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Stand up. A few films. A documentary or two. Bit of Tv. Couple of musicals. Bald.

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First Bristol show on the 31st August SOLD OUT. Tickets for the second show selling very well so please don't be w…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @TVSanjeev *triggered* 😊 @MatthewPriest1 No but will do from now @PatJone60030918 🕺😎 @PaulBuc31614268 That’s my funeral sorted. Cheers @PaulBuc31614268 Especially when seeing a Doc 😊Whatever the event, this is the way to enter a room Bercow with the hair of Gerry Francis.
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliGreat article. But it’s more than terrible. The destruction of #AmazonRainforest (described as the ‘lungs of the wo…
The incredible picture which shows Chelsea striker Samuel Eto'o celebrating with starstruck ball-boy… 13-year-old C…
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliTheresa May with the physiognomy of Roy Hodgson. #PhysiognomyThursday
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliIf you are in contempt of Parliament all that seems to happen is you are “found to be in contempt of Parliament”. T… @akburhani 😊😊😊👏👏👏 @omid9 There's thousands of pot holes out there!! Just pick one to hide in!!👍
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @akburhani Fact you tweeted me immediately is evidence to the contrary 😊If life has taught me anything, it’s road maintenance engineering is way harder than you think - not easy finding… @omid9 @BorisJohnson @DominicRaab This lady must be released, it's just criminal how her rights have been ignored,…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @Poselay @BorisJohnson @DominicRaab Well that’s one way of saying ‘it’ll never happen’ 😊I assume this was a sketch cut from SNL, where they decided that Alec Baldwin's Trump character was so blatantly ly…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili#FreeNazanin
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliIt’s time. Come on @BorisJohnson and @DominicRaab
@AndyP121cey I even waved a thank you 😊 @RobHarris ...And the new handball Law was requested and proposed by the English authorities after they’d been oute…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @notgotnothing No because we all know (openly) that we make, and have made, our own rules ourselves and have always… years to come a statue of Ian Holloway will be built as a symbol of the catalyst that stopped Brexit @solo_minchiate @ChelseaFC 👏
@solo_minchiate @ChelseaFC I put that question to him recently. He looked up at the sky and cried out, "Eloi Eloi l… @solo_minchiate @ChelseaFC non ne sono affatto sicuro @solo_minchiate @ChelseaFC mai @1905Tom 100% @manstol1 @ChelseaFC That is Donald Tusk. Doubt very much he’ll come to our club. Word on the street tho is two mon… will save us #CFC @ChelseaFC illustration that describes how @ChelseaFC have been starting and finishing their games recently @AncientKeeper When Leicester fans, referring to Hazard equaliser v Spurs in 2016 handing them the title, sing “cha… @cscott0620 @tuckb85 I was stern faced watching this at first thinking “what the hell... ?” 35 views later ... 😊
@manstol1 Only the truly wise will see such deep hidden meaning in the words of a 13th century Persian poet 😊👏👏🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 @naweed27 really is worth watching to the end @Charlier0se1 @BinaryNumb AbsolutelyIt may be time for Britain 🇬🇧 to start colonising these places again. Warning ⚠️ do not watch with food or a bever… Rumi quote: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” @CreateWrit Indeed a better story 😊Priti Patel with the jaw of Jimmy Hill.
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @soongkma Exactly why I tweeted 😊As they made up shortly after what this needed was a short burst of Serge Gainsbourg “Je t’aime... moi non plus” at…
@osgoodwasgood @PearlJam @plymouthpolice @MKpolice Wow @omid9 Lost mine at a pearl jam concert in Milton Keynes found handed to police in Plymouth posted back to Nottingh…
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @smallrawplug Palace fan? @bigpapab3ar1 Really doesGood police story: Today my son lost his phone on way to #CFCvLEI. Hours later he searched for it on his computer,… first 15 mins then knackered. On this form think #CFC def secured top 10 #CHELEIN’Golo Kante name announced in CFC line up and Leicester fans cheer loudly. You never forget the players who won you the league 👏 @republikaistra @omid9 He also made himself known in the French Cup Final
Retweeted by Omid Djalili @maguirenumber6 @republikaistra c’est genial @omid9 When I grow up, I wanna be Remi Galliard
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliWorth waiting for the javelin
Well said @Kingcanners @CanovilleFdn @Kingcanners @ChelseaFC @SueFennimore @NeilSpyBarnett @jamaledwards @CapoLee100 @GullitR @ElyodBJ posted evidence a while back. Look it up. It’s all over the net.
