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@arrdbarrk Accurate haha! My obsession started a long time ago and I wish I would have just made the change sooner!… @kaientist Oh my gosh this comment made my day hgggh <3 thank you!! I always really think about what I'm putting do…'s some of my favorite adoptables I've done in the past! (They all already have homes!) Character design is so… toucan has been claimed! Glad to see there's interest in toucans! <3 thank you everyone ^^There's very few toucans out there that aren't a gryphon or a fantasy species so I wanted to try something a little… find this fandom's lack of toucans disturbing >:U Here's a Red-Billed toucan adoptable! Asking 60 USD flat price…なんかもう友達とかいらないような気がしてきた
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄People are so selfish. I would give anything to devote my life to a feathered friend, I've done so much research in…
Don't mind me just thinking about how parrots are one of the most mistreated and rehomed pets in the world and how… @xxpoisonapple @lithyena Your hair is so pretty! It reminds me of lilac flowers! 💜 @QueenMochni He's in the most crucial stage! If he establishes well after this and is strong enough to be potted he'll be okay!December 3rd, 1:10PM Tulio has started to put out his shoot and his main root and started making little root offs… care is a spot of animal crossing and red wine 🍷 and cups are in stock!
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I just finished my exam and am in need of chill! Come chat and hang out as we're painting the world around us and…
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄 @QueenMochni @2oonscap3 This is such a fun style!! @finbeard The lighting on the first one is *chef's kiss*(I know I said no more pokémon tweets here but art doesn't count >A>)doodle before bed lil vap
@kayncli DUDE the second film's main theme makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING it's so empowering Has anyone act… @kayncli I unironically defend these films they were a big part of my childhood. Danny Elfman's score and the visua… @kayncli The TASTE The CULTUREcompilation of my favourite sketchpages from november! stay tuned for new monthly special commissions opening in th…
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@The_Kopykater Of course!!Sick of hearing about pokémon on my main? Now you can follow my side account thats reserved for ONLY pokémon stuff!…'ve gotten a non holo flareon rare if anyone would like to trade! Its pack fresh and the centering is pretty good uVuEveryone screaming for secret rare pikachu in vivid voltage and he's cool and all but I just wanna pull a reverse vaporeon holo :( @CoffeehouseK9 That's so damn cool omg @DHriku94 @BlueHawaiichan So amazing to have such an incredible bird local to you! You're really lucky!
@bug_fiends If I had the cash to drop I'd be more than happy! It's one of my collection grails to have eventually o…'t even get me started if the pack is considered relatively heavy your chances for the everyday person to win these packs are like 0I will not apologize for all the pokemon tweets lately is absolutely murdering me with these prices fuck man Who has this kind of cash to just drop dear lord🎶❄️All I want for Christmasssss is ❄️🎶 1999 sealed jungle booster pack Please 🅱️ l e a se is baby dino so baby
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄Let us all take a moment to appreciate great hornbills, an under-loved bird species that needs your attention! again to everyone for sending in your beaks!! it was a real long project but I'm glad I did it! here's a co…
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄 @YoshiEmblem How did I miss this RIP It's so cool! Great job! It must have taken forever to get everyone in there!Thinking about streaming commission work tonight! Would anyone be interested in watching? It'll be around 6:30pm CETPart 2 - Clawsies. Here are a couple things I try to keep in mind! There's a lot of room to break 'rules' here, bu…
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i cannot stop fuckign thinking about this lil man in his t shirt
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄 @dhewolf Uh oh I liked tumnus as a kid What What does this mean for me @Fellfallow_Art @RedIzaK I love this! You really nailed preening behavior on a fantasy creature! He looks so natural!I can finally show you guys the whole piece! :D
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Strawberry finch !! Sweet fruity friend! #novembird
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄Birds am I right @poorlycatdraw @SquidSiren
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄Red-winged parrot (Aprosmictus erythropterus) perched on top of a mango tree at Mount Carbine, far north Queensland…
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄 @GumBun3 Agreed. You can love a company and their games but my fuck Nintendo is definitely not perfect and sometime… @CeriseAviaire I just wanna play games and gush about vintage merch Why do I gotta know all the inside community… @KeaneZachary That reminds me I have to find myself an N64 sealed for collecting purposes :D rare find but I'd love… you're not as connected as everyone they're so mean xD This is why I play games, collect merch, and keep to my damn self xDNintendo is great Nintendo fans however, can be some of the rudest motherfuckers lmao @LinkDrako @MrHtuber_YT @GifZelda She but it's fine lol some people are really up to date on Nintendo jokes but I'm… a certain kind of way
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄A full body shaded piece requires: 1.) Animal reference research (can sometimes take the longest) 2.) Rough sketch… @merzb0w Incredible lighting and shading! You should be proud! ^^Nevermore 🌑
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Hot pokémon take: Lunala is leagues better than Solgaleo design wise. Hawaiian bat goddess fucking rocks#Vaporeon Mochi! *Squish* 💙 Want one? Or want to learn to make plushies like this? 💚SPECIAL EVENT is now ON! -20%…
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄 @GifZelda Y'all I don't know shit about the context of this lmao don't come after me @FlOWLmingo @CryptidCreator Oh God shareee (I wanna make a version with mushrooms instead of pork ooo) @D00MBUNNIE Send me a DM of what the card looks like front and back and I'll consider it :) @vuorazas Sometimes ya gotta make do with what you've got! @Kuroryushin I have the one in the first image as well! Which pack is it from? @RetroElff Ahh yours is in much better condition! I'm jealous haha
I've been collecting vaporeon merch for years, from figures to plushies, but I never started seriously with vaporeo… moment of silence for my jungle holo vaporeon and the state it came to me in. It deserves at least a pity sleeve.… @SomeKnightGuy1 Paulie is a fantastic film @kayncli @HollyConrad AaaaaaAAA WHAT @KaistellRave1 This film was hokey to me as a kid and as an adult it's even worse. Why the shit wasn't it animated,… @NyaWitchy More power to ya if you enjoy it!This movie resurfaced from my repressed memories and I was like hey! I have disney plus! Maybe I'll give it a watch… most people's first exposure to green winged macaws growing up this is annoying at best Sorry y'allOn behalf of all macaw kind, I'd like to formally apologize for waddlesworth from 102 dalmatians closing up shop have a huge to do list before they can go home and if you dirty up the blenders again that's… you're one of those folks that try to order like 5 complicated blended iced drinks at a coffee shop 2 mins befor… sparrow
Retweeted by 🍄🌲❄️Omu Macaw❄️🌲🍄 @finbeard He gives me rito vibes! A cool character! He fits well in your style!I gotta listen to this shit ALL the way up until the end of December Will anyone think of the poor witches ;A;They started playing Christmas music at work It's over bois it's been an honor @DragonsXSanity Who doesn't wanna dance when fleetwood mac is on?? 🎶(art by @TheMartianfox )IM NOT GOING CRAZY EVERYTHING IS FINE DONT MISS FURCONS AT ALL NOPE You goin' crazy yet from quarantine? Me: @vuorazas Happy birthday!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @Barnibu1 @D1N0SYNTH This is nice, but be sure to ask the original artist for permission before hand next time <3 I…
Twitter is absolutely chewing up the quality of this >:VA colored version of the animation @D1N0SYNTH so graciously gifted me! Thank you again for giving me permission to… @NewtonCaribou Hot cheeto @NewtonCaribou Six feet apart you swine @NewtonCaribou Pepsi too plz @NewtonCaribou Do you ever think about how we're so connected to social media that asking me for a simple snack via… @NewtonCaribou Don't do that Don't give me hope @NewtonCaribou Could you get me a mint chocolate bar? Thanks @MooseSmol Not while he's germinating, no! Once he's sprouted enough growth we'll be moving him to a pot near the w… 23rd, 5:00pm Tulio has started to sprout! The surrounding area has also started to turn from white to gre… @vuorazas It's how stories work on instagram too, I don't like it xD wish they had their own comment space it would… @KarmaKitsuneDoc Could have had the lions throwing their heads back, pinning their ears, etc. Real lions have a lot… @KarmaKitsuneDoc *know