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Fuck Donald Trump and anyone that stands with him's Win It Wednesday! RT now for a chance to win a bat signed by Yasmani Grandal. #WhiteSox x @guaranteedrate No…
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @DevonMoran I read something about this recently. Was about dogs but I assume goes for cats? In nature, they are of… Wrote one of my favorite songs ever. Used to be played before Bulls clinching games. campaign just debuted this new ad "Go From There," during Game 1 of the World Series, narrated by Sam Elliott
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @SheaSerrano This is ABSOLUTELY the most important thing you’ve ever writtenthe nation is more divided than it has ever been it's time to heal this 64-page book is free until supplies run o…
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@Edgar_Allan_Foe Very possible.For once, Donald Trump is correct: I will listen to scientists.
Retweeted by Kevin Miller.@brikeilarcnn takes a look at Pres. Trump’s long pattern of “I know nothing defenses.” “Now we all remember a tim…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerThis crooked dumb fuck literally can’t do anything without the ability to say “unfair!” after. Micro peened lil bit…
So that’s a federal crime.
Retweeted by Kevin Miller1. If the GOP really thinks the families of the candidates should be an issue, then lets do it. Let's talk about t…
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @skyteymonster @jakeyner Truly one of my favorites. Peak Denzel. Have a fantasy team named Remember the Titans (use… @skyteymonster @jakeyner “Wanna talk about the team? What team!” @skyteymonster @jakeyner Oh no Jake oh no. Not even the “are you blind? Can’t you see that’s my brother” part? That actual crash??? @skyteymonster @jakeyner Wait. I need to know what it is though. I say “Can’t replace a Gary Bertere” Atleast once a week....yes
Retweeted by Kevin MillerWear a mask. Wash your hands. Vote out Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Kevin MillerWith the Packers' loss, the Chicago Bears have taken 1st place in the NFC North with a record of 5-1.
Retweeted by Kevin MillerBraves center fielder (Pasche) wears a Star of David? @RabbiJeremyFine help?
🐻⬇️CC:@jonriskinOne of my favorite 3 minutes of any movie taking you into NFL Sunday @ZackTeibloom Hear that, @kirstiealley!!! You blew it!Since Kirstie Alley is trending. When I was a lil guy I had a crush on her from Cheers. I wrote her a letter. She n…
I am the Governor's Deputy Digital Director. I see everything that is said about and to her online. Every single…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerThis is why we are asking for $43.85B for 5.1M Arts Workers in America. We farm culture and it’s worth billions in…
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @carlynykanen Ya. You weren’t at the Coming Out of Their Shells tour? opponent, GOP Sen. David Perdue of anti-Semitic attack ad infamy, just mocked Sen. Harris' name as "Kamala-mala-…
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Apparently Trump meant to refer to Matt Gaetz here but said "Rick Gates" instead
Retweeted by Kevin MillerFormer WH COS John Kelly has told friends, about Trump: “The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerThe American people won’t forget that in the middle of a pandemic, Republicans chose to confirm a judge instead of…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerThe fact that you could end up with a situation like this where a president just writes off an entire state because…
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @BSchneids3 @CNN @RickSantorum We all we got! Cancel ol Titty boy SantorumWhy does @cnn keep rolling out magnificent asshole @RickSantorum ?On spreading the conspiracy that Obama had SEAL Team 6 killed. TRUMP: "That was a retweet! People can decide for…
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @ZackTeibloom You’ll always be a Nielsen home to me. @ZackTeibloom Why flip? Hit him in the ratings
Retweeted by Kevin MillerYes there’s a lot going on, but here’s the president saying he successfully ordered a murder executed by US Marshal…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerThis is a pretty good distillation of what is so deeply wrong w Trump. He truly doesn’t care about anyone but himse…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerI can’t remember the last time I was this shocked by an NBC programming decision.
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @BSchneids3 we’re giving this guy his career back?
