who wouldn't
Yea but in the winning is all that matters obama??????????? does this nigga know how presidency works????????
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@Kyaandere L @fr0styNinja @TiberiusAudley What's AC ?Man I'm loving Word PcP la cuchaule et de l’histoire, ma recette de la fête nationale. Mission premier août accomplie! #SwissNationalDay
Retweeted by Macling @snowbirdtbh Is this you ? I can't remember ur appearance @Rouvicath hahaha trueNgl I can imagine him being the kinda of guy being told he wasn't allowed in Epstein's sex trafficing ring and to s…🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭◻️◻️🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭◻️◻️🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 🇨🇭◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️🇨🇭 🇨🇭◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️🇨🇭 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭◻️◻️🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭◻️◻️🇨🇭…
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Retweeted by Macling @Slasher Forget America... no that is all
JoJo is kinda trash tho nhl @G0ffThew I feel they're gonna try to get to the World Finals by the end of the show's run and in 12 - 13 episodes,… birthday to Swizerland : ) @TubeAfterDark The fact someone thought of a random skin before the literal champion of that description sais alot of about the champion
@Foxdroplol Nice "square"The Men 2: More Men™ @Sneaky @LoLTarzaned @loltyler1 @Yassuo @Voyboy @Trinimmortal @DisguisedToast @LSXYZ9…
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Wishing for bliss is basically compliance tho, It's like if you saw someone getting beat up in the street in a sit… thinking companies actually cared about that stuff, all money money for them, regardless how much blood is… @CoachDornRogal
Retweeted by MaclingIt's already been like 2 weeks and he's still making the tired same joke @OddestOfRogues But if you have it, why not eat it ?Ok but imagine be offended by "trap"
@GrahamMcNeill Thanks for another League of Legends short story 🙏 @KFCGenerous Jess taking the L @JessInosuke Question marking ashe nerf when she's the best adc rn OK
@RiotAugust September, pls no
@snowbirdtbh Yes :) @snowbirdtbh YesGuru be like: Hashinshin isn't a pedo because he isn't exclusivily going after younger girls YOU AIGHT BRUV ? @snowbirdtbh No, shut up and take off your pants @adamwarren12341 Can relate man, literally had a mental breakdown at 3 to 5am last night, Love u too man : ) @Hai_Seas @DaWiFiwasTaken VoucheMan I really just had a mental breakdown for the first time in years last night, can we get a pog for that cringe lolWait @DumbsYT plays WoW ?!? I thought he became the unfunny it turns out he's actually a chad @snowbirdtbh Sorry I'm late, gn chief @AureusSin @moobeat Wouldn't be the firstone person followed me // automatically checked by
Impressed with the US' strategy to avoid a second wave of COVID by never letting the first one end. Truly forward thinking stuff.
Retweeted by Macling @snowbirdtbh do you know a good brand for men's skin care or ar least someting to lead me in the right direction? @chaseshaco M13, the only brown bear in switzerland (that was sadly killed in 2013)LPP gave me some codes for spirit blossom vayne if u wanna enter the giveaway just make sure you’re following my ac…
Retweeted by MaclingI just looked up how to get Battle of Azeroth flying and I think I'm gonna be sick, where the fuck do I even start… @snowbirdtbh I've got no issues
Pog @JumaraloHexCore Probabl for the animation @snowbirdtbh Twitter just rolled out an update that's probably why @SerebiiNet Damn people really need that much ? @JessInosuke It really do be dumb @JessInosuke Yea I get that, I say whatever I want too but like does stuff like saying what's above, is it like ins… @JessInosuke Yo Jess not trying to start anything but you sometimes say these really obvious statements without con… @Rouvicath @OddestOfRogues Ya man ya kinda cringa @Spideraxe30 I finally got a decent one @snowbirdtbh Not every champ needs to be Aphelios level of mechanics @Necrit94 No
Retweeted by Macling @ogkoddy @Spideraxe30 Ok what's that got to with it tho ? Voli theme came out in May @Spideraxe30 Wym "space each release"❌ Twitch Partner "hashinshin" (@hashinshin) has been banned! ❌ #twitch #ban #firstban #partner #twitchpartner 🇦🇴
Retweeted by MaclingStanding with Victims
Retweeted by Macling @danielgalhardo @Ahri_SBlossom @KateyAnthony @Rouvicath @CorvixWasTaken It's kp @flareoleon i-Yea ok but why the fuck did the raid "Visions of Destiny" in Ny'alotha, the walking city take 30 whole minutes tf @Rouvicath Damn you only notice now ? I've had since 2 weeks now 🤔 Old Lore Black Rose Crest BRG icon
one person followed me // automatically checked by @Hiyo49218652 @Sebastopolotaku @Trinimmortal No! King! Stop! @RiotAugust So what do you work on nnow champ ? @_youhadonejob1 2 and 9 I guess since I have everything elseThis man is unironicly on crack rn @JumaraloHexCore Floating Pyramids LET'S GO @TwitchSupport @Twitch Please ban known pedophile @/Hashinshin from your platform otherwise we're gonna have to pull our support @JessInosuke @BIaze11 @Gortiz1999 @Ace_Dusk @gnofieB_hpoT
@TCS_Hyperz @javi_lao03 @itanimeirl @saucenaopls Some people literally don't have functioning eyes ya' knowRest in power
Retweeted by Macling @ostyy17 @DJJackSwanson @Slasher Yea I played myself there ngl @DJJackSwanson @Slasher Wait tf, I follow the league scene but didn't hear anything about this @Slasher Ok chiefs, gonna need context, no idea who either are @VonKujon @julienforts They got a game of the franchise that got a new anime but it's like targeted for 6 year olds… @Gortiz1999 @Ace_Dusk @gnofieB_hpoT Wait whatActually cringe tho
@Mika00062258 @Sk1er_ So you want 10k ? I don't think so chief @Mika00062258 @Sk1er_ Bro so my female friend doesn't count T T @Mika00062258 @Sk1er_ I've only been to the end 4 times so it's technically wrong @JessInosuke True, fuck her, dumb ass thot she be sometimes :^) @JessInosuke Fair enough chief