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Restoring Bradstreet Farm est. 1799 & 2012 w Alex. Mother to two always-unschooled adults. Friend to 🦆🐓🐝🐈. Antifascist. BLM. She/Her. Palermo, Maine.

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@kingdomofwench Top, of course. Put tea lights in a small canning jar inside, then use a candle lighter. The jar pr… @LloBrow @alexsteed Isn’t she looking at Faye Dunaway?
@robglover2009 Shit @throughtheseyes Christ. @alexsteed Super gross! @newscentermaine This irresponsible. People should not be going to bars or restaurants for any reason. @DJNoRequest Oh, I’m sorry. 💔Sunny Sunday morning. #bradstreetfarm #mainefarmhouse #oldfarmhouse #mainehomes #mainehomelife #colorfulhome, in case you've missed it amid election chaos: The COVID picture in the US is much worse than it's been at any…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @iLeoSheng @thetrudz Especially in summer because I might want to feel covered but not weighed down with something hot.This is in my county, just a few towns over. Shit.
@stuckinspincycl Except there’s no way Gen Z doesn’t already know this since this is what a) their Gen X parents ha… @benjyhimmel Welp, can’t unhear that now. @newscentermaine No thanks.Watch: Japanese researchers used a supercomputer to examine how coronavirus spreads when sitting at a dinner table.…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @TheAgentNDN Horrific. @gfrancie @AdinaNorth And I’m sorry. @gfrancie @AdinaNorth And he left, yes? (Not because of anything you did, obviously.) @AdinaNorth @gfrancie It is interesting that he’s telling us he’s leaving. @gfrancie We’re supposed to pity vote for him because *that’s* admirable somehow.
@mikeshepherdME @VP I guess I never need to go to Dysart’s ever again. @gfrancie Electric heated throws and blankets for the bed. Especially if your house is old and drafty or you seek heat during cold weather. @gfrancie It’s dark and rainy (thank goodness) here today so my photo doesn’t do it justice. He was part of the Gro… @NeolithicSheep Interesting, thank you. I have been long perplexed that her takes on small family farms never match…'s ABC town hall had about 1 million more TV viewers than Trump's on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC. It's a result virtua…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @gfrancie We bought a canvas print of JEH MacDonald’s ‘The Tangled Garden’ (1916) as a Canadian souvenir on our 200… Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing. It calls every bit of your judgement and character into que…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @n23papp @MNateShyamalan Haha, no. I did my own hair, thank you. And I broke up with him later that summer before w… @Leighbra It’s one of the things we miss the most. @MNateShyamalan This was my 1989 senior prom theme. is a good reminder that ambient sound apps might be of benefit to folks who thrive in coffee houses and the li… @ConundrumK That’s a good reminder to folks who miss being in those environments, too. @_kaitlin_s [both of us cringing, speaking over the other] Me: “A woman was able to affirm her gender.” Alex: “Oka… you're curious about the trump town hall, follow @atrupar's coverage. don't give him any ratings.
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @mazzie MAZZIE @mazzie You aren’t watching it, are you?
@knitmeapony You have some chickweed in there, too. @knitmeapony Creeping Charlie, yes, it’s a mint. Bees love its purple flowers. @tlecaque I’ve been following this TikTok user who has been documenting what has been happening to her community. anyone not paying attention to what's happening in Nova Scotia, white Canadians are attacking Mi'gmaw fishers,…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @feliciasonmez Cancel @NBCNews! @showupforthis I have re-read some books for comfort, mainly. @showupforthis Early favorites included Miss Suzy by Miriam Young, and Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm by th…—New records reveal that, while Trump & his advisors were publicly giving rosy outlooks on the pandemic, th…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @PeoplesOracle Uh, definitely with inflections and in the voice of each character.
