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Found out this guy @SeanLifer did the mixing on Akatafoɔ and Sore 🔥 🔥 got taken out for lunch by a beautiful lady. Lunch was excellent and so was the conversation. If you're looking f…
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Retweeted by A BadassNkrumah really bost Fathia ein mind. See how she dey watch am. Sosket
Retweeted by A Badass @SelormJae_ Everywhere because wtf?!Imagine doing this with your black sister sitting in the back
Retweeted by A BadassI told someone about something I wanted to do, and now she’s done it. This world.
Retweeted by A BadassEach person should have separate days for both occasions and then thanksgiving day to thank God for blessing the na…
Retweeted by A Badassit’s okay you’re in love
Retweeted by A BadassYou people didn’t tell me Kidd has accent on topI love you too baby @Chef_Keeks Taliaaaaaaaaaaaa’m now getting my mails but not a single million dollar offer inside. TuehhhEi issokay rest @boobsoverbooks I hope it hyee to ashes dear 😘 @omithehomie I shoooock 😂😂 @boobsoverbooks @_Yxngsinatra I thought that was because every Ghanaian suddenly wanted to put Kumerica in every se… me drop this here
Retweeted by A BadassYou all dey jack American culture but for some reason, Accra people think they have a much more refined version. It’s funny
Retweeted by A BadassNkrumah on his way to eat his birthday fufu in heaven and suddenly...
Retweeted by A Badass @swayekidd @NamelezzSnr Jah blezz Medaase‘...If that’s your hairline in your profile picture’ Osagyefo :
Retweeted by A Badass @SelormJae_ 😂😂😂😂It’s weird how I can’t buy data and I’m not getting notifications for everything else but Twitter is working fineThe Abrokyire girl is still fighting all the Ghanaians. Nbe @heckma_ Finally 😂😂 @BlvckThought The rappers don’t use fake accents ooo anaa I haven’t noticed. But anyway that aside, I don’t think it counts as hating. @heckma_ @heckma_ Lol I don’t even know what is happening. I thought it still led you to the playlist 😩😩 @Mr_Swrites Depends on the account balance of who’s asking dear @NamelezzSnr 🙈🙈🗣 🔊 pick one of their songs for my song choice for the week saf @Sarpong_ 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️What a fine girl!! Alaaaa ahuorfe dua! Me bronii 😍😍 you people really sure people were hating on the Kumerican Drill stuff? Are you suuuure? Or we are conjuring haters 🤨 @_Yxngsinatra I’ve seen tweets saying there was a lot of hating and I’m really really surprised @_im_just_shica Listennn 😂No masks, just vibes.
Retweeted by A Badass @Sarpong_ There’s a Buhari and Addo one now? 😂😂Y'all dey disrespect la meme so soon? This is what Kwesi Arthur meant in "Jehovah" when he said, " I wonder how l…
Retweeted by A Badass @heckma_ @_naneee_ I forgot it was a holiday saf 😂 obiaa wor time @valentinomcdona Go and sin no more 🙏🏾 @obiri_yaw He’s repentant now but it’s confusing how people always want to throw jabs at Manifest. Someone who always minds his businessMini battles all over my TL 😂 it’s like everyone is fighting someone 😂😂It’s very surprising how La Même Gang can’t get their songs on 8 radio stations in Accra, but yet got booked for Af…
Retweeted by A BadassYieee @annnettte_ I chose the people who dey freak me tenks 🙈 @valentinomcdona 😂😂😂 I wasn’t expecting this. Forgiven @heckma_ 😂😂😂😂😂??????? @heckma_ Kumerica heat no akye bibiaaa. Everything is burning 😂 @frayedjacket Yieee @_meen_dy 😂💜 @AlfyMark1 It’s so ugly 😂 @kobywale Lol hmm @kobywale I saw a tweet that they influenced the Kumasi drill stuff @boobsoverbooks Just a neeepleAlaaa baby boy-ing for life @boobsoverbooks I’ve told you I don’t love you back la. Also, check your DM @AlfyMark1 Personal with who? Lmao it will shock you the person doesn’t even know the girl 😂 @LYZA_gh It’s the international clocks for me @AlfyMark1 Someone said God really took time to create her boy norrr someone vex but... swerve no ne s3, the boy isn’t even real 😂Nahhh 😂😂😂What makes this funnier is the fact that I have no man. Emomm ebi mo agyimi paa o
Retweeted by A BadassPeople really wake up angry EiEi the Tl is so basaaa right now I can’t keep up 😂😂 @LYZA_gh Black like soot 🌚🌚Yieee La Meme? For real? @boobsoverbooks You were the only person on my mind @obiri_yaw @Kaypoisson1 I dey for you 💯 Lezz geaux @SoSkinnyGH @julyta2047 Ah 😂😂😂 @verified @Twitter verify @KudusMohammedGH Exceptional Ghanaian footballer for a wonderful football club…
Retweeted by A BadassI hate that I can’t experience the holiday and say I’m enjoying it 😭This shoot is actually where Lil Wayne saw him and decided to sign him. Without Beyonce there would be no Hotline B…
Retweeted by A BadassHard or Trash? 🤔
Retweeted by A BadassOld habits die hard 😂😂 to see Dancehall star @SHENYENG is now an Ambassador for @rihanna's @SavageXFenty brand. Big up #Shenseea and…
Retweeted by A Badass @obiri_yaw Lemme slide into da DmIt’s the “Jesus” for me 😭😂😂😂
Retweeted by A Badass @obiri_yaw All the way to 2030 🌚🙊WALAAAAAHI!
Retweeted by A Badass @retarded_dbee Busted 🙈🙈🙈Same want to do something for the Kumerican rappers 🤔The people who sit at their corner of the world, and have made themselves gatekeepers of black culture and would si…
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Patiently our ancient warrior prepares to unleash unto Ghana, pure awesomeness. Hit that follow button to be a par…
Retweeted by A BadassOuuu Mr Wu @NamelezzSnr I’ll send you a fewThis shit is too funny😂 #BBNaija
Retweeted by A Badass @NamelezzSnr You can see a sample feeeeli feeli in my avi. Womp3 wei na wop3 d3n @__Senya_ 😂 loveeet @frayedjacket Rofffff! They’re holding them down paa @NamelezzSnr 😂😂😂 dollars no how much?Hoookeeeeet🤩 @manuvor Right?!😂 @Bra_Carl 😂😂😂😂 Sorry