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Cosplayer and YouTuber 🥴 Marina from stingray doppelgänger. I post a lot memes and hot girls. +18 Patreon, Print store, Wishlist and social links ALL here:

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😊 Dorothea from #fe3h!!!! Front/back preview. Thought she deserved a cool sword to... just look pretty with. :3
Retweeted by Stephanie @ crossing animal @plopfictionally 👏🏻💕💕💕👏🏻 @InsertDadHere Jw? Like John Wayne airport? That’s way south of me tho?? @ArnostVarmuza Yeah I said it looked similar to this one @smiley30b @MikeBro17868355 I’m more into secret wars with aliens because ALIENS @ericatnsfw I hope so! @TX_OKinOH Oh wow really? The photos of the style you suggested don’t look exactly like the ones I saw but it’s nic… @Teh_Gambit I’m trying to brush it off as paranoia but also what if WE ARE IN A SECRET WAR WITH ALIENS RIGHT NOWThey looked similar to this? I’m not knowledgeable in types of military things so im sure this isn’t the exact styl… I’m not one to jump to wild conclusions about things I don’t know much about but like why is LA being covered wi…
@GrokMeAmadeus It’s INSPIRED honestly. The creativity!!! @onetruejohndoe Gorgeous!You should all definitely tag me in things like this 👀❤️👏🏻 @GrokMeAmadeus OH MY FUCKING SJWISHBWSHWill there ever be a lyric that will cut as deep as “That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him” ?? @TsukiHimesenpai Incredible guess! Yes, first time I’ve ever had a cat have this before so I’m learning a lot hereGoing on 24 hours of little sleep as he needs constant monitoring, 1 panic attack and 2 laps peed on by our boy Reb… @luastardust That’s called self care @PiggyNukka @OJessicaNigri did this type! It actually glows and stuff!
Rebel had to go to the emergency room last night for 5 hours, hes going back today. I’ll be taking time off to care… @nomi_art It’s so dreamy! Great job!O oh Mori has been recognised as the oldest video games youtuber by the Guiness world records. She has been gami…
Retweeted by Stephanie @ crossing animalthe youngest member of our taiwanese parliament is a famous cosplayer.... i know this photoshoot location so like..…
Retweeted by Stephanie @ crossing animal @ElwiichoxM Wish this was meeeee @DreRonayne I have a lot of this!me crawling back to all my 2013 obsessions in 2020 like
Retweeted by Stephanie @ crossing animalMy pinup take on #Tifa #FF7R in a honey bee getup inspired by the inn game scene <3 ! nsfw set psd,hd jpg, video p…
Retweeted by Stephanie @ crossing animal @twinkiechan Yes @xMugenYoruichix Yeah! Surprisingly it’s very close to LA! @ApolloInfiniti It’s all I want!!! Pissing off prudes while making Fire content??? The good shit @OEnvy_Us I pray to THAT ASS @HeroThyHero Sinful to who tho god made Adam and Eve naked and watched them bone that’s voyeurism
@vertigoink But I’m already a rich daddy @UnaPapaChiquita Omg that sounds like such a fun thing to have done! @Halfempty621 I very much do mind moving to Alaska 😅 it would be cool to move out of California maybe but due to fa… @sojothepale All +18 creators would be welcome and encouraged to hang out at my church house!!! @hemsbutt Imagine waking up to the sun coming in through the stain glass windows I’m EMOTIONAL @Mouseinreallife Sooo beautiful. I love old architecture so I’m really SWEATING HERESub to my onlyfans so I can buy a WHOLE ASS CHURCH and shoot nudes there thank you @Wolf6_Actual Good point I’ll get to work @D_DiscipIe On itWhich god do I have to pray to for me to get the funds to afford buying this historical church !!! @PrissyOrcGF Yeah I feel youRemake of an old pic.
