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“Be safe. Keep smiling. And know that you’re loved by me. Mwah!💋” ~LP ~Evil Regal/blink/sooya ✌Stressed, depressed and Lana obsessed✌

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@NMBS Platform 9/10Why do they always ask me for money at stations, walking past everyone and going straight to me, the girl with hole… @NMBS pls fix your escalators in Mechelen, the last one has been out of order all semester and it's very frustrat… -lockdown -numbers go down -stuff opens up again -numbers are still fine -school opens -numbers sky… @earthgirl_ I'm just avoiding them at this point and sticking to telling people to vote cuz it's sooo frustrating t…
@lanasleftshoe People who share food >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i just realized that these bitches aren’t discreet AT ALL
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑Ew I hate the retweet updateYOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑 @lanasleftshoe That looks sooooo goood @jacquelinew78 That sounds like a great alternative I like it😂 @jacquelinew78 The point of the tower is kinda to climb it, they sadly dont have an online version😅 we're all hopin…"I hate it when people die in my class" This teacher has some weird quotes 😅 he's also the only teacher forcing us… have to visit tourists attractions for an assignment... What do they not understand about "global pandemic" Stud… @parrillaxgaga The things I do for miss Parrilla😅 @parrillaxgaga I get 45-50 dollars of custom costs per order so no thank you😂 @parrillaxgaga Exactly im kinda scared it might be at an awkward length😅 cuz I'm a shortie @parrillaxgaga I've been wondering the same but since all the clothes are too big the cropped one might fit like a normal hoodie😅Love how teachers use a school pic as background during class for privacy purposes but we have to film our entire r… my teacher trashing disneyland😭Teachers be like: how's it going? Social student life is probably hard since you can't actually meet up with each o… Rosie spending $1000 on pants Jennie got for $15😭
@gaygabitch @gaygabitch @gaygabitch @gaygabitch @gaygabitch @gaygabitch @gaygabitch Lisa said "you wouldn't do it if it ain't foolish, stupid" That was 100% about me making life decisionsthe initial of a person you : 1. I&A 2. K 3. A but idk if it counts 4. C 5. 1 6. R?L? Not sure what counts lol 7.… @lanasleftshoe 🌈👑Hey @KEEPITREGALSHOP would you consider adding XS as a size?🙏 @peoplecons was a lotus speculoos on jisoo's cookie, it's Belgian, I'm happy, I'll take literally anything when it comes… @OnceUponAHappy I'll take them all😅jisoo from blackpink
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑 @OnceUponAHappy I can't choose this is torture @onIyswen Happy bday! @onIyswen Because I know where it is, Jen literally spoiled the hotel😅 it's in Ghent where the con isNgl I was nervous about the Jimmy Kimmel - BLACKPINK combination but I'm just glad he talked to all the members and… really did that huh Still not over Jen thinking she was in Brussels tho😂 @onIyswen I'm still not over the fact Jen thought she was in Brussels sjsjsjsjsj @lanasleftshoe "Hoodie and one more item" and 1 other item Why is it like that jsjsjsjs
@jacquelinew78 Wearing masks and distancing works great until you enter the cafeteria at lunch and you can't keep d… @jacquelinew78 Yes but if they wont tell me if my classmates test positive im not setting a foot on that campus😅 @jacquelinew78 I'm going absolutely insane over here, I'm personally not going to campus anymore bcs I don't trust…'t mind me crying watching this😭 protect her at all costs @RegalMonster Another one sent an email and they answered "come to school, we'll tell you if you have to stay home" Obviously notMy classmate who tested positive called with the school asking why they didn't contact the class about it... they s… @RegalParrilla_ It's really not it was like 4 clicks here u go @RegalParrilla_ Press the cited tweets hha the last one before there's a deleted one has the link in the commentsI expected worse🤷‍♀️ @parrilla_love Proud of her🤧 @RegalParrilla_ I keep them for maybe 2 days and then delete them, not worth my phone storage, I'd rather eat a mcchicken and a soft serveMe: *downloads McDonald's app* Play store: you might be interested in *a bunch of dieting apps* Fuck you play store
@gaygabitch It's really fun honestly @clairesmeraldo Well...obviously @rapalert2 @gaygabitch see it's mint and white or pink and white, there's no such thing as mint and pink sjsjsj @RegalMonster LMAO @RegalMonster I'd say his name but I don't want you to throw up😂Honestly most of them? Protect regina/roni at all times tho so?😅’s Lisa is the new global ambassador for MAC Cosmetics. 💄
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑 @RegalMonster Guess we chose a good one close covid contact then😂 @RegalMonster *I love @RegalMonster "Here's to hoping you aren't secretly a villain" bruh we all know love a good villain😂 @RegalMonster I love her sjsjsjI swear since the first time i saw that scene I've thought "this reminds me of something" every time and I never kn… @lanasleftshoe I'm just waiting for her to come out of it tbhDont mind me crying in a corner over her beauty @jacquelinew78 No clue, I only know it's very frustrating😂 @gaygabitch Oh that makes sense, what did she doHell yeah, I wish now the same course suddenly has 2 teachers that teach different stuff at the same time and we have to be at bot… @gaygabitch Oh?
Someone in my class apparently tested positive and the school never lets us know anything... useless istg😑 @MadersMemeQueen @bexmader YAY @lanasleftshoe There better be rum in that mug @gaygabitch Mint and white girl😂Lana save meIt's the kirb twitter account lmao Sunday! Quick reminder... #CoverYourFreakinFace 😷
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑OMG! Who did this?!?! Best 2 minutes of your day, week, month, maybe year. #WearAMask #SleepingBeauty #COVID19
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑 @AdelaideKane @YouTube Did you ship henvy? @annibruenkler The necklace😭😍We love you Blinks Thank you always💗
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@ChelseyBoth YwHi @peoplecons I was wondering if we can use the voucher to buy the video of our one on one afterwards? @BrokenRegal108 @peoplecons Personized videos are like cameo, you can keep themGIVING AWAY 7 COPIES OF THE ALBUM by @BLACKPINK! Picking 4 winners from my Twitter and 3 from my YouTube! TWITTER…
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑it is what it is
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑Both? they were hugging and crying on the masked singer tho😭 ugh I miss this, better times's chaesoo's year @parrilla_love My mom doesnt ask that stuff haha @parrilla_love Yeah no answer happens a lot too😅Lovesick girls today🖤
Retweeted by You can never over Regal👑 @RegalParrilla_ My grandma sends nice texts honestly, she just uses about 3 spaces between each word it's cute😂It's those small wounds on your hands you don't notice until you use hand sanitizer😅