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Omid Djalili @omid9 West London

Stand up. A few films. A documentary or two. Bit of Tv. Couple of musicals. Bald. New one man play A Strange Bit Of History Soho Theatre Feb 17-22

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@omid9 After I ate most of my sister's birthday cake, I gave her back the plate. Hashtag woke
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @paulkelly1964 @Baddiel It’s a great gag. Clearly you appreciate humour Paul as much as this interviewer can say Az… @omid9 We even drew nice little lines between countries to share them more fairly.
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliFinal, damming evidence that writing jokes on here is pointless. Over-dubbing noises on movies is the way forward.… overheard two 16 year old boys extolling the virtues of Brexit: "Britain is going to be great again...” must… passing of an icon can make us contemplate the fragility of life. While the loss of children and parents togeth…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @neil_mutch Now. Precisely the pointThis is wonderful.
Friends who knew Kobe Bryant all seem to be saying the same thing: very deep, beautiful soul. What a loss.Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash. Everyone on board has also died. TMZ is told his wife Vanessa was n…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @mikenotmike78 @omid9 This commentary just made this sport 10x more interesting
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliThis man was hidden from the Nazis
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @odd_really @WeAreManyMovie Haha 👌 @PeterOHanrahaH Alan Shearer @JimWhite This is amazing Jim. Thanks for posting#MakeASongOrFilmScottish It Started With Haggis.
Retweeted by Omid Djalili
Alan Brazil #MakeASongOrFilmScottish the single worst pronunciation of “Azpilicueta” of all time Wudong, a surgeon who was treating patients in Wuhan, just become the first doctor to die from the new Corona…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @mcsel And so polite!Big congrats fellow @WeAreManyMovie producer Pippa Harris on #1917Movie - genuinely speechlessness after seeing it…“Thank you!” 😊 Scot waking up in the wrong house is the best thing I've seen all year. Can't stop laughing (via Reddit).
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @sid_lambert Brilliant @chriscummings76 Good spot! @PaulEverittGCI Gracias hermanoHA HA HA @sid_lambert The interview - so unexpected - killed me @PaulEverittGCI I have. Thank you Paul. I’m an idiot, I know I’m an idiot but I have a right to be here 😊HAHAHAHAHA“... and this is the big screens here in Melbourne park”... ignoring presenter camera man follows his own particula… @Cockneywonder know a lot of my tweets regularly achieve 1 like or less but this may just have been the least popular 😊 @omid9 No true Trekkie would design anything for him. He goes against everything we stand for.
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliSo he hires Trekkies to make US space logos. Like the end of an episode when Kirk asks Spock about his experiences…
@Bundesliga_EN Superstar. Going to give many böôòœys a hēllavä bæting @HamdyN0 @JustPa @AlkaabiAs 🇦🇪 @AdrianCanadrian Yes. Correction x5 not x3 @PaulReiser Beautiful clash between middle England and insanity of the Middle East @AdrianCanadrian There’s a “newton” in there somewhere too but don’t know what that is. Here’s the original“Here’s Lionel trying to pass the ball... falls over, springs back up. Oh my God. There he goes {x 3}” Then (liter… @AWAyyad Good to know. I thought it was the Dutch flag 🇳🇱No idea what's going on here, but it's nonetheless mighty impressive.
