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Tom Cruise, B99 and @netflix fanboy. Food and pop culture guy. Serallio. Podcast guy on @accrawedeyradio with @mamestastes @jakuuire @The1TheyCall_E . YNWA.

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@dell_krushnic you were saying? 🤔 @Endwd_DJ 🙏 @jagmeet_93 Exactly. We definitely need to get one before the transfer window closes. @Agorkoli_ @_Fran_kie_ @dell_krushnic Thank you 🥰 @Mr_Micheals Ahh ok @BucketheadCase Ilu too 😘😘😘😘 @BucketheadCase I can slow cook my belly for you 🥺Slaps so hard! I'm not very enthused about Fabinho starting at CB. He's much better in the midfield. But does that mean Thiag… looked cute yesterday 🥰
Retweeted by Nii India @_Fran_kie_ @dell_krushnic 🥰Last night🥂. In a @KwasiMarique.
Retweeted by Nii India @SUPAGAETA 🙏❤️ @Endwd_DJ bro. Today dier I need the Ara into Godzilla. As I missed it on Friday.Mo Salah is quite possibly the most disrespected player on football Twitter.
Retweeted by Nii IndiaA very rare pic of the Stone family in one place ❤️😌
Retweeted by Nii IndiaThe first time in Premier League history a player has scored four goals with another player assisting all four goal…
Retweeted by Nii IndiaWho else misses trivia night? Because I might have an announcement for you soon 😘
Retweeted by Nii IndiaFavourite song itw right now!! “Dangerous “ from my bros @yung_d3mz @Uche_B_ @BoyeTheGenius . Go stream that shiii…
Retweeted by Nii India @dell_krushnic 😂😂😂😂 @GeraldCrack Anytime bro @no_azonto_alwd @dell_krushnic 🥰 @dell_krushnic I will make her appreciate the world of football. @_OneSa 🔥 @dell_krushnic Fiw. @dell_krushnic Oh now I'm your best friend. Hmm. I'll give it to you know who. @lutam619 Haunts us toll this day. @OleleSalvador Apparently Chelsea didn't insert a buy backWhat's that? Facts. you say GAKPOHA???😂😂😂
Retweeted by Nii IndiaGuys kindly follow my pages. 🙏🏾 Twitter : @kinTurkeyGh Instagram : @kinturkey
Retweeted by Nii IndiaSunday Lunch Inspiration 💕 A Lunch pack I made • Ghana Jollof • Grilled Chicken • Classic Ghana Salad If this…
Retweeted by Nii IndiaEnd product. Hand made 24" x 24” wall art made out of about a 100+ wood cuts. Perfect for home or office. Shou…
Retweeted by Nii IndiaLast Day of Flavour Algorithms and Construction... Flavour Kaleidoscope is about to break a few necks... Bringing o…
Retweeted by Nii IndiaHueng-Min Dad and Hueng-Min Mum will be very happy for Hueng-Min Son.
Retweeted by Nii India4 goals from Son. 🔥 @sayyshells ❤️Ray of sunshine ☀️
Retweeted by Nii India @Chef_Keeks 😂 @Chef_Keeks Boss. It's smart and casual. 😂 @anguahA 🤝 @Bra_Kwame__ Amen brother ❤️❤️🥺🙏 @w_letters 🤝 @chelseaeben Ok oooo @anguahA 😭😭. Sorry. I'll make it up to you 🥺 @mortank Not a red one though. More casual look.Since tomorrow is a holiday, we're pushing the 5 parfaits giveaways to Tuesday 22nd September. We'll choose at rand…
Retweeted by Nii India @enochmk Oh it's coming to over you.Good day to wear my new Liverpool FC polo shirt. 😍🌴 & 🚷
Retweeted by Nii India @anguahA Eiiiii which ghost again. @anguahA 🤔pillow talk.
Retweeted by Nii IndiaA new piece of art from the incredible Bill @sinKEVitch ! Happy #BatmanDay
Retweeted by Nii India @w_letters Fotmob. Been using it for a number of years now. Never disappointed @aphieasam8 Exactly! @DJ_K3V If she lashes me I be cool. @adrianamaning 😂🤝 @adrianamaning Rest is for the wicked @adrianamaning As alwaysThese lot still celebrate lampard arguing with Klopp in a game they lost btw
Retweeted by Nii India @_Adel_A 😂🤝 @_Adel_A You like Pain eh?ruthkanda batata
Retweeted by Nii India @sureshicpark That's Purab Kholi. Wtf 😲Kitana 🔵
Retweeted by Nii IndiaIf you want to try your fatality/brutality moves on me I am ever ready Queen. 😍 first 22 seconds of EL's All Black. Drvmroll spoil there forken!
Retweeted by Nii India @supaSheva I forgot to put this guy in my FPL team :( @camillarenner My Queen 🔥🔥 @camillarenner Ahhh. What happened to your limousine?Recommendations: @jakuuire: I'm Thinking of Ending Things (movie) @The1TheyCall_E: The Social Dilemma (document…
Retweeted by Nii IndiaIf there's anything I realized from these remake episodes, it's that Hollywood is just rehashing ideas and remaking…
Retweeted by Nii IndiaOn the third episode of Beyond The Recipe, it’s all about pork and alcohol as we discuss cuts of pork, why chopped…
Retweeted by Nii India @mawvnyo @ShakurAb_ 🤝 @ShakurAb_ Will be a close game imo. 2-1 or 3-1 to us @princemoneey Time no dey my boss. @6ryte 🤝🔥🔥We moooooove 🔥 @6ryte I had to tell people it's a holiday by showing them the article printed in the daily Graphic lol. @6ryte Hahaha 🤝Listen to Dimitri Vegas, Moguai & Like Mike - Mammoth - OUT NOW ON SPINNIN RECORDS !!!! by dimitrivegasandlikemike… are still not sure if Monday is a holiday or not lol episode of Pod Takes is out!! We continue talking about remakes/reboots, and focus on tv show remakes/reboots.…
Retweeted by Nii IndiaNew episode of @pod_takes Takes is out! We continue the discussion on reboots and remakes and @The1TheyCall_E… a summer man
Retweeted by Nii India @dell_krushnic Even when I said we've got the league or the UEFA Super cup. Even those 2 games that I said we got w… @_Fran_kie_ @Chef_Keeks 😂😂 The way I jam am! @dell_krushnic Lmao. Two games p3. Two. Nah you're not a believer at all kraa. Somehow you don't bring the receipts… @The1TheyCall_E 😂😂 @dell_krushnic Show me! I want to see. @QABoahene @Okimma 😂😂🤝 @dell_krushnic Dell you are lying. Everytime I've said it we've won bar the Carling cup game. As for you dier we ne…'s the full five stars from me for the brilliant @RocksTheFilm. My @ObsNewReview review here:
Retweeted by Nii India @QABoahene @Okimma 8am where? It's not 8am in Ghana for sure. @The1TheyCall_E It's already uploaded you demon but you wouldn't know because you're terrorising your neighbours. @dell_krushnic Lmao herh. Behave. 😂 I said the same thing last week and we won.Good luck in everything you have to do today. Take care of yourself & each other.
Retweeted by Nii India @The1TheyCall_E You get compassion like that? Demon like you.