Gonna start calling NBC and MSNBC Peacuck.@LindseyGrahamSC just called segregation “the good old days.” The good old days for who, Senator? It’s 2020, not…
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Amy Coney Barrett literally will not say if the President should commit to the peaceful transfer of power.
Retweeted by Kevin MillerIf you want to know the truth about Trump, just listen to what he accuses his opponents of doing. Every attack is j…
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @ScottRogowsky IT WAS A SUCKER PUNCHRetweet this immediately: we cannot let Trump rewrite history on his handling of the pandemic #TrumpKills
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @BarstoolBigCat Looks fully ready for his last match at wrestlemaniaThe biggest piece of shit in the game. And that says A LOT a WH source: "Either they think he's lying about testing negative, or they think he's lying about ever having…
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What a fucking, selfish asshole
Retweeted by Kevin MillerBuried lead: Holocaust denial content has been permitted on Facebook UNTIL TODAY
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @barstoolWSD And love that clearly the squad is behind it @Jhirs19 @barstoolWSD It was timeRepublicans literally cannot win unless they cheat. What a fucking disaster. Hey, @realDonaldTrump, here's your…
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @Jhirs19 @barstoolWSD Yuppppp @barstoolWSD Sandy Alomar?Really nice guy. It was time. Let’s go @MatthewJshow @WhiteHouse You have to be the dumbest fuck on twitter*
The rear end of the human centipede @senatemajldr admits how full of bile he really is.
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @ChiTownLawyer En fuego!!!! @barstoolWSD They still have a merkts cheddar burger? @carlynykanen With all the Rippers?Oh for fucks fucking sake! He has nuclear codes!
@Matt_Gajewski Smith was a killer. Any night time content?Trump falsely claims the coronavirus is "disappearing," then suggests the situation in the US isn't that different…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerIt was illegal for Donald Trump to hold his nominating convention at the White House in August. And it is morally…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerIf this isn’t a wrap on this vagina necked spineless fuck, I don’t know what is. @BSchneids3 🐐. Kick it off real slow, then transition into the ol double dutch @barstoolWSD @marty_mush @barstoolWSD And would be the worst live stream of all without @BarstoolBigCat
Repeating myself and others here, but the reason Lindsey Graham won't get tested despite having been exposed to man…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerI think I need to put this as plainly as I can, and I apologize for shouting: PEOPLE WHO WORK IN THE LIVE PERFORMIN…
Retweeted by Kevin MillerWatch White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern refuse to answer on MSNBC when asked six times when the president's l…
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @geoffschwartz Have you read about the Texans, friendo?Classic Trump guy. Didn’t know downs. Wouldn’t admit to it. Runs away. @TomBrady denying he didn’t know it was 4th down??? Of course he’s a Trump guy @ChiTownLawyer And no money line????? @ChiTownLawyer Yessssss! But did you live bet when they were down 13?The President continues to have trouble speaking
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @nickthune @Padres A legend. @nickthune @Padres Rod????!!!! @ChiTownLawyer That MNF game was one of my favorite days of college. Despite the result. @ChiTownLawyer He absolutely did
Just checking in. Has @realDonaldTrump condemned the plot against @GovWhitmer? No? Right. Fine people on both sides.Debates Motel
Retweeted by Kevin Miller @ChiTownLawyer Oh that’s IndianaPink eyes, cold hearts, can’t choose #pinkeyepenceANSWER. ONE. FUCKING. QUESTION. YOU. CUCK. ASS. THUMBDid this motherfucker really just say “stop playing politics with people’s lives?” Are you fucking kidding me?The CEO of Regeneron, whose treatment Trump is advertising, belongs to one of Trump's golf courses (and Trump has…
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@realDonaldTrump You can’t even breathe you big ol Oompa Loompa bitcc. Also you have an investment in that drug, yes?Undefeated. The internet. You’re welcome...
Retweeted by Kevin MillerMel Gibson: The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Two Filmmakers: Cool! Let's make him Santa Cla…
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