King of the deadpan! 👏 @RichardEGrant slightly late to party but just seen Can You Forgive Me? Fabulous. You do old England sleeping throu… @manstol1 No. But invited me back for 2nd go next year as not enough turn out & only 51.9% approval (massive away w… @bhoyflynn77 They are well aware of that and making huge strides to change things and make amends. Genuinely blown… Slavery Museum in Qatar one of the best exhibits I’ve ever seen. Almost taboo to even talk about it in the Midd… @adamsonin There’s a shrine to Hans Blix here and he’s still alive @Jurathewestie a shy people but a dark sense of humour 😊👍🏽 Thanks for coming @JuliaHB1 You have never done, and will never do in all your life, anything one-hundredth as valuable and important…
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No wild cheering. No abuse. Mostly long stares & polite confusion and me realising Qatar probably the only place in… @ElyodBJ It’s actually not @gjhill2006 I was told to being several layers. It gets cold here they say @juwebb88 No. You. 😊 @juwebb88 Ancient definition is “belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence” so beg to differ @manstol1 Cheers Lee 🍻If the gig tonight rocks to even half Qatar Airways level then we in for a good one. Nemr & Hamad also in English a… @Scoutbloke No change to anywhere else to be honest. Minus the starIf my welcome in #Qatar last night (discovering a star & presented with photoshop humorously stating I do not belon…
Still my favourite @StevieCahill AgreedTammy Abraham could have been the hero with a chance to win it in extra time. Now he’s the one who misses to lose p… @omid9 Everyone
Retweeted by Omid Djalili2-2! Does anyone want this game to end? 😊 #LIVCHEPulisic disallowed goal still unbelievable as it was so Hazard-like. CFC playing ridiculously well #liverpoolvschelseaWhat a goal Giroud. Fabulous through ball Pulisic. Nothing more than CFC deserve #CHELIV #EuropeanSuperCupTomorrow night in Doha 😊 article in the Irish Times about Afshin who arrived in Ireland as a refugee now one of the key and promin… @manstol1 @WarpTubes @LiveNowHere @BorisJohnson Hashtag master 👏👏 @manstol1 @WarpTubes @LiveNowHere @BorisJohnson Lee. This “an all-or-nothing” attitude to no-deal is nothing but a… @Luludohm @charlieputh Well said
Listening to music at dusk while walking in a park (to increase step count) heartily recommend Attention, How Long… @adambambino7 Thanks for coming and being game enough to join me on stage 😊 @manstol1 Don’t be silly. It’s always been one person. You. Hope you get Xmas no. 1 Mandela with the hair of Terry Venables.
Retweeted by Omid DjaliliNext UK Foreign secretary candidate
@manstol1 It’s easier to leave the solar system so it never will be enacted Lee. What will you do then? @manstol1 Of course. But seriously: now you know the facts, why do you hate democracy so much?The laugh out loud bit in this interesting article advocating a novel idea to bring the country together is: “Th… @az_sulley @edfringe Cheers 🍻😊👍🏽👍🏽“Belfist? It’s Belfast you balloon” @ImJamieAnderson @iCoomber Love Nick Tate. Absolutely top bloke @jayrayner1 Guess how it feels to be sitting at the next table having ordered the chicken, but your neighbour insis…
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The ultimate comfort TV! Enjoy, @omid9! 😊
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