I’m super disappointed in people still giving the L*ncoln Pr0ject *anything* on this app. Fuck.Booker asks Barrett if she thinks it's wrong to separate children from their parents Barrett: "That's a matter of…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreetso the hillbilly elegy trailer is out and as always, a reminder: the book is Bad, jd vance is a grifter, and go rea…
Retweeted by Amy BradstreetThe Lincoln Project has been a giant grift and image rehabilitation for GOP consultants responsible for all the ter…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @bernip @AnaMardoll We always wire our tree in two spots, regardless and we’ve had some batting, but nothing seriou… @JessicaCapelle Yes, 49. @Mahaleris @mikeshepherdME It’s really not. @PanicEnsues I’m so sorry. I can attest to all the reasons why never to get into any sort of property agreement w/e… @ravingsockmonky @showupforthis 49, same.At the time the Constitution was ratified, women couldn't vote, much less be judges.
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @PSMHopkins What. There aren’t eggs in scones. @Just_Eleanora I have three cats and have had multiple cats at a time over 28 years and I put up all the decoration… @AnaMardoll We have two trees and three cats (and sometimes a guest cat) and we’ve never had a problem in 28 years… @PanicEnsues OMFG OMFG OMFG @Pixelfish Okay, but you tweet about it as soon as it comes out and you have spoiled it for me, before. @noirbettie That is a big comfort movie for me. @amaditalks ::keening::RAGE HORROR SOBBING friends @wildmillerfarm. Alex and I turned our ballots in to the town office, yesterday. If you are at all able…
A colorful bit of local news here via @emilyduggannews: there's a peacock on the loose in Pittston. His name is Swe…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @kingdomofwench Well that would explain my college years. @oodja @showupforthis It’s not quarantining, either.We have both dropped off our ballots at the town hall. The only thing we had to wait for was town office open hours… @buhlem @NeoSxoul Non-intervention births aren’t riskier, though, it’s the opposite. @byokoblove @NeoSxoul Ideally, there are others supporting you during this. Also, birthing stools support a squatti… FIL was one of the uncounted Covid deaths. He died March 30 during a breakout in a rehabilitation center. He was… @jabsNtriangles Neither. Mine is Beth, named for two Little Women characters, and my sister’s is Catherine. My daug…’s gone full Palpatine, what the absolute hell. @nkostelic We have not. My husband’s hair is so long now and I gave myself a trim following the “unicorn method” from YouTube.
So I’m sorta back to my initial take which is that none of them have it and they are all in on it.All you need to know about The Lincoln Project is they have vacuumed up $60M and instead of using that money to fli…
Retweeted by Amy BradstreetI've seen this and I think it's the same magical thinking that drives mask-wearing where it's not over your nose.
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @LLW902 Can we also talk about sinks and counters that only reach our crotch? 🤦🏻‍♀️Oh my God stop taking your mask off to HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE do you understand what the mask is FOR
Retweeted by Amy BradstreetThread. @uncrushedvelvet In Maine, we have John Bunker and the Maine Heritage Orchard.
@OozaruMatrix @AbbieHollowDays @LtBroccoli @tommyinboots @kingdomofwench There’s nothing I can do...And if I only could I'd make a deal with God And I'd get him to swap our places @InThierry Why are none of them wearing masks? @rubywisp Yes! I saw this last night and thought the same thing!See, I’ve never understood the Fauci worship. No, he was not taken out of context, he did say he “couldn’t imagine… @BradstreetFarm Thanks! It’s fascinating that other people have thought of these combos, too! 🤣👍🏻(Or rather, heat them in their heads.)Today’s music brain mashup is Oingo Boingo’s ‘Dead Man’s Party’ and Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger Zone’. @_kaitlin_s She’s helping. @AP Lies @hsofia We’re having that now, and same! We’re in a severe drought.
@_kaitlin_s Heat + humidity ☑️The chickens are concerned that maybe I’m unaware the sun is setting. is looking good—even from a distance. Who’s ready to elect @JoeBiden, @SaraGideon, and Democrats up and dow…
Retweeted by Amy Bradstreet @gfrancie Exactly. I don’t want to take a spot from someone who needs it, & we go at 9pm when there’s less people i…, and yes, we have gone to the big box hardware stores a few times because we have stuff we have to maintain and… guess I’m just surprised when people say they haven’t left their home since March. There’s no way we could functi… go to Target for household and personal necessities about once a month. But every time we shop, we try to go nea… both kept our dental cleanings in August, mainly because I have a cracked filling that needs attention, plus we’…