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @ItsOnlySimon @outonbluesix @TeamEveMyles @DaveGorman Yes. I was talking to @DaveGorman @DaveGorman @ItsOnlySimon @outonbluesix @TeamEveMyles Yes. I waved your leaflet about until the bloke on the unicyc… @ItsOnlySimon @outonbluesix @TeamEveMyles Clearly shouting all the lyrics to Reasons To Be Cheerful with a loud hai… check Mourinho's basement. (📷: @Ezu_Ng )
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @GarethMeadows Everything is better with Arab commentary 😎
@dani_smith shot like that deserved Arabic commentary 😊Based on the current form of the @premierleague teams directly below 3rd place, between now and the end of the seas… @Leeparker_tv Amazing show. Thank God there’s going to be a season 3 🤘🏼 @vudujujuman I knew someone would bring that upI know I put this out but can’t stop watching it have to share again the commentary 🇪🇬 @marazachat About to fix it @wh2912 Good shoutNow THIS is a protest. I said to my dentist, "Do you have something that will make my teeth whiter?" He said, "Try polish." I said,…
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliBehold. The Lionel Messi of bowls @alive703 “Mammad chetori, khoobi?” captures everything about us 😊 @rainnwilson @fulton_dave Hey @Jack can you install this option on your platform? Would make a huge difference for… @omid9 @fulton_dave Meh
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliBeen saying Twitter is a sewer for a while now but discussing it with @fulton_dave we agree getting your attention…
I remember reading this interview and thinking how wonderful it was that Terry and his family wanted to help promot…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili#RIPTerryJones Came to a screening of our film @WeAreManyMovie and tweeted this. On and off screen legend. Jones was the absolute best
Retweeted by Omid Djalili(A more “fisheries” alternative): “I can't believe I drilled a hole in the bottom of the boat, slashed the life-ra… Omid’s self deprecating reply, I can tell you that it was in fact great chemistry. I know this because I wa…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @AGenericHandle @AyoCaesar response to the videos of Iran govt. 🇮🇷 football chanting in English, Iranians currently circulating the new spe… “I can't believe the house that I set on fire is burning. I blocked all the exits and now I'm trapped… friend passed away this day 2008 by accidental death. Had everything. Funny too. ‘Tragic waste’ wouldn’t cover it…
@thesundaysport @Walkerthetalker If that headline coupled with pic of said culprit doesn’t give you a giggle at the… @wiggy8571 I made same observation a few weeks ago but yours way funnierArteta at half time looking very worried and pale
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @ThomMouse 👏👏 @liptons_pikey @Crap_Portraits @theresa_may @AntheaTurner1 @DavidBowieReal @SkunkAnansie Seriously now. What shit.And a big thank you to everyone who replied to make this a fabulous and interesting experimental thread @DirkNorwell No, but you’re a hero for asking DerekMeanwhile, this guy is living his best life
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @omid9 He might be a perv but at least he's not a racist perv 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @Meetal_Leeka Sadly now gone. Now weighing up my second tier “first watch” or third tier “complementary vid of unbo… @MrHaile The only place to get the truthForget crowdfunding #bigbenbong here’s something the whole nation can get behind (excuse the pun). “I’ve just paid… knows #MeghanAndHarry is the distraction of the year. But props to the papers who go that extra mile to fi… @june_mummery Hi June. If you think you might have made a mistake with your life choices and have something a bit e…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @Zombay1974 @CrystalGecko76 @Lillabongfrank Exactly
Final report of the commercial starship Nostromo. Cargo & ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six… @unrealMarkTynan You love it tho. More like UK a cousin who used to bully you now fallen into alcoholism & depression. Admit it.“Er... yes... we’ve got to... er...get Russia report... er... DONE! ...” 🇬🇧 @timcoke @matthewpwillis @Hass_Aslam @lsqtheatre And getting arrested going money fishing @matthewpwillis @timcoke @Hass_Aslam @lsqtheatre I actually meant a sink hole. And the ball was an apple core. Simpler days @Lollyart2 “ I know that ain't nobody perfect I give props to those who deserve it And believe me y'all, he's worth it.” - Salt-N-Pepa @anneonamus Love it @UnkleKnacker The latter @manstol1 Not outside the realms of logic, captain last 10 seconds.
@SiHawkins @Baddiel Brilliant Si @timcoke @Hass_Aslam @lsqtheatre I scored my first ever competitive goal v St. B&P when at St. Mary Abbots. Chested… @steve_d24 @omid9 @sofarrsogud Billy Connolly once came to Australia and said it took him 2 weeks in the sun to get white.
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @PortaMurda Change name immediately to “White Bombaclaat”