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🖤🤍 how we doin out here in the void today? @juliensolomita you’re a good one Julien 💜Gonna stream among us with some pals 2morrow
Retweeted by sonjalet’s play 8 ball pool so i know it’s real
Retweeted by sonjaRazerStore LIVE event starts now. Tune in and join in our holiday festivities with some exciting announcements and…
Retweeted by sonjaRazerStore Live Holiday Edition is LIIIIVE! 🐍🐍🐍 product unveils limited offers GIVEAWAYSSSS ⬅️⬅️⬅️ & more! GO… GRAPHICS ARTISTS! 🎨 I think our notifications & everything could use a lil refresh. Is there any artists o…
I guess it’s skyline day at my mechanic 😂😘🤌 which one are you taking??? @jessemckeil honestly I’m only at about a medium dread level so it doesn’t count6:30PM PST TODAY!!! 🐍🐍🐍 @MexiRage89 😊😊 @MatSiInTheCity oh my GOODNESS YES 🥵 @MrFrankieMojo RIGHT?? I went to add it today and was crushed. Too Hot - Swollen Members is on Spotify.. it’s a sim… the fact that Elise from SSX may have been my bisexual awakening @witchybreww the amount of sum 41 on here is illegal in the best waymannn the SSX series really had some iconic tracks. Miss those games & YEAH WHATEVER I HAD THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON ELI… just launched! 🚀🚀🚀
Retweeted by sonjaGarcetti handling the pandemic in Los Angeles
Retweeted by sonjalet’s play 8 ball pool so i know it’s real
i went thru some emotions filming a lil vid coming up this weekend LMAO do u feel about @razer giveaways? product reviews/unveils? MORE? Excited to partner w Razer to share their Raz… @zchmz @Greenskull @verified i UHH oh I mean Hello human, what a lovely day to pass a captcha test isn't it??? @Greenskull @verified jokes on you im verified AND a bot, they haven’t caught on yetIn 93-94, this was like looking through a window into a different, but real world. Through another window.
Retweeted by sonja @Kaerrigan 💜💜💜 @Greenskull that's the only option if we don't hit that quotaok reflecting on recent feedback if this tweet gets exactly 69 RTs and 609 likes I promise to never use the Furby filter ever again @BluesDank can u cook mine a lil longer 🥺MORNIN HOW WE DOIN TODAY? going to be streaming to YouTube tonight, want to keep switching things up. Playing Miles Morales on the PS5!…
Retweeted by sonja @Ohmwrecker hello ohm
@Rhymestyle ya @Bird650 that’s what im askinghey why are you on the floor? excited about this week’s diary entry! @stevenspohn is an awesome guy and I was very moved in learning more…
Retweeted by sonja @notjulen @BaddieStreams next time 😭😭🔪🔪anyone know if the monolith is single
Retweeted by sonja @ConformPolice @ForbesUnder30 @Monstercat YESSS CONGRATS 🎉gentle reminder that the original space jam website is still live (1996)
Retweeted by sonja @Charalanahzard I almost felt like I had to check
Retweeted by sonja @MUSTDIEmusic ive thought about it and the answer is was the best cyborg monday ever
Retweeted by sonjagentle reminder that the original space jam website is still live (1996)
wyd rn send pic
Retweeted by sonjaWOW full on called this betrayal 🥺🔪💔 if you wanna get some backstabs in on me, catch me live on twitch @ Noon PST…
@CallMeCarsonYT ive tried @connorvezina man but only the parts with wesley snipes 🥵🥵 @zdevaney02 @nicovald aw ya he rly is 😳 @MUSTDIEmusic this is good @ToastedGoblin oh mannn i remember getting A+ cert 🥺 YOU GOT THIS! 🎉 @OMGitsfirefoxx studying for the big test coming up
Retweeted by sonja @nicovald rn send pic @Tap_Any_Key I don’t have one :( it’s on my Christmas list
the holy trinity @willerrzz i want that jacket !!!a WHOLE ENTIRE mood gamer Ben Schwartz (@RejectedJokes) joins @AaronBleyaert and @OMGitsfirefoxx to discuss playing video game…
Retweeted by sonja @MindofSnaps this one @AtomicMari 💪🎮 @notquitefrodo This sounds like an excellent path for a SaturdayWAS SO NICE TO SOCIAL DISTANCE HANG WITH @AtomicMari ! 🎉 We played Marvel’s Avengers on Stadia & experienced… @gimlas5 @AtomicMari @Verizon do you sneak any game time in on it 👀👀Had a chance to GET OUTSIDE WOW! (safely & distantly!)😂 Felt good to get fresh air, play Marvel’s Avengers w… HOW WE DOIN 2DAY??i love being in bed. i don’t understand how people don’t get into bed and immediately feel happier. Sometimes I get…
✨Black Friday Small Business Promo thread! Please brag about yourself and your work (or a friend’s) and link me to…
Retweeted by sonjaofficially hit the dressing cute for a garbage run & CVS level of quarantine where r u at? we all agree to do a nice thing for someone we know?? & another for someone we don’t?? it’s been a wild yr, t… @erikaishii 🙌 gimme dem emojis we must especially remember we are living on stolen land. Support First Nations non-profits including: ⭐️…
Retweeted by sonja @ABritoArt The earliest few years of production of the Atari 2600 were done in 1977 in Sunnyvale CA. They differed… friends 👋🐵 you shouuuuuld dm me your PSNs 👀 let’s be 𝑔𝒶𝓂𝑒𝓇 𝒻𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓃𝒹𝓈
my people food your least thankful for go:
Retweeted by sonja @DrumsyOfficial I just realized u have Daichi saved as a lil kitty and I have him saved as a lil pupper. I don’t kn… Good TikTok For The Day: Aggro Pumpkin Pie Edition
Retweeted by sonja @DrumsyOfficial why was mine more cryptic @THarrisonJ THIS. @ghostgremlinbab it’s ok my hearts broken but it’s whatevera lotta haters for cranberry sauce damn. if it’s canned I can agree but if someone puts their love & treats that c… @MUSTDIEmusic wow yeah. hard agree. def not thankful for thisIf anyone says stuffing you can just unfollow and block me right here right now I’ll throw handsthanksgiving food your least thankful for go:thankful for our lil Internet fam jam sending u wishes for unlimited stuffing ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉), zero shitty family int… you have a shitty family or have to spend the holidays alone, don’t. come join us for a Chosen Family virtual Fr…
Retweeted by sonjaSTANKSGIVING
Retweeted by sonjaNo one likes having to make conversation at the Old Country Buffet carving station
Retweeted by sonjathank
Accidentally combined “all good” and “no worries” and said “all worries” and it’s the most honest thing I’ve said all year
Retweeted by sonjaEveryone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. In a couple of years, he will thank me. Be smart, Robert.
Retweeted by sonjaCALLING ALL CREATORS! Huge charity event happening in December. If you want to take part here is a video with the i…
Retweeted by sonja @Daichiomg @DreRonayne WOWOWOWOOWOWOW @mcewen_matthew wow YUP PLEASEwhen ur roommate is giving away a tesla but you can’t enter cuz of the “friends and family” clause…
Retweeted by sonja @girlhack oh nooo at least its fun when you come up on a cool number. 13,337 is inbound!