Retweeted by Stephanie @ crossing animal @freakyfabe @AnaLilithK @CamelToeLover5 It is meeeee @MissSuckerPunch Hell yeah!!! @rumittocos It’s my favorite bad memory I love tragedy @freakyfabe @CamelToeLover5 @ilovemsdomme I beg to be tagged @OJessicaNigri Aww darling. Better days are to come and I totally relate to you right now. Thank you for constantly… @RespectfulMemes No question just hope you are having a good mental health weekend. Thank you for all the good work you do for us ❤️ @BaronSolace I feel this even thru my phone I appreciate @PastelPalaguy I feel ya so hard on this @OEnvy_Us OH WORMMMM???I’m mad about the VLD ending again might be time to GO ON A RANT AHHHHHHH pls stop me I can’t go down this road aga… @rumittocos Stop. Don’t summon me like this.I’ve never live streamed on onlyfans sooo is it possible to stream video games? I’m thinking an OF sub animal cross…👀👀👀 @VampireMike2004 GOD IS REAL!!!
@OthalamA Yes please!!! @atomzero236 Ohhhh got it well, still Margo robbie is and was beautiful but thank you for clarifying ❤️ @atomzero236 I Don’t love comments like this. We are not competing. We are friends, cosplaying two totally differen… @DarthLux 👀👀👀👀👀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Oooh okay we could make some magic ah @DarthLux I feel like the world needs this - It would be fun to shoot with you again! I’m down to come to Texas I miss it there anyway ❤️Okay but I can dream 👀♥️🌿@DarthLux @AnjaKeister You didn’t lie!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @hijodelapantera Yup! @JoshRob13 I’m up to date on it! Have you not seen my freak out over harlivy being canon??? I’m dying here!!! ❤️💚 @WeirdoZone Lmfao??? They didn’t even see it and razzed you? Making your mind up about a movie you haven’t seen? So… @TransmorpherD Dude YEAH I was like “girl I’ve been there” she has cause !!! @OakRue I- she’s gorgeous I’m - I’m love her 💚💚💚
Retweeted by Stephanie @ crossing animal @ThePeterMcClane I totally agree with that! It feels earned ❤️ @12Medbe @milesjai Second this! I also block and mute words daily. It’s too much. 😖 @LizKatzOfficial Super fun and full of cool visuals and action scenes! It’s a nice change from the constant overly… @HecRetweet TANGY gave me her framed photo by choice I can’t help it if she has bad judgement!!! @thunderfrump Yeah!!! Action movies can just be a fun ride they don’t have to be nit picked to death, it’s fun!!!my waifu shrine in my otaku room is coming along @DreRonayne Omfg you MADLAD @HollyWeirdMe Yeah I mean they’ve taken a creative direction with a lot of their characters so it’s cool with me to… @DreRonayne It was so cute!!! I’m into it!! @Doctorscraps Yeah to me it was!Watching birds or prey for the first time and it’s super fun??? Sure I understand it’s not the best movie ever made… @milesjai My timeline is filled with shera right now! @luastardust Yes!! You got sorry for the non reply I’m bad @pixelghosts That works for me! @pixelghosts Got any blue roses? If not the mush lights would be great 👍🖤DUALSHOCK🤍 with the beautiful @omystephanie 🎮 photography: @Justin_Morrison morrison 🖤 commission: MikNishiCosplay…
Retweeted by Stephanie @ crossing animal @pixelghosts I literally have soooo many purple mums, and a few purple tulips and orange cosmos @LaydiexSkull Yeeeep how about we don’t stan anyone ?? Be a fan, sure but internet gangs and identities around foll… @FLUFFERKINZ Oh yeah I forgot about that - that’s true
@DreRonayne IM SORRRRRYYY yeah I’m at the store right now tryin to get it fixed 😫 @michellehell251 That’s a valid for sure, they have a huge issue with this and that’s worthy of talking about. @FantasticNothi1 Yeah for sure. There are plenty of things to make fun or or call out as bad behavior when it comes… @KrystalTomasson Honestly same. Back when the show was new I did watch and always thought she was the most beautifu…, not defending anyone’s shitty personally or choices now or in the past but like on a basic level - making fu… don’t support the kardashians but it’s real sad to me that khole got bullied for not looking like the rest of her… @zombiecheshire Wild! I’ll have it checked out as soon as I can!My SIM card broke ?? I’ve never had this happen before but uh if you a irl friend and have texted me recently I can… scene from Kite starts at regular action movie implausibility and every couple of seconds it gets even better.
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