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“bleep bloop beep boop” - my noggin

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@JoBuiltDiff ew this isn’t normal they’re just cunts @Emily_r_1 before reading the comments and the hype I wat hed amd was like “holy shit she’s amazing” then I checked… @simpopotamus slurp it back up denu already know wtf he was trying to find out @isaiahsouf @beyb____ @emilio__oilime i’m a womaneverything is looking good for our reopening except for the ongoing pandemic
Retweeted by 𝚌𝚊𝚌𝚊 @weedpaintings not funny at all. @emmahumplik12 the insecure men commenting under this make highlight reels of their plays on 2k @Black24Boi like just shut up and go play 2k to feel like the baller u rlike what the actual fuck you know they’d be dick riding their bro’s if they posted something like thisthe comments under this are DISGUSTING the male ego makes me want to vomit
@tylerchewy I normally go for a matcha steamed latte with coconut milk but if I do do coffe I keep it p simpleit was saturn with the off-white belt for me... @tylerchewy I want to get coffee w ui want people to start taking me more seriously i should stop saying “boop” when i throw somethin in the trash @orionn___ yes it’s an interesting memory was just trying to make an entanglement joke but I guess it sounds kinda fucked @xlauvvvx TELL I SAID GREAT JOB HUNNI AND TO TRY AND GET SOME SUN 💕 @Mediocoder wtf @ItsMacDoogle have an amazing day kingi got some cake for u to cut open ;) villain the real villain @bearded_witch trump was literally involved in sex trafficking but literally no one is ready for that conversationcant be mad at the wayfair conspiracy theorists... god forbid they were actually human trafficking on there its coo… @PizzaFaceJake IF I do get a new car. atleast this takes me from A to B for nowalso have no ACthe addident was not my fault and i’m very pissed. a deer ran into me... he was okay and unharmed ❤️my car - engine light on for over a year - passenger side ruined in accident - passenger mirror duck taped on - dr… getting thrown out of milf denny’s for trying to suck milk from my waitress’s breasts
Retweeted by 𝚌𝚊𝚌𝚊 @emilio__oilime and for dessert 🤤 for tonight
Retweeted by 𝚌𝚊𝚌𝚊not me crying in my room to Therapy by All Time Low in middle school every day @dextonn_ right I keep googling it every hour for updates... doesn’t add up @oddnipples ME THE OTHER DAY @conorgrnt year old me watching my balloon fly away after accidentally letting it go at my friends bday party
@PizzaFaceJake i’d be asking her forgetting she’s deaf and god will overhear me and kick me outbitch would finally see shitme getting thrown out of heaven after asking hellen keller to do acid with me @CdyRnkn dave me a spot @CaucasianJames caucasian james -> caucasian chad @lilbishbritt it’s a good one i’ll dm @Bearstein_ LMAOOsitting in my car and an intimidating muscular woman hit my car not knowing i was in it and i got out and was like… @cupssoftherose I literally stopped reading at “you can see this statement does not actually prove” please watch his tik toks before it gets banned i’m crying bro really cried to the camera in a few“have you ever seen the office?” @Suurrahhh NOOOOO IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A ROAD TRIP PARTNER FOR OVER A YEAR NOW I WISH I LMEW BUT HAVE FUN BEAUTOFUL 💕💕
4 lines of coke and then passes out? shes lyin your honor @BigMoistEd your prostate @_zkmn have tomy moms current boyfriend is superior to all those bums we love kevinsaying how my mom has shitty taste in men right infront of my dad @amiracle217 @verysmallanna it’s good and funny but not worth quoting in every biowe support animal rights in this house this is just inspired by my friend unintentionally calling deer roadkill on our drive home @verysmallanna how the office is the best show they’ve seen that’s just sad @ItsTamaan Literally no one said anything about this wtf 🤣
Retweeted by 𝚌𝚊𝚌𝚊me just tagging along with my friends crazy plans just going with the flow
@phuckyougoofy @clay_png no u🥺 @absinthefather sold @ween1es i’ll dm bc it’s where I live @tylerchewy fantastic and u? @tylerchewy hi chews @zein_backup deal @firelorddani LOOKING FUCKING GREAT 💕let me take u here the glizzy perc simp 🤣🤣🤣🤣im sorry i dont buy that adam and eve shit like at what point in history did snakes stop talkin?rate my speed run
Retweeted by 𝚌𝚊𝚌𝚊damn rest in peace jeff bezos #ripjeffbezos @BigMoistEd you posted this knowing damn well what color we were gona say @DarrenEsquireX awe hi miss ubirkin bag hold 5 6 figures can you 💢⭕️💢⭕️💢⭕️ on beat to the begining part of Heads Will Roll by The yeah yeah yeahs ??
cut the cameras
Retweeted by 𝚌𝚊𝚌𝚊 @itsraro hello nick12 hours later and i’m still crying what a rollercoasterMuriel, why I oughta— if I was in the middle of nowhere rn I’d 🤤
Retweeted by 𝚌𝚊𝚌𝚊 @Emily_r_1 using that“h-” “nm just have a massive hardon” @BlGCITYDES i just wana talk mani be like “hey whatsup” and men be like “nm horny hbu”HES RIVER DAMCINGHIGH AS FUCK IN ABSOLUTE TEARS OVER THIS VIDEO @tyleristiring TYLER STOOOOOOPPPP @lolfuckhaha @TheEpicDept and everyone on the plane clapped @JHeindryckx we love a foot king @TheEpicDept read the first word 😉painted my toes white who tryna suck em? @6969_6969696969 wow we really are twins @postedinthecrib hubie giving bitches UTIs all 2020
u was my crush 💔 @nypost sackler I barely know herturned on pete davidsons movie for 2 mins and he had his arm around some bitch i had to shut that shit offthem as a whole along with mumford and sons... i’ll take this statement to my grave @HayleyIsMyWaifu reverend underrated but use somebody will always be nostalgickings of leon - use somebody will always be a top jam idc how much my